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Counter-Terrorism NF Article


Okay, this is kind of a historic moment. The Northwest Front has just received its first coverage in a serious, if not quite mainstream, publication. 

There is a lot of personal drivel in there about me in the first part of the article, the kind of crap which is untrue without being outright false, if you understand what I’m saying–you know, the kind of horse manure the media specializes in. (They very seldom outright lie, since they might get caught, but they convey untruth, if you get my drift.) 

That having been said, in fairness to Mr. Michael, I think he had to put the gibberish in there, or the article simply would never have seen the light of day. He and I both know the rules, and I have to say that once you get past the politically-required initial smoke screen of GUBU, the article is not too bad at all. Kind of an “okay, I’ve genuflected before the altar of liberalism and bashed and insulted my subject up to the required minimum standard so the publication won’t get in trouble with the Jews, now can I get on with what I have to say?” kind of thing.
Once he lays the GUBU aside, Mr. Michael presents the Northwest Imperative as fairly and completely as we’re ever going to get with this media. I found it kind of hard to read online because you can’t actually access a proper text, just a screen shot of the paper page, and it’s hard to navigate, but it’s worth putting up with the jiggling screen and reading. I will try to get a hard copy of the magazine, clip the pages, and run off some hand-held copies for some of you guys.


  1. TroyofHellen
    Dec 13, 2014

    It isn’t altogether bullshit – they do admit you’re a talented writer H.

  2. Jason T
    Dec 14, 2014

    Honestly, HAC, I cannot imagine a more favorable article being written anywhere under any circumstances. This article is amazing. It is straightforward, truthful, merely descriptive and informative, rather than biased and proscriptive against us. There is no commentary against the propositions of the NF, but some of the Front’s best perspectives and positions and prescriptions for the future are presented. It provides a worthy overview (and more than that, some startling detail!) of the Northwest Novels, and does them and your writing justice. The historical GUBU stuff to which you are rightly sensitive, personally, is not more than 10% of the article, and of extremely limited consequence in the article. And most amazingly, it mentions and equates all the racial independence struggles in America, by brining up Aztlan, and NOI. Something that is all to the good, from our perspective.

    I am thoroughly astounded at the result, here.

    The editors and publishers of this magazine are obviously class-A persons themselves, and value truth and objectivity as Aryan reporters and professionals used to be seen widely to do. We simply could not ask for a better article in any way, or a better venue…in a magazine targeted to professional patriotic Class-A human beings who are mostly White Men and warriors and defenders at heart.

    Did I say I was stunned? Did I say I am amazed? This is far more significant than you have hinted, so far.

    When the Jews in professional government anti-terrorism secret-police circles get wind of this, the heat will increase for sure. The Front had better begin to expect serious blowback and interference of an increased order, at any time, now. I think this is a watershed moment. Our cause is described honestly and fully before the type of professional warriors that have the fortitude and intelligence to pull off a revolution. This will not pass lightly.

    Be on guard. But this is superb!



  3. Mike From Seattle
    Dec 14, 2014

    I read it last night and thought it was good – the message is clear to anyone who reads it, regardless of any personal nitpicking. Just FYI.


  4. Douglas
    Dec 14, 2014

    With all things considered, especially the source, I think it was more balanced than it could have been.

    It wasn’t a derogatory hit piece, as it could have been and it didn’t paint you as a whacko.

    If I could direct the readers of this article to some prescient facts it would be to research the involvement of the feds regarding the “rightwing terrorists” i.e. enablers/provocateurs for their self fulfilling problem/reaction/solution bullshit.

    I truly understand your frustrations with regard to the limited quality of whites to choose from. Daily the numbers grow of effeminate, p.c., beta apologists. Just the other day I told one of this ilk I’d piss in his pocket so he’d at least smell like a man.

    Needless to say, my social circle is extremely limited due to a lack of those from which to choose and my lack of tolerance for being surrounded by those I didn’t.


  5. Dave
    Dec 14, 2014

    Jesus, people read 55 pages like that every month!?!

    That said, the article was worth the effort.

  6. Whiteguy
    Dec 14, 2014

    The article doesn’t need to be a smear job, because it’s a state organ, whose readership is not the general public. It’s a professional journal read only by the counter terrorism community.

    It’s interesting to note, that the author chose not to go into one particular piece of GUBU – the splintering of Blood & Honor/Combat 18 into rival factions, over allegations that Charlie Sergeant was a double agent and that his Combat 18 was originally set up by him and the British ZOG as a false flag.

    It’s also interesting, how he tried to make it look like VNN was actually part of the pro-NF faction of The Movement, rather than part of the GUBU, which it is. He does this by attributing quotes from a certain pro-NF Movement figure as being lifted from VNN. When we know, that VNN is one of the GUBU forums, where HAC and the NF are verboten.

    He really plays down the GUBU, only touching on how the Buttfuckian and National Alliance factions are part of the anti-Cov GUBU, but makes no mention of how the David Duke/Stormfront faction, the largest faction in The Movement, are anti-Cov, or of the Metzger/W.A.R. GUBU, although Metzger’s pretty much gone from the scene now, crumbling away in some Indiana corn field. Sure there are various two bit GUBUs not worth mentioning, but the omission of those two noteworthy GUBUs and the twisting of VNN into not-GUBU is itself noteworthy.

    Why did the author do the VNN O’Meara garble? It would have been more impressive for the NF, if he had told the truth that Dr. O’Meara is part of the pro-NF Occidental egghead faction of The Movement.

    There was also no mention of the Bill White connection, or how important the Ed Steele case has become to HAC and the NF.

  7. Stefan
    Dec 14, 2014

    That’s quite an objective article. I wouldn’t be surprised if it even generated some interest from readers. I suppose this is read by agents and such. He does a good job of summarizing your political life objectively and even gives a lengthy and fair review of the novels. I guess the point of including this in such a journal would be to “raise awareness” that there are thoughtful revolutionary ideas out there that might constitute a real threat sometime in the future.

  8. Karl Zimmer
    Dec 14, 2014

    Congratulations, Harold. You may not realize it, but you just made the majors. CT is a lot more mainstream than you seem to get.

  9. Whiteguy
    Dec 14, 2014

    Another thing I noticed about this publication, is it is really just about the ragheads. Apparently they throw in one token article apiece about far right and far left “domestic terrorists”, just to cover their politically correct bases. I’ve never seen this publication before. I wonder if that’s how they do it every month.

  10. Whiteguy
    Dec 14, 2014

    I wouldn’t be surprised if this article doesn’t generate some GUBU itself. I’m sure the usual HAC is a gay jew spy people will say, that HAC granting an interview to a ZOG anti-terrorism publication, which writes up an HAC puff piece, is tantamount to violating the 5 Words rule, and evidence that he is a mole.

  11. Whiteguy
    Dec 14, 2014

    But perhaps that was ZOG’s real intention all along. Sucker HAC into an interview with a journalist for ZOG’s anti-terrorism professionals, which then publishes a glowing article about him, thus casting doubts on him.

  12. Ray Geiser
    Dec 15, 2014

    I have windows 8 and zoomed in at 200% and it didn’t get much larger it lost some resolution and the letters were blurred. I’ll wait until you make some hard copies for folks to purchase.

  13. Charles Martel
    Dec 15, 2014

    Great article. If this guy isn’t a fellow traveler I will eat my hat. Except for the few obligatory “anti-racist” disclaimers that any mainstream writer has to spout to keep his job, this guy thoroughly and succinctly describes the entire NWF weltanschaung (sorry, I don’t know how to spell weltanshaung and my spell checker isn’t working, but you get the idea) and adds some very positive critiques of the plan along with long accurate quotes from HAC. I would recommend sending him a copy of the White Book but he obviously already has a copy and apparently has read it.
    Clearly, the NWF mythos has penetrated the National Security community and someone decided to run it up the flag pole and see who salutes. The fact that this article was actually published means that this country must be in even worse shape than we think.
    “Things are falling apart, the center isn’t holding”. The most chilling part of the article was his statement that the breakup of the US would be more like Ruwanda than the Soviet Union. Does anyone need a better explanation than this as to why the government is frantically trying to prepare for some type of major catastrophe? And now the National Security wonks are openly discussing the pro’s and con’s of the NWF in great detail? Start looking for a sudden influx of U-Haul trailers with DC license plates.

    Remember, 1st they ridicule you, then they viciously attack you, then they decide it was their idea.

    For those not yet in the Homeland, for The God’s Sake, get the hel out of the cities and get Home!

    If it is good enough for the NSA, it is good enough for us!

  14. Whiteguy
    Dec 18, 2014

    I’m a man who’s been dead for almost 20 years.

  15. Michael
    Apr 26, 2015

    During my years in the Army this was a common magazine in Infantry/Special Ops units. It is read outside federal law enforcement agencies. Very objective piece, and it sometimes felt like I was reading right from the Party website.

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