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NF Trolling For Chicks

Grittings, dewds:

Bearing in mind that the internet is the only mass electronic medium of communications we have access to and that we must begin to make optimized use of it, I got this off a lefty-lib site:

“If there’s an opposite to 4Chan, it’s Tumblr, a popular sharing and blogging network infused with unbridled enthusiasm, idealism, fandom and confession. (On Facebook you “like” something by clicking a thumb’s-up con; on Tumblr, you click a heart.) If 4Chan feels like Guyville, Tumblr is the favored online home for young women.”

Okay, I know that most young White men on the internet end up in World of Warcraft and other gaming sites that give them fantasies of power and control over their lives. More vaguely, I have heard that young White women gravitate towards stuff that gives them the illusion of romance and emotional freedom of the kind politically correct society no longer allows them, although I don’t know. A 61 year-old man stalking young girls on the internet even if it’s just to learn about their political demographics and political communication and interaction is a little too on the creepy side for my taste.

This is the first I’ve heard of young White women hanging around on Tumblr, and although I have heard the name, I don’t even know what that is. I know vaguely that it is supposed to be Yahoo’s answer to Facebook and that it’s mostly “micro-blogs” and file uploads, i.e. sounds like a Facebook-ish type presentation. Beyond that I don’ know; I googled it, went to the site, and found a sign-up screen, and I don’t have time to screw around with still more internet in my life, so you guys are going to have to carry the ball on this one. I don’t have the time or the technical expertise to get too much further into the computer world, plus like most old people, my ageing brain has become highly ossified and change-resistant, and I have great difficulty in learning new software–actually learning Audacity’s going to be a nightmare for me.

So, can you guys out there, such few as you are, who are actually doing active internet promotion of the NF–can you look into this and see if there is some way we can use this Tumblr thingie to get our message in front of some of the female of the species?




  1. Tumblr is generally known to be home to camwhores and feminists, but there are a few WN’s on there. I like this guys’s blog:

  2. http://neonationalist.tumblr.com

  • Philip From Oregon (Re-post)
    May 10, 2015

    It’s much closer to a blog than a social media page like Facebook. You can post articles, images, sound files, whatever you want. I’ve never used it. Tumblr does have a reputation among the younger crowd (I don’t think I mentioned this before, but I just turned 27) of being a hotbed of far-left craziness, but that seems to be a function of the user base as opposed to company policy. They do seem to have a few White nationalist blogs (along with a bunch of other less-than-mainstream causes). There is a Northwest Front blog on there (http://nwfront.tumblr.com/) but it hasn’t been updated since mid-2010.


  • adam
    May 11, 2015

    Adam from Portland
    I’m 20 years old, I never got into social media and I was never great at “Trolling for chicks”, do I have to sign up and get these screaming Jane clue-less future ex-wives on board? I think it would make more sense to try to get to guys instead? Be a man among men in Northwest Front type of thing? Just a thought, or have what female comrades we have try to reach women and are slightly more numerous men try to reach other white males.

  • here is a very large, aggressive and completely insane SJW Social Justice Warrior/Feminist network on Tumblr. They are really good at hacking (doxing) your info, (credit card, address and what not) so I would suggest only people who know how to protect their info or people who don’t care go on there. At the same time since the SJW’s are so ugly, there has been a backlash against them especially since #gamergate. Although some of the “leaders” of the backlash are little shady.

    I do not post on tumblr but I know a little about it from arguing with SJW’s on other websites and #gamergate.

    One post I found on Tumblr was something like:

    Is a vagina feminine?
    Then why would a gay man not date a female?
    That is discrimination people! !!
    (Gender is a social construct according to them. So no, a vagina is not feminine and gay men are bigots for refusing to date women. You can’t make this shit up)

    Google/Google Images –
    Tumblr SJW,
    Tumblr Anti-SJW
    Tumblr Social Justice Warrior(s),
    Tumblr Social Justice retard,
    Tumblr I don’t need feminism,
    Tumblr Gamergate,
    Tumblr doxing

  • warsie
    May 11, 2015

    There are some white nationalist pages on tumblr, but only the one northwest front blog I remember. I remember some of the users from 4chan /pol/ who were, when not trying to raid tumblr, were trying to convert some people to WN ideology.

  • Devin From Michigan (Re-post)
    May 11, 2015


    Tumblr is a cultural Marxist echo chamber for spoiled millennial faggots to beg for attention.

    VIDEO: Welcome to Tumblr

    Since I’m a straight white male with middle-class binary heteronormative privilege (Privileged enough to shop the Salvation Army) with republican ideas, who wants to separate from the influence of shitheads who bring down society, that makes me uncool. I dont subscribe to a burnt out liberal professors worldview because follow those who successfuly participated in the real world, and that’s why I don’t sit with the ‘in crowd’ of the largely privileged white LGBTQ democrat diversity circles. I choose to work with the evil ones that create weath with their efforts and enginuity.

    I thus must check my privilege from that clap trap and invest my efforts with people of merit.

    Now if your looking for marginalized girls who have a nationalist streak, your better off trolling fan fiction. Girls in university fantasizing on half-nude cute 1* boys with the slight hint of homoeroticism ( fills a need as being in a relationship, Edward the vampire kind of shit). Many YEARS ago I knew this Aussie girl who had a blog. She was NazBol or leftwing national socialist online. Kinda akward girl trudging thru Uni. Lost touch, and it was practically a lifetime ago.

    Didn’t know of the NWF at the time, but she did introduce me to 4chan which lead to its subsidiary internet subcultures. Hell I barely even took WN seriously until /n/ews proved niggers and Jews were bad news, even if I always knew on some level since leaving High school. Rabbit hole went deeper than expected.

    I don’t put much weight in what our women can do outside of supportive roles. The primary targets should be men since their biologically wired and built to be defenders. Support will be key surely. The communists had many effective woman activists, some of them even on the frontlines with a rifle. That being said, women are more likely to take the safest route rather than confront conflict, which is why less should be invested in converting our women.

    However if it wasn’t for a female white nationalist, I would’ve probably become an oblivious neocon droid preaching Ayn Rand for the GOP national convention like some useless right winged nut who listened to way too much talk radio.

    Hope this helps,

    Devin, Mi

  • Chicago Guy's Cyber-Stalker
    May 12, 2015

    Hi, Harold. Me again. Time to check you off my box for my supervisor.


    Oh, can you send me Chicago Guy’s e-mail address? I lost it. One reason I’m bothering you more than usual these days.

    Okay, that’ll do it. See you next week.

  • Big Bill the Builder (Re-post)
    May 12, 2015

    On Social Networking, females,WN, and migration:

    Video relivant to the topic. Spent too many hours listening as a nice substitute of trolling on social networks.

    I don’t know if my sanity can handle another dive in the social networking, but if you think its productive, Ill open a clean account on a Tablet if I can get it sufficiently anonomized. I’m not the best personality and I don’t want to be considered a representative, just an individual with a point of view.

    I don’t know much about social networking since I don’t like hanging my ass out in front of strangers with my personal info attatched or be involved in other peoples superfluous drama. I wouldn’t talk to anyone I know personally because they’re uninteresting.

    If you know anyone who’s in an open social networking group that I can rebuild a network, Ill see what I can do to network out. I miss the old big conversations and getting to know people across the world. Getting that kind of contact, and having space that’s open to the trolls.

    One reason why I want to migrate more than the movement is I’m tired of where I am and not living anymore. The people are uncomprehensably dull with “fun” being lowlife stupidity. Is there a good Primary Settlement Area with contacts in a nice, urban area where one can get a decent education? I’m literally on meds to deal with . I haven’t been happy in so long, and the computer addiction of guys talking about history, politics, and any other wonder behind the wire has become my kind of prozac. Generally anything without being in this box of conforming expectations of society for the sake of society. George Carlin put it bluntly that Amurrikah is an endless uncultured shopping mall. The west is a society governed by the last man. I need genuine people with interesting meaningful ideas in a society that doesn’t suck.

    So yeah, I’m in. Bounce back a letter on Social Networking how-to (yes I am going to Google it) for a hostile web presence, and good prospective migration PSA’s if you could. Ill make sure the NorthwestFront link gets around and make some real contacts.

    We have our people across the world openly speaking their minds with very similar views, but getting an Idea across can be difficult.

    On effective messaging:
    Target the Northwest Front podcast as broad general repeats of themed ideas to new people. Leave the eggheads stuff on the related blogosphere and print form. Drop mainstream politics: because Democrats are deplorable, and republicans are a worthless liability only good as a political human shields that a.) Offer legitimacy of open questioning b.) Absorbent of Democrat attacks c.) Cause democrats to make ex-republican/Conservatives to become racially motivated.

    Gotta sleep and study gadgets to get lost in them, to run away, and plan my migration,

    Hail victory,

  • Dave from California
    May 12, 2015

    In short, yes, Tumblr’s #1 demographic is young, often white, women. I would even dare to say Tumblr has the biggest concentration of them around the net. But they are also as deluded as they come. It is not the home of reasonable or receptive people, and as a matter of fact there are people who make a full-time hobby of documenting how thoroughly bat-shit the userbase of Tumblr can be. ( for example, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DrstZHkt_PU )

    Ignoring the community around it, Tumblr is still a good blog platform for NWF members to post on, but effectively spreading the message would, in my opinion, need subtlety and compartmentalization. A blog romanticizing the landscape of the Pacific Northwest. Another that posts material supporting Northwest independence. And finally a full-blown NWF-exclusive blog. All sharing each other’s posts from time to time and linking to each other.

  • Marcos
    May 14, 2015

    Tumblr is a big concentration of feminist and liberals, not a good place to look for Nationalists.
    You mentioned 4chan, that place is also infested with Liberals, one place that has a lot of Nationalists is a board in 8chan named /pol/, this site in a nutshell is a place where you would find a lot of nationalist opinions and views, it is from time to time invaded by liberals which flood the board with liberal comments and then banish.
    On a side note this guys are in war with the Social Warrior Community (that is their self proclaimed tittle for the liberals) of tumblr and with an alleged Jewish Internet Defense Force.
    Anyway this is the site: http://8ch.net/pol/.

  • Debbie
    May 21, 2015

    Use Twitter, not Tumbler, whatever that is. People need to keep advertising on Twitter. More people get their news from Twitter now than any other source. The smartest and most educated women use Twitter, like me. Also, if you really want women, help them find jobs out there. I would love to move out west and be a part of your culture. However, I need a job. If someone there can work with recruiters to ensure people will have jobs once they get there, it would help. People can’t even get an apartment to live at unless they have a job first. Help guide these women into jobs! Please don’t creep them out by saying they can stay with you temporarily either because us women will immediately disconnect communication from a guy that does that sort of thing to us immediately without warning. Help us get there and we can do the rest for ourselves.

    Dang. You guys need ME there to help bring in women!

    I’m looking for a Tech Writing or Security Analyst/Tech Writing job if you know of any.

  • Emilio
    May 21, 2015

    There is a huge nationalist community on Tumblr.
    Here’s my blog: aestheticreactionary.tumblr.com

  • Snow
    May 26, 2015

    Here’s some marketing data on connecting with Generation Y and Millennials. If you want to connect with white people you have to go mobile and social media to get their attention.

    Social networking solutions can provide lean professional organization and a loose network united on purpose and agency distributed across a vast territory with an office issuing national directives based on feedback of the latest trends.

    Additionally social media can unite groups using FaceTime, Google+, or other video conferencing software to brainstorm and hold virtual “open” meetings amongst those calling the shots. “open”, as its not anonomized without special cryptographic software and anyone with enough expertise can “listen in” on the conversation. Good enough for low level organization whitebook kind of stuff.

    With a distributed territory network, the nerve center of pseudonyms is exposed offering limited cover for the territory Capps, and the feet and hands of the organization is interwoven in the community at large. This can make a dynamic responsive structure on a relatively cheap budget. VPN’s, p2p distributed TOR-like networks, and special authentication technology can be applied to offer reasonable concealment (NOT cover) for most higher up functionalities.

    And yes, there will be paper and delivery people, and physical meets for “secret squirrel” stuff that isn’t intended for general distribution.

    Decentralized internet-based targeted action network. Just my two cents

  • Snow
    May 26, 2015

    Advertisers, Antifas, hipsters, and negro flashmobs have been using this technique for years. Time to get with it in 2015.

  • Jack
    May 28, 2015

    I have this old Tumblr account I never use anymore: http://wolfsschanze-1488.tumblr.com/

    I used to just troll for my own amusement but I guess it has enough of a following to get the message out to at least a few people.

  • FanPhail
    Jun 06, 2015

    tumblr is basically the breeding ground of SJWs and leftists. It is really a home of degeneracy, I thought the trans folks were crazy enough, but you guys take a look into otherkins, demiboys, polyspecies, and headmates. The cultural marxists have poisoned my generation./pol/ forever

  • Gary
    Jun 08, 2015

    I am 50, single and live kind of a Randy Weaver lifestyle. I have a double-wide mobile home in Bonney Lake which is all paid off. If you are a single women let me know if interested.

  • endzog
    Jun 17, 2015

    Melanie Phillips On Rise Of National Social Fascism In Britain And Europe:

  • Marcia Brady
    Jun 18, 2015

    We’re still out here, guys–White women who want real White men. When are you going to give us some?

  • Chloe
    Jul 14, 2015

    You should consider using Pinterest. Very graphic, uses images and short text descriptions to go with them and it’s growing fast. Not limited to just young chicks – there’s all sorts on there so you hit all the demographics. Not just liberals either. Take me – half-chinese, half-white (and yes, I know that puts me on Mr. Covington’s shit-list but believe me, as a politically very conservative girl, after reading “The Brigade”, I feel I have a lot more in common with you guys than with the leftie-liberal’s who so infuriate me! Even tho Mr. Covington has me fictionally terminated….urk!) So a 61 year old guy (or all of you) can go on there and spread your message. I have images of some of Mr. Covington’s books up on one of my boards and now that I have visted his site, I’m going to make sure they’re linked back here. You can all do that and get your message out. Very effective and a lot less challenging than Tumblr for example. Anyhow, from some who doesn’t exactly qualify to be a White Nationalist but who sympathizes very strongly, keep up the good work and don’t give up the fight!

  • Mightey Whitey
    Jul 17, 2015

    Great photos of White Nationalist women & families on Tumbler under White Girls 88.

  • Lt. Greyman, NVA
    Oct 17, 2015

    Sir, I would recommend opening a dating site for White Nationalists. The software is cheap, the women will self identify and young White men will do anything for a White woman who is not a womyn, a lesbian or into animals.

  • Russell G. Thatcher
    Jan 10, 2016

    I see you are still at it, Harold. I am so pleased. I am still at it too! I got kicked off Facebook, though, a few years ago. I should like to come up and visit sometimes in the future.

  • Alexander Wolfe
    May 03, 2018

    Hail brother and salutes from the UK I think your site would do really well on tumblr and other sites as its unlike Facebook or twitter where anything pro white is blocked and banned like myself about 100 times but tumblr I find are more considerate if you mind sharing space with the usual degenerate freaks going by NS or Fascist themes .

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