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Religion Rears Its Ugly Head Again

Hi, guys:

Okay, here’s the scoop. Some of my choices for Radio Free Northwest and Northwest Observer now have both Christians and anti-Christians screaming at me. The pros don’t like my publishing Revilo Oliver and Katrina Vanderpool, and the antis don’t like me running clips from Gerald L.K. Smith and Father Coughlin.

That hasn’t happened for a while. The Christians attacked me for The Hill of The Ravens, which they said was too pro-pagan, and the anti-Christians attacked me for A Distant Thunder, which they claimed was too pro-Christian, but after that everybody seems to have gotten caught up in the Northwest Mythos and it settled down. I was expecting some flak over the character of Danny Tolliver in Freedom’s Sons, but it didn’t happen. Yet.

This is often the way it happens—they’re not screaming so much because of what I myself say or write, as they are because I have dared—DARED, SUH!!!—to publish something written by someone else which contains either adverse or favorable comments about Christianity. As is so often the case with religion, it’s not about promoting a particular theology or point of view but about silencing those who disagree and demanding that others do the same.

This is the basic problem I have with Christians: other than the actual preachers who are sex-and-money-mad hypocrites, they are almost all good and decent people personally—but they cannot be trusted with political power because if they get it, before you know it they are forcing everyone to follow their religious beliefs (closing businesses on Sunday, etc.) and forcing women to wear scarlet letters, burning people at the stake, so forth and so on.

The problem I have with anti-Christians is that many of them don’t really seem to be racial at all—they’re just Jesus-haters, and a lot of them seem to be slightly off their chump. This probably has to do with their parents making them stop playing or watching cartoons on Sunday mornings, put on scratchy clothes and hard shoes, and go to church week after week where they were bored to bloody tears, or maybe (as in my case) losing a young love to Jebus, but for whatever reason, they’re not about uplifting the White race, they’re about destroying Christianity.

Anyway, I’m going to dig up my one official commentary on the subject from the novels (A Mighty Fortress) and re-run it, maybe on Thoughtcrime where we can have an official scream session. I find it’s a good idea once every eighteen months or so to let the two extremes bellow insults at one another for a week or ten days or so. Clears the air.



  1. Jason from Oklahoma
    Mar 20, 2014

    A reasonable solution, I would say….let the venting and hurling of insults commence! most people aren’t men or women of action anyway, and all they really want to do is to be able to verbally expel their anxieties in the hopes they can get others to do something about it for them so they don’t have to. And that’s 90% of what they need, just to expend the emotional energy, and then, like you say, the air is clear and more important things can get done.


  2. Alaska Sea Dog
    Mar 20, 2014

    Hi Harold,
    Why do you even give a small, medium, or giant FUCK about it anyway? If they don’t like what you write or “preach”, they can go piss up a fucking rope. There are for sure (I certainly hope so anyway), more of us who get the message loud and clear and it “resonates” with us. If the “pros” or “antis” have their panties in a bunch, they can just write their own damn books or have a weekly podcast that is more in line with their views. I think we can all manage that without taking our eyes off the “prize”. And for the record, I love your books, podcast etc. and I can see bits and pieces of a subtler message that I see you slipping in once in awhile that although spiritual, is not religious – which I’m very in tune with. Keep up the good work. Sorry I couldn’t stop by for a chat last month. See you all in the Fall.

  3. Harold
    Mar 20, 2014

    Well, for one thing, religion is one of those things White men use as an excuse to DO NOTHING since they cannot possibly be expected to undergo risk or inconvenience in the company of those of differing religious and philosophical points of view.

  4. Mike C.
    Mar 20, 2014

    Can we give boxing gloves to both parties?

  5. Stalin
    Mar 20, 2014

    “Mainstream” Christianity doesn’t actually seem to have a voice at all in the American pro-White movement. From what I see of it, Movement Christianity appears to be almost entirely dominated by weird “Christian Identity” cults. If we go back in time no further than to pre civil rights early 20th century America, most Whites were at the same time racists, and practitioners of major Christian denominations. They were “regular” Christians, such as Baptists, Lutherans, Catholics etc. The ideas that dark skinned people, especially niggers, were the descendants of the cursed Cain and Ham, and that the Jews killed Christ and were damned, were popular doctrines, but not any of this weird CI “seedline” crap: that Aryans are the real Jews, and that the “impostor” Jews are literally descended from demons or Satan himself; and that The Lord created niggers in a separate act of Creation, before Adam and Eve were created; and that the Flood wasn’t really global, and that’s how dark skinned people still exist, without being descended from Noah’s family. All that stuff just sounds crazy to regular Christians, even if they are racist. Regular Christianity being reformed to accept racism once again, someday might be possible; but these odd CI cults will never catch on. Today it is swept under the rug, but the Pope during WW2 signed a Concordat with Mussolini, which was honored by Hitler, creating the Vatican and establishing Roman Catholicism as the official religion of the Italian Empire. Hitler recognized both Lutheranism and Roman Catholicism, the 2 main denominations of the Reich as official religions.

  6. Dr. Tom Sunic
    Mar 20, 2014

    Dear Harold. You are doing fine re the isseu of religion. Don’t take sides. It is a rough topic. I am usually kind to Christians and pagans, Asatrus, dog worshippers, whoever…
    I sent you a piece a while ago, where I tackle this topic in gloves only. Tom

  7. Candic
    Mar 21, 2014

    Dear Harold,

    I would like to send you a note of encouragement. You say the ‘Christians’ and ‘anti-Christians’ are both ragging on you. It must be difficult to always bear the brunt of everyone’s complaints and aggressive viewpoints. Religious extremism is idiotic, and pushing one’s opinions on everyone else because one is claiming the moral high ground is not the model that Jesus Christ gave so it is particularly distasteful when Christians act that way.
    The way I look at it is this: keep your religion, and your views concerning God and spirituality, to yourself. It should be a private matter between ones self and one’s God or gods. What would be wrong with a policy of ‘live and let live’ in matters spiritual, for our new nation? Religion and government must be separate in order that all may have the freedom to choose regarding their practice and views regarding spiritual matters. If religion is allowed to divide us, we take the risk that we will be defeated by too much infighting before we can even found our new nation. That said, I appeal to God to help us in our great endeavor! 😛

    Just my 2¢ worth!


  8. Steve the Elder
    Mar 21, 2014

    I listened to Andy’s latest historically ignorant dissertation last week with a simple sigh. Information on our true identity is out there ( http://www.israelelect.com look at the archived classic CI pastor’s links) and anyone who truly wants knowledge can obtain it without any trouble, whatsoever. The reason we are failing as a race is * We don’t know who we are and what our true history/origin is * We don’t know what our responsibilities are as a race * We do not know what our potential destiny is if we would wake the hell up and get busy doing the right things. This is the real problem, not a mere migration or organizational issue, aside from the fact that it’s a great idea, tactically… in a vacuum

  9. Steve the Elder
    Mar 21, 2014

    BTW “stalin” you are as ignorant on true CI biblical historical doctrine as anyone I have met. I say this not to insult you but it’s true. White Israelites are not and never have been jews. The jew are literally nephalim (demonic hybrids) as per Genesis 2/3/6 and have been on a many thousands of years war against our race. Nothing you can do and no white nation you create can prosper or survive unless you understand these facts. Those who are ignorant off this are like a hobbit on a medieval battlefield with a toothpick

  10. Stalin
    Mar 21, 2014

    Steve, you said what I said was ignorant, then you basically repeated what I said. lulz You just replace the word Jew with the synonym Israelite. According to the Jews and pretty much the rest of the World, Jews are the culture directly descended from the legendary culture of ancient Israel. Today the Jews are the majority population of a country which they named Israel, and they call themselves Israelis. This country has been formed in the area where the legendary ancient Israel was. The Israelis speak Hebrew and it is their official language. Everybody else understands that Jew, Hebrew and Israel are synonymous. You are saying that the Jews aren’t the “real” Hebrews or Israel as they and the rest of the World understands these terms, but that gentile Whites are, and thus you are saying you are in effect the “real” Jews. And you are saying that the Jews are literally demons, which is exactly what I said you believe.

    You finish by making the astounding claim that no White society can ever be successful, unless it follows your beliefs. This is a truly remarkable claim, since no White country in history has ever been based on CI, which has always been a fringe belief. In fact, your beliefs are a modern doctrine whose beginnings cannot be traced back further than mid 1600’s Britain. These earlier doctrines, from which your’s are an offshoot, are known as British Israelism. Your CI offshoot of this cannot be traced back any further than the early 20th century.


  11. Andy Donner
    Mar 21, 2014

    I’m not exactly sure why I’ve been brought up here, but I’ve got to protest that material being called ignorant. I spent quite a bit of time making sure I had all the details right before I started planning the presentation. Further, the only time I brought up religion was to criticize a particular type of Amurrican Evangelicalism as it relates to politics and a distortion of Amurrican history. Everything I said is a flat fact and verifiable through research.

  12. Andy Donner
    Mar 21, 2014

    And as for giving the combatants boxing gloves, let’s take it a step further and give them all one of these:


  13. Lord Lucan
    Mar 21, 2014

    God maybe an invention but so is a car a car works doesn’t it ?
    Teaching children righteousness by sending them to Sunday school can keep them out of the prison system. The jails are full of atheists with low IQ watching cartoons.

    Atheists and agnostics with high IQs don’t waste their time arguing against religion like say Klassen the goat dancer. Lower IQ morons that argue against religion especially a moral religion belong in jail watching cartoons.

    If biology trumps all other considerations and philosophy and religion no longer are relevant , then in their case that can not be the case, otherwise they would be silent. If your IQ is less than 70 then go back to West Africa.

    Moslems are beheading Christians in Syria and our government is supporting such barbarianism!

    Belief in race is belief in biology. If they have no proof then it is not science.

    The end times of Odinism were supposed to occur a few days ago. They didn’t. Has any body been raptured?

    Opposition to religion in the looney left comes from the Jew.
    He wants the abolition of religion because religion teaches righteousness. He can then justify his tyranny and his gangsterism.

  14. Don From Salem
    Mar 21, 2014

    Let it go. If these folks can’t put this aside long enough to ensure the survival of the White Race, screw them all. They will use their petty agendas to limit their use in this fight, quite possibly to the extent of actively sabotaging their Racial brothers & sisters, & certainly to bring about chaos when Loyalty to the 14 Words are needed the most. Any White man who allows another to suffer because of his spiritual beliefs has become a Traitor to his Race, & needs to be done away with asap.

    14 Words!

  15. Harold
    Mar 21, 2014

    Oh, good. The back-and-forth screaming is starting. I’ll let it run for another week or so then when it runs down and becomes just nyaaa nyaaa I’ll pull the plug, and we’ll be good to go for another year, 18 months or so.

  16. Barney
    Mar 21, 2014

    I normally try to keep out of religious arguments because it’s like banging one’s head against a brick wall, when all we want is to make peace and accept the other person’s right to believe whatever he or she chooses, and have them show us the same level of respect, but here’s a slightly edited version of something I posted on another site a few days ago that may be relevant.

    Though I subscribe to “Christian-type” morality, I don’t understand why so many people put so much faith in the ancient legends of primitives, especially when so many of those legends can be proven false, or are known to have been endlessly recycled through history and pre-history, with little more than the names being changed in each “new” version.

    I’m not trying to start a war here. I respect the rights of all people to believe whatever makes the most sense to them, and I accept that Jesus Christ may well have existed as the Perfect Man and Son of God we’re told he was, but please don’t try to force your beliefs on me. It doesn’t work that way.

    I understand why people cling to these old beliefs though, and I’m not criticising anyone for it, even if it sometimes appears that’s exactly what I am doing. If you’ve found your personal truth, whether in the Bible or elsewhere, good luck to you. You’ve found the greatest prize on Earth.

    None of us can genuinely believe what we’re told to believe if it doesn’t make sense to us. The truth has to resonate with us or we’re lying to ourselves if we choose to pretend otherwise and blindly accept the beliefs of others.

    Long ago, when the world was new and I was looking for something to believe in, having witnessed more than enough corruption in the “organised” religions, I looked to the beliefs of the ancients in the mistaken belief that if I could go back far enough in time, before the corruption set in and religion was degraded to a means of political control, I’d find the answers I was looking for.

    That may work for some people, but not for me.

    Perhaps I’m wrong, but it seems to me that we can learn very little from the legends of those whose primitive beliefs told them they had to appease the rain god, the thunder god, the earthquake god and numerous other imaginary “deities” with the blood of their children, or face destruction if they failed to give “enough”.

    Even in monotheistic times, why would the Creator of everything demand anything other than simple morality? Why would an infallible god make mistakes and then demand that we, the creation correct or complete the work of the creator, as in “leave nothing alive that breathes”?

    Where does that fit in with “thou shalt not kill”?

    Why create a species (cockroach? snake? nigger?) and then demand that a part of the same creation exterminate that species, when the deity, if he’s who we’re supposed to believe he is, could do it with a stroke of his mind?

    Why would an unchanging deity suddenly change from walking among us to hiding from us when we need him more than ever, forcing us to rely on blind faith in the words of some old book written and compiled by man?

    The only “Bible” that can truthfully be said to be written “in the Creator’s own handwriting” is the Natural World. Everything else is open to corruption, and has been corrupted.

    I can’t speak for the savages, but we White People have our own morality “built in”, and in my opinion it’s superior to all established religions. We know how to behave. We know when we’re doing wrong. We don’t need some old book or what David Icke refers to as “some bloke in a frock” to guide us, because we already know how to live in peace with our neighbours.

    As well as that, those of us who haven’t been completely brainwashed by the jews have an inbuilt knowledge that this short visit to the devil’s world is not all there is, that there is life beyond the death of these lumps of meat (bodies) we have to drag around with us while we’re here.

    It’s that certainty of the continuation of life that traditionally made the White Warrior such a fearsome adversary, and we will be again. That’s the thing that really frightens the devil jew. Once we find that ancient courage to rise up against them, they’re finished, and they know it.

    The ONLY answer to all this destructive bickering is complete separation of church and state. There should be NO official religion, at least until the NWR is fully established. That way, people will be free to believe whatever makes sense to them personally, be it anything or nothing, rather than continually squabbling over something none of us can know for certain until we leave this world.

  17. Old Rockwell Man
    Mar 21, 2014

    Commander Rockwell always avoided the entire subject like the plague. He said the fundamentalist and the atheist were both idiots because one said he had found the only true God and the other said he had found none.

  18. Orphan Brigade
    Mar 22, 2014

    As a Christian I can say only this,
    My God is not the other of confusion and religion any organized religion creates confusion .
    I invite you to take a look for your self without outer ideas or influence by opening the Bible and defining it for yourself.
    If you have not done this you can only judge Christians based on who calls themselve a Christian .
    My God has nothing good to say about Religeons. So all this is just religeon in its self.
    If you would like to go thru the bible and need any help let me know.

  19. Aaron Burr
    Mar 22, 2014

    Are we seriously going to keep doing this nonsense with putting religion above race in priority? When are you christians going to stop trying to bully us pagans out of the movement?

    Guess what christians, your religion would be nothing without the white race. First of all, it never would have made it out of Palestine without us, and secondly, it would NEVER have become a world religion of any status whatsoever without WHITE MEN to protect it, idolize it, and spread it. Jesus did not make you an imperial nation, WE DID… and you’ve been bitching about it ever since, trying to attribute our works to some superstitious hogwash.

    I say you’re all talk. You’ve always been nothing but talk. Real men who get things done are living and working in the real world, but you live in a fantasy every day of your lives, for fear of being “worldly”. Well, if you’re not actively promoting and supporting the NF then don’t tell us what we should believe. If you’re not currently living in the Northwest or about to move there next week, then DO NOT tell us we have to be a “krisstun nay-shun”. Back in Nazi Germany they had this exact same problem with traitors who believed that they “belonged to the kingdom of god” rather than belonging to their own national homeland and kinsmen. Well if you think you’re citizens of heaven rather than earth, then you can do nothing good for us here. We’re here in the real world right now. If you don’t want to be here with us and do the real working and fighting that needs to be done, then by all means, check out and wait for the rapture. I’m sure it will come soon… after all, you’ve only been waiting on it for the past 2,000 years. Sitting on your asses and waiting is apparently a lot easier than getting to work, isn’t it? Well, how noble of you!

  20. Aaron Burr
    Mar 22, 2014

    @ Andy Donner
    Oh my god, Andy! That was too funny: http://tinyurl.com/a3gd8z9

  21. Gail Wynand
    Mar 22, 2014

    If God is REAL then every Christian should not rest until he has converted every non-believer he can get his hands on. Repeat: If there REALLY is a God and the alternative for non-believers is a fiery pit then every Christian would be committing an unconscionable sin not to do everything within in his power to convince everyone to accept Eternal Salvation. Again, if God is REAL then any who oppose Christianity are only condemning their friends and loved-ones to tortuous, shrieking agony for the next 100 trillion years (just for starters!) so every Christian should SHOUT DOWN any and all who attempt to silence them.

    Now, for the record: I do not believe in a God – any God. But that doesn’t mean a God doesn’t exist. For those who believe he does they should get into the face of anyone who doesn’t and literally SCREAM obscenities at them – if that’s what it takes to get them to save their souls.

    Because believing in God isn’t like believing who’s the sexiest actor in Hollywood or the best basketball team. No, believing in God is believing in ABSOLUTE REALITY (for the believers) so you cannot expect Christians in the WN movement to simply say, “Oh, you decided not to believe in God and burn in Hell for eternity? I respect your lifestyle!” No, to a Christian not believing in God is the same as saying that you’re insane. Yes, insane. Because who wouldn’t be insane if they denied REALITY, right?

    That’s the Christian mindset and unless you understand that you don’t understand jack.

  22. Alexander Topic
    Mar 24, 2014

    The Wise Strategic solution to the Judeo-Christian insanity.
    If you don’t worship some future false messiah and receive the mark of the best (Star of Solomon 6 pts) then you are not an antichrist.
    As long as you try to be good and try to love some zionist that don’t bother us then on the Day of Lord (Amos Chap 5) then what can he do? nothing unless you are very bad or you worship some false messiah or their last king.

    John Chap 14
    deduced “Truth itself is the Counselor” and some Hindu Guru “There is no religion higher than truth”

    I personally spiritual reformed myself to not to be a puritanical self-righteous hypocrite; cause I don’t want to be Lawful Evil.

    Thanks for listening………………..take care

  23. Terry in Florida
    Mar 24, 2014

    Just because someone believes in one thing doesn’t mean that belief excludes all other beliefs. One can be Christian, Pagan, CI, Atheist, or an adherent of the Flying Spaghetti Monster, and still believe in the 14 Words. I don’t care which name you call God, or not call God at all. The struggle we’re in is one of sheer survival, not to prove how many angels can dance on the head of a pin or, indeed, whether there are angels to dance.

    In a FREE, white homeland, everyone will be able to practice whatever religion they so chose. But, we must secure the Homeland first. Otherwise, all of the religious or anti-religious talk is nothing more than the buzzing of flies.

    Terry in Florida

  24. Concerned
    Mar 29, 2014

    resistance is futile

  25. endzog
    Mar 29, 2014

    Anti White Genocide Protests Rock Liberal-Conservative America: The White Man March:

  26. Gail Wynand
    Mar 29, 2014

    Terry In Florida said: “Just because someone believes in one thing doesn’t mean that belief excludes all other beliefs.”

    Actually, it often does exclude ALL other beliefs. In the case of Christianity, Christians believe that ONLY a Biblical God exists. For you to say otherwise must mean that you never attended a Christian church in the past. If you had, you would understand what is meant when a Christian says, “Have no other gods before me,” and “I am the one TRUE God.” – both meaning that ONLY the Christian god exists – and NO OTHER.

    Now, I don’t believe in any god. But to a Christian, their God is REAL and exists as surely as the words that you are now reading. As a white nationalist holding the beliefs that you do, would you accept a Cultural Marxist assertion that all races are equal in every way? You wouldn’t, because that denies reality? Well, to a Christian YOU are denying reality when you say all religious beliefs are equally true – or should be treated as such.


    Understand the Christian mind. GOD IS REAL AND HE EXISTS – as surely as a block of iron or the Rock of Gibraltar. And because He does, to a Christian all other religions are untrue, bogus, carnival side shows intended for suckers who can’t see the REALITY of Christ the Savior.

    Again, I am not a believer in any religion or any god. But…I fully understand why Christians within the Northwest Front don’t want any other religions around. Really, would YOU want to be surrounded by anyone who didn’t or couldn’t see REALITY when it’s right there in front of their eyes? Because, to a Christian, ONLY their God is real and if YOU can’t acknowledge that then you have no grasp of reality. In short, to a Christian, you are insane. Yes, insane. After all, failing to see a tree or a river or a mountain when it’s right smack in front of your eyes would make you insane, would it not? Likewise, failing to see and recognize the reality of Christianity (as real as trees, rivers, and mountains) should also qualify you as insane.

    Now do you get it?

    Now do you understand why Christians refuse to go along with the rest of us? It’s because they can no more abide those who deny the reality of God than they could abide those who cannot see the street outside their door. Non-Christians don’t just have different “beliefs” – they’re CRAZY in the eyes of Christians. Only they won’t come out and say that in so many words because it would be impolite. But believe you me, that’s just what they think of we non-believers.

    In summation, there is no solution to this issue. Christians see themselves, their religion, and their God as absolutely true and pagans, Buddhists, Hindus, Muslims, Indian rain dancers, and voodoo-worshipping bongo-beating black boys in Africa as ALL loony in their beliefs.

    There can never be peaceful coexistence.

  27. Douglas
    Apr 02, 2014

    Guys, if you want to learn more about Identity then I suggest you visit the website that Steve had suggested or contact Andy.

  28. Barney
    Apr 02, 2014

    I’d like to add something to Gail Wynand’s comments (and I’m not knocking you, Gail, just trying to elaborate). This is addressed to ALL “bible thumpers”, and also to the anti-religious, rather to any individual.

    I understand what Gail is saying, but holding a particular set of beliefs about something no-one can either prove or disprove doesn’t give people the right to try to BULLY others.

    We can’t be ORDERED to believe something that makes no sense to us, and to PRETEND to accept someone else’s beliefs would make us hypocrites.

    By all means TELL people what you believe, if that’s the way your mind works, but accept that you can’t FORCE your beliefs on others. We can only genuinely believe what we genuinely believe.

    If someone tells me his (or her) “truth”, I can choose to accept it, reject it or agree with part of it, but I can’t be bullied into believing something I don’t.

    Perhaps a person believes I’m condemning myself if I reject his version of reality, but I’d rather be honest with myself and trust that the Creative Force will respect my honesty.

  29. Andy Donner
    Apr 03, 2014

    If someone wants to learn more about Christian Identity (or another White faith), they should certainly feel free to do so. They should also certainly feel free NOT to contact me about the matter.

    I have deliberately NOT made a claim about my own religious opinions as they concern the Northwest Front largely because they’re irrelevant to the matter. Another reason for my NOT addressing specific faith-related concerns is that I’ve been assailed by every religious tradition conceivable and that puts me in a very convenient position to tell everyone to mind their own business. I like it that way.

    Further, I my own beliefs sort of piss everyone off, so I don’t see why I would be a good resource for learning about any belief system in particular. I will only discuss the matter face-to-face since people are responsible to me directly for the way they act and the things they choose to say. I’ve covered the matter somewhat in this week’s RFN episode (#219, dated April 3rd, 2014) and the content therein is my actual opinion.

    Lastly, anyone deciding to offer me up as a resource:

    1) On a subject I have said I will not address in public for wanting to avoid this exact conversation and
    2) Without even asking my permission to do so and
    3) Who has been told (many times by many people) to stop bothering the Northwest Front but doesn’t seem to get the point

    should feel free never to do this again.

    Did I fail to make anything clear for anyone out there?

  30. Hammerheart
    Apr 06, 2014

    This is exactly what I was concerned about. & to be fair to me, Harold’s statement at the top (portion thereof) re: christians was exactly what I quoted in an email. People like me are tolerant, live-&-let live, & accept the existential realities of the real world (I have been a Dawkins atheist & I am now a much more spiritual person). Also, I would thank everyone from Prof Sunic to Andy et al to stop making snide comments about Pagans, Asatruar, etc. There are unintelligent &/or unsophisticated pagans, heathens etc, the same as Xpns. The 14 Words are what is important. This bedlam here happened with absolutely no input from me. Maybe the problem I discussed is real…? Btw the way HAC, when I was young, I fit the description you gave of ‘anti-Xpns…non-racial’. It took me a long, slow process to wake up & acquire what you were born with. I’m sorry. I’m not that way now. Sadly many atheists/anti-Xpns I know fit your description. I was talking to my 66-yo high-end defence comp engineer friend last week. He doesn’t care if the world ends in nuclear holocaust–how do I make him care about the white race??? Btw he’s pureblood Scandinavian, wealthy, & plays the Irish bagpipes.

  31. Andy Donner
    Apr 08, 2014


    Why am I listed as the principle in the anti-pagan bunch you’re addressing? I have never once made any remark against paganism or any other belief. In fact, as I’ve had to point out already here, those whom I haven’t dealt with in a face-to-face manner don’t know what my beliefs actually are and would probably be surprised to find them out.

    Can we all turn it down a notch or ten in here?

  32. ForYourSafety
    Apr 10, 2014

    I, for one, understand this situation well.

    Most “Atheists” are really just anti-theists, a real atheist wouldn’t waste their time debating religion or caring about a fictional character’s faith. On the other hand, most Christians haven’t studied the Bible enough to understand the words and teachings of the Christ. Both of these types are usually quite noisy and opinionated, however, are most usually a regurgitation unit of their superiors/leaders/teachers.

    The reality is simple: most people are far to busy working and being a debt-slave to devote the time and effort to study our universe, and our perception thereof.

    As for a solution, I can honestly say that the best option is to allow people to express their opinions. Having said that, I would advise the reminder of the following… We are a repressed community with many enemies, and that whilst we may want to foster freedom of expression, we must realize that the Machination is exceptional at exploiting target communities via a Divide and Conquer doctrine.

    This isn’t some sport where the losers get to go home after the match… This isn’t some video game where there is always a way to win… We must all stand united, and remember that we are fighting for the survival of our race failure is extinction. Any sign of disharmony will be exploited to our disadvantage, I can assure you of this.

    For Your Safety

  33. James in Montana
    Apr 26, 2014

    In your blog “Religion Rears Its Ugly Head” again, your fifth paragraph unjustly blasts “anti-Christians” as not being pro-White and hating Christianity because of their parents.

    I am pro-White. I strongly feel Christianity has outlived its usefulness. Now we have nigger reverends running around with doctorate degrees in theology. It’s time to put the whole nonsense to rest so we White can find our identity again. Christianity is not helping. We need a racial religion like the Jews have that keeps them racially strong. Christianity has failed as a universal religion.

  34. Hector from Germany
    May 08, 2014

    Religious conflicts are one of the main reasons why we are failing as a race. Radical Christians probably think in the way Gail described. Many traditionalists and NS probably share James’ view that Christianity must be replaced by a new race religion. Pagans cannot forgive the injustice they had to suffer at the hands of Christians (like Varg Vikernes). Radical Anti-Theists want to abolish religion altogether.

    None of this will work. We need to reduce radicalism. We need to open our mind. For example fundamental christians only believe in this eternal damnation nionsense because of the confused minds of some immoral dark age hypocrites and illiterates who projected their sadomasochistic perversion into the salvation religion / nascent christianity. Do not take these authorities serious, christians. Learn to be flexible. God knows you are good in your heart and he will judge every man upon his character (including his deeds) not for hsis limited and faulty intellect. The same holds true for the old gods. i see no contradiction between the old gods and the creator god (and i am sort of a Christian myself).

    We are fighting a desperate political war with chances next to zero. I advise to keep dogmatism at absolute minimum. In my opinion this holds true for every position. Look at my native Germany. In the good old days, if you were 1/4 or less Hewish, you were considered an Aryan. Thats 1/4 not pone drop. Now that was Realpolitik, not ideological idiocy.

    I hate to say it but tolerance is a good thing. I have nothing against black nationalists, they are our brothers at heart and perhaops the best the blacks have to ofer. Nor do I despise Muslims, although Orientals are flooding Europe and threaten to outbreed us. So all I think is: Let’s get rid of the invaders, send them back to the desert where they came from, preferably alive and give them weapons to handle the kikes. See I even do not hate Americans and the British, even though they destroyed my country, enslaved my nation and doomed our race. It can be reversed, so let the dead bury the dead and look forward, always forward.

    All this hate and selfrighteousness creates only confusion. educate the children so they can surpass us intellectually and physically and they will laugh about our stupid controversies in some generations, just like we became superior to our monkey ancestors and laugh when we see them in the zoo. It is that simple.

    Focus on the Iron dream and only on the Iron Dream. Skip all unnecessary debate and thinking and reflecting and lecturing; that is anyway only cowardice in disguise. ACT!

  35. One and Only Wayne
    May 08, 2014

    I can understand the NF policy of blood-based and not faith-based, and perhaps that is a smart move. People are more moved by emotion than truth. However remember the saying, if they don’t name the Jew then their message isn’t true. Remember the added part of when you name the Jew, you’re through. The Old Man seems to know perfectly well that Christianity was a foreign invasive cult in Europe, and Judaic in its origins but he doesn’t say much about that because part of the policy that he set up for the NF is that the NF must not be perceived as anti-Christian in any way.

    Northwest Migration is the feasible solution for those who call themselves White Nationalists, here in Amurrica. That or as David Lane suggested, “Western Colorado, Utah, Idaho, Montana and Wyoming”. I am anti-Christian because of Race and because I don’t blindly just believe in the 14 Words alone but have read the writings of the man who came up with them. 14 Words and 88 Precepts. The two go together. Either something is true or it is false, and Christianity is an import from the Middle East. Scratch European Christianity and you find European Paganism. The best things in Christianity, in my opinion are European and of Pagan origin.

  36. Seana Fenner (Odinia)
    May 10, 2014

    There is a difference between people hurling insults and foul names at one another, and an entire group engaging in serious libel and slander against someone who has never once even used foul language on the internet (me) because I am an Odinist gythia (priestess). CI has been posting foul videos calling me a whore and harassing everyone who posts my podcasts for MORE THAN A YEAR and for many months they did this constantly for HOURS A DAY. It is no longer acceptable to sit on the fence in this particular instance. Regardless of their religion or non religion, their behavior is repulsive and disgusting. I have abundant evidence of their constant abuse of a pro white woman who has never done anything to them. There are literally hundreds of pictures of uncalled for foul abuse from these (no other words fit ) utter trash, and now I see you involved tangentially. Enough is enough. Please do get in touch with me and clarify your position in regard to them.. Thank you. Seana

  37. Hector from Germany
    May 11, 2014

    Dear Seana,
    I know that you addressed HAC but I also want to reply. HAC is perhaps the only White Nationalist in the western world who makes any meaningful attempt to stop the current genocide of our people. Do you really think he has time for some meaningless discussion about your religous feelings or your personal hardships? You want to be taken seriously and at the same time you claim some fantasy book title for yourself as if you would have been freshly pulled out of a Warcraft game… Please guys, none of you/us deserves any of those titles: neither SS-Gruppenführer, nor knight of the round table, nor priestess nor hero of the Soviet Union or whatever. The last real priestess was Savitri Devi. I am noit saying that CI or Christians in general are any less crazy but come on: “Mehr Sein als Schein” as the Prussians would say: BE more and pretend less.

  38. Seana Fenner (Odinia)
    May 13, 2014

    @Nameless Hector from Germany. Mr. Covington had time to gossip about Amber Clausson (whom the CI freaks said was me in their 16 minute whore video) in his comments so he most certainly has time to clarify his relationship or non- relationship with the gutter scum who have been harassing both her and me, and who harassed her specifically because she posted my Odinist podcasts. I am an Odinist religious leader, an Oxford educated scholar, have a textbook contract, and run several websites. I doubt very much that many people have less time than I do, particularly a coward like you who does not even have the guts to use his real name.. My name is Seana Fenner, underachieving Jew worshipper, and yes, I am known as Odinia which is not a fantasy name, but our name for the Nation of Odin, an ideal an underachieving Marxist like yourself apparently finds too complex to understand or appreciate.

  39. Seana Fenner (Odinia)
    May 13, 2014

    One more thing. Understand… Native European religion (Odinism) is NOT ALLOWED in the United States and other countries as well. The Jews will not allow our events to be printed in papers. They will not advertise it as they do Jew worshipping services in both National Parks and Military Camps, ever mind the Constitution..I speak from personal experience. We do not have equal rights. They WANT you to worship Jews. Read this and learn something . https://odinia.org/club-nordic-hawaii-odinia-internationals-madrenacht-brunches/

  40. Harold
    May 13, 2014

    Who is Amber Clausson? Does anybody have any idea what this is about? I know Mike Delaney and some woman of that name are shouting and screaming at one another on the internet, each accusing the other of being trolls and Jews and whatnot (in other words, Movement situation normal) but when did I “gossip” about her? I know it’s pointless to try and sort out this kind of gibberish, but now I’m curious.

  41. Harold
    May 13, 2014

    Wait a minute. Sharon, is that you?

  42. Andy Donner
    May 14, 2014

    Once again, it seems no one can handle this subject correctly or logically. It’s never, ever the case that an entire religious group is opposed to one individual or another. It’s also not the case that entire religious groups are out to get other religious groups. Further, any attempts to inform the rest of the world about why you don’t like another faith – and more importantly, what you think they believe in – is never going to pan out. Most of us don’t care and when someone attempts to slander and entire faith (regardless of which one it is,) they only make themselves out to be wrong.

    Now, if we’re going to keep up like this, can we at least do so while citing factual information to support wild claims? “All of Religious group X hates me” is just as annoying as “Someone can’t be White if they’re not a part of group Y” because they’re both blatantly silly. I’ve been accused of being every possible faith simply because I respond to this sort of thing (regardless of who is doing it) the same way and instead of realizing their error, the people I’m trying to talk to just assume I must be of their preferred enemy religion. The ultimate form of this sort of behavior comes packaged as “There is no hope for White people without their belief in deity Z!” I hate to break it to these people, but White Genocide is much older than anyone wants to admit and at some point, their particular belief system didn’t exist even though the racial issue did.

    Exactly what would it take for everyone to just drop it already?

  43. Harold
    May 14, 2014


    They haven’t dropped it in 40 years. I’ll just close the thread. They’ve had a good long scream session this time around. We’ll do it again in about 18 months or so.

  44. James in Montana
    May 14, 2014

    Sorry you folks closed this.
    I didn’t get to read everything everyone wrote. But I got a good feeling from the replies my post did generate. I felt it is a healthy discussion.
    Since I was a child, I loved Dostoevsky’s Brothers Karamazov, the ultimate Christian novel. So I can’t discount anyone whose heart is in the right place, even though the intellectual interpretation may be different than mine. Our goals of White unity bring us together in love.

  45. Harold
    May 14, 2014


    The problem is, the “debate” never STAYS “healthy.” Basically, religion is one of the many excuses that White Nationalists use in order to expend their time and resources in unproductive screaming of abuse at one another instead of actually, physically DOING anything that might incur personal risk or inconvenience. We have many such excuses, but religion is a biggie.

    Okay, thread closed.

  46. Sasa from Serbia
    Jul 09, 2014

    I am an Orthodox Christian and think that You have the right to publish whatever you want. I like this website and consider it one of the serious resistance points confronting the new world order. Having that in mind, songs are unimportant. You should continue publishing whatever you feel is good, and ignore all the protestant/pagan comments around.

  47. yellowgavin
    Jul 27, 2014

    There you go, anti-Christianity. That’s all I see in white Nationalism anymore. I don’t know if I’ll ever find like-minded people.

  48. James in MT
    Jul 31, 2014

    This blog was closed, when did it reopen?!
    Excuse me, yellowgavin, I am Christian. So your comment is a selective generalization based on some posts but not on others.
    I was a rationalist/ humanist for many years. Now I’m a firm Christian in my soul, beyond any intellectual assaults. Sometimes, as in my case, skepticism leads a person into a deeper apprehension and appreciation.

  49. Arthur Robey
    Aug 19, 2016

    Abandon the three Semitic Death Cults. Return to the religion of your ancestors, Asatru

  50. BadGoy
    Aug 19, 2016

    Right on Arthur!!! I couldnt have said it better myself!

    Hail Odin!
    Hail Thor!
    Hail Tyr!

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