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Covington Novels Banned From Publication

This will serve as the official comment and discussion thread on the effective banning and suppression of my fiction by the dictatorship. By the way, by that I do not necessarily mean that the dictator himself was behind this. Even when they are officially headed by one man, all dictatorships are actually oligarchical, for example that of Joseph Stalin, the closest historical parallel to what is happening in the world today.


  1. Phil
    Oct 06, 2015

    Little too late for me. I’ve read them and I distribute elektronic versions. Better luck next time, Mr. Osama…ummmm…Obama!

  2. old engineer
    Oct 10, 2015

    I’m not surprised that Harold’s work has been banned. I am surprised that it took them so long. Why do you think they see these novels as dangerous? The powers that be will claim that is because of all the murder and violence in the books, but these books are no more violent than a typical hollywood movie. I think it is because the northwest novels present some very deep ideas about government in a way that is entertaining. Democracy is over in America and it was really broken from the beginning. HAC’s novels contain an organization called BOSS that prevents democracy in a future northwest republic from voting for anything or anyone too idiotic. Of course the US supreme court was supposed to do that for the present USA, and that has not worked out so well. White people still think of democracy as a good thing, and those that consider themselves conservative cling to faith that a more limited government that protects free speech and free association can be restored. This can no longer happen through elections. The numbers do not add up. HAC’s novels, especially The Brigade, present a dystopian future for white Americans that seems all too real. The books also present a path forward. Violence is not needed, and I am not suggesting that we use violence. I do suggest that white Americans must give up on democracy and admit that they have no real political power in today’s USA. Then they can start to think about what a new homeland might be like and where it might be. The idea that white Americans will realize that all the crap they learned in high school history and civics class is now irrelevant scares the powers that be more than any books about gory violence. Just my opinion.

  3. Alex
    Oct 22, 2017

    I never paid attention in history class. My essay on Hitler began with…Hitler was born on a monkey farm in west Germany… I made up a very interesting essay of what Hitler was not.

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