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“Harlan Markwalder”

Just a quick note, in case this nimrod pops up elsewhere: as I suspected, the Induhvidual using the name of “Harlan Markwalder” to post idiotic heckling comments here and most likely elsewhere as well is some kind of troll or cognitive dissonance agent. The real Harlan Markwalder died several years ago. I’d heard this and I finally got curious enough to look it up.



  1. Anonymous
    Feb 24, 2015

    That’s the creep who’s been hanging around Occidental Observer for a couple of years, I think. I had him pegged as one of Cass Sunstein’s boys.

  2. Anonymous
    Feb 25, 2015

    That was that old Klan guy who got kicked out of CKA and blamed you for it, right?

  3. Lewis Hall
    Feb 25, 2015

    I tend to keep up with this shit, being an old fart with nothing better to do. Harold has kind of designated me to follow, monitor, and track down as much of the InterNuttiness as I can, that way he doesn’t have to fuck with it, so I can bring folks up to speed on this, some of it anyway.

    The real Harlan Markwalder, the one who died in 2013, was a former Klansman, yes, who got busted by Terry Boyce who was the local Dragon or Wizard or whatever for something disgusting which I won’t get into, or so I heard. I don’t know the full story. Harold does but he won’t talk about it. Markwalder blamed Harold for some reason for getting kicked out of the Klan group (this was back in the Nutty Nineties, when Harold had a brief flirtation with the Klan.)

    I don’t know why Markwalder blamed HAC, since Harold didn’t know Markwalder, has never met him (I don’t think) and had no opinion on him one way or another, but who the hell knows how these ideas get started? Middle-aged adolescents going nyah nyah nyah, like HAC says.

    Anyway, for a time back around 2002 and 2003 I understand the real Markwalder was doing a bit of a Goat Dance on the internet attacking Harold. I think it was when he got his first computer and he was playing with it. Then he lost interest and wandered away, as most InterNuts do.

    Then starting a few years ago someone using the name of “Harlan Markwalder” started posting disruptive troll-type stuff on a number of racial websites, mostly attacking Harold but also on Occidental Observer and whatever Brad Griffin calls his blog, Occidental something or other.

    These posts were different from authentic Markwalder InterNuttiness from 2003 or so. The real Markwalder was semi-literate, a poor speller, and basically a good ole boy playing with a keyboard. The new “Markwalder” is at least literate and can construct a proper coherent and grammatical sentence; he also seems to operate off “talking points” which he repeats and re-phrases in various ways, usually the mark of a seminar caller or a cognitive dissonance op. I won’t perpetuate his talking points by repeating them here, except to say that he’s actually pretty good at re-arranging them and re-stating them so if you don’t look at a string of his posts in sequence people can’t spot the pattern. Again, the mark of some kind of CD op or other professional disrupter.

    I assume he chose the name Harlan Markwalder to give himself continuity and “anticov” cyber-credentials, as the Goat Dancers called themselves for a while back around the late Nutty Nineties and early 2000s.

    The hard-core “anticov” InterNuts, aka the Goat Dancers, number four individuals whose identity are known, including one of Harold’s brothers who seems to have some kind of issues left over from his and HAC’s childhood. This includes the bizarre Canadian nigger whose stated purpose since 1997 has been to drive Harold to suicide by saying bad things about him on the internet.

    There is also a fifth Goat Dancer, a “wild card,” an unknown, fairly literate and highly computer-skilled individual who has been stalking Harold on the internet for many years now, and who uses proxy servers and various dummy IP information to try to disguise his identity and appear as if he is many people. He operates out of several IP addresses but one keeps recurring. This appears to be who is using the name “Harlan Markwalder” today, for whatever reason.

    Real revolutionary drama here, eh, folks? I mean, how could we not have won by now with this kind of brilliant and dedicated character?


  4. Robert
    Mar 03, 2015

    Harold, there is a good documentary about corporate cognitive dissonance that’s come out recently. It’s called Merchants of Doubt. Maybe useful to help people understand how the trick works.

  5. George Lint
    Apr 25, 2015

    Markwalder was the old man who got busted for coprophagia, right?

  6. Harold
    Apr 26, 2015

    @George Lint

    Yeah, that was him, although this was 20-some-odd years ago, I can’t remember all the details, and I was not involved in it in any way, shape or form. Yet for some reason having nothing to do with anything in the real world, Markwalder blamed ME for getting him kicked out of the CKA, which has always baffled me. Numero uno, it was his own behavior that got him kicked out, and numero dos, I never even met the man. I heard about the incident from Terry Boyce at the time and that’s all. Yet in our wee, deranged little Movement things like this continually rise from the grave like zombies, DECADES after the non-event in question. Sheeeesh!

  7. Harold
    Apr 26, 2015


    A P.S. to my last. It has just occurred to me that “Harlan Markwalder” might now be posting as “Amy Scott.” I got another one from “her” in this latest batch of comments, and there are certain epistolary similarities.

  8. HAC Fan
    Apr 30, 2015

    I have never understood how some people can become as obsessed with HAC as they do. I mean, no offense, Harold, but you’re not exactly a movie star in the looks department. Your political and Movement writing is the best in the Movement, in my opinion better even than Dr. Pierce because more topical and you offer a practical solution, which the good Doc never did. So WTF? Why this demented, hate-filled obsession we see so often on the Net? Just plain jealousy?

  9. Harold
    Apr 30, 2015

    @HAC Fan

    Refer to Lew Hall’s post here. It isn’t legitimate commentary or actual political criticism. It’s a very small number of people acting on a hidden agenda, in at least one case to my certain knowledge by someone who is paid money to do it, and in another case by a family member of mine who evidently still has issues from our childhood and lacks the moral courage to confront me directly.

  10. Wingnut
    May 05, 2015

    It’s pretty obvious this guy’s site is a troll, a parody. He names it after the ethnic term “wasp”, but it has a big pic of an actual bee on the front page. It consists of claiming the Bible says a drunken skinhead army will rise up and overthrow society, and HAC, who is the anti-Christ.

    This doesn’t look like a garden variety movement dysfunctional’s site.

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