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Bill Wilkinson Finally Re-Surfaces



You know, I think I’ll open this up for comments from those of you from my Movement generation who remember this turkey.


  1. Commissioner Ferris
    Mar 20, 2015

    So what is the conclusion to be drawn from this news?

    1 – He never actually believed in the preservation & advancement of the white race – but was only after the money and power

    2 – He DID believe in the preservation & advancement of the white race back in the 80’s, but now no longer does – and NOW “loves all the little colored children”

    3 – He DID believe in the preservation & advancement of the white race back in the 80’s, and STILL does – but simply likes living down in the tropic zone today

    Not knowing much about this guy, was he a fake all along? Or was he a true believer at one time? And what happened to ALL those who once supported him? They can’t all be dead, so where are they today? One conclusion for sure: WN’s can become rich, by one means or another. HE did it, and, if nothing else, that’s a lesson to be pondered…

  2. Not Bill Wilkinson
    Mar 21, 2015

    Damn, now the goat dancers and ringers from ADL and SPLC can’t use that name anymore posting to Stormfront… or maybe they can now.

    My favorite comment so far was one news article quoting Mark Potok in which he says (you can almost hear the whiny geek drawl) “Ehhh, we knew he was in Belize the whole time! We knew where he was. Wasn’t no mystery to use. Mehhhh!”

    Yeah, right Markie.

    Wilkinson also mentions Dave Duke in another article, that he elbowed him (Duke) out for being a faker. Sounds like there were two fakers in the KKK at the time. Just Billy-boy decided to take as much money as he could in his suitcase and do a runner to Belize to live the good life.

    They kept mentioning he now has a ‘girlfriend’. No one would mention who or what she was, but seeing that Belize is like 99.99% non-white, its a sure guess that Wilkinson’s beliefs to race mixing is now!

  3. Nevets
    Mar 21, 2015

    Bill Wilkinson…….never heard of her..

  4. Cleavis Nowell
    Mar 25, 2015

    Really do not remember Bill Wilkinson. Proud Klan heritage for granddad and great granddad were Golden Circle KKK which was railroad Klan and hunted down Union army deserters which robbed the trains-most of which were niggers. ~ Re: HAC’s comment about evil reptiles in human form ruling over us.Followers of infowars Jones call them descendants of a certain British king. It seems that Henry Kissinger and George Soros want to replace inbreed descendants with even more inbreed muslim soldiers of the Islam ideology. Fight Cultural Marxist Globalism in all it’s forms for a White
    Homeland !


  5. Joseph
    Mar 28, 2015

    I think we now see where all that dues went. But as fledgling as his Klan faction was surely it wasn’t enough to buy a resort? Hmmmm

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