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Should We Revive The E-Mail Contact List?

Hi, guys:

Okay, question: should we revive the old e-mail contact list? 

Some of you may remember what I’m talking about, the list where people all over the country and indeed as far as the U.K. and New Zealand voluntarily published their e-mails as potential contacts for local meetings and local support from other White Nationalists? Should we bring it back? Especially in view of the Edward Snowden revelations? 

The purpose was essentially to alleviate the phenomenon of the lone White Nationalist who is sitting all by himself and completely isolated from (White, non-liberal) human contact in some rural small town, or some crappy furnished apartment in one of Amurrica’s appalling cities. The idea was to begin to form cells and support groups of real people, off-internet, for Northwest Migration.

We ran this list, frequently updated, for about three years, and I do know that some people used it to have productive meets with other White comrades, so some good did come of it. I also know there were a lot of gamers on the list who wanted their addy on there just to see what kind of funny e-mails they’d get, and who never responded to initial inquiries or actually attended a meeting, or in some cases blew off meetings they themselves had set up.

Then about two years ago, the Movement inevitable happened. A couple of assholes started abusing the e-mail contact list in ways I won’t get into, and we had to drop it, because the wrong kind of people were being attracted. We had instances where some of the contactees were indiscreet, they let their guard down, they let certain other people know where they live, and strange people (in every sense of the term) started showing up on their doorstep. Plus there were a couple of other incidents that made my spidey sense tingle; one briefly listed contact was later revealed in the media to be a wire-wearing FBI informer, and another man—well, to this day I’m not absolutely sure about him, but if you look up “bad vibes” in the dictionary, you will find this guy’s picture.

Look, I will grant you, the risk is not small, and only about three percent of the NF’s total contact list ever took us up on it. Then, as now, most of our people were simply too “security conscious” or else too raving paranoid, depending on how you look at it. Risk-takers of any kind are very thin on the ground here in our wee little Movement. 

On the other hand, since then and more and more in recent months, as the NF’s audience widens on the Net, I am being pelted with e-mails, most of whom I know are totally legit, from White people who are screaming, insofar as you can scream on a computer, for someone local in their area to just meet with them and let them see a friendly White face. One of the worst problems we face is the chasmic loneliness of being the only one-eyed man (or woman) in the country of the blind, the crushing sense of isolation that makes us eventually doubt our own sanity.

“Hey, if everybody else around me says that black is white and up is down and the sun rises in the west and sets in the east, maybe it is me who’s out of step. Maybe the liberals really are right, and all of this is in my imagination. Maybe the real world really is on television and not out here. Maybe I really am crazy and I need professional help. Maybe Arianna Huffington and Chris Mathews and Jon Stewart really do speak with the Voice of God.” 

Right now I’ve got a kid in Michigan and a middle-aged (I think) man in San Francisco and a woman (I think) in Southern California and intermittent other people literally sobbing on their knees at my cyber-doorstep, begging and pleading for someone who will just meet with them in a McDonald’s, so that for a few hours they can talk and say nigger to another human being.

Plus, as the NF grows (and it is growing) this could potentially be a valuable tool to work people into the migration idea, so long as we can keep the dysfunctionals and the Goat Dancers away. (Always that proviso in our wee little Movement.)

Comments? Suggestions?





  1. Rodney Martin
    Feb 24, 2014


    Until my house sells (it is on the market now), I am available to meet anyone between Fresno and LA. I will make the drive.


  2. Josh C.
    Feb 24, 2014

    What about having a main contact person for each state? They can do the initial meet to pre-screen the newcomer before being allowed to meet others in their state? You can keep the small list of state contacts yourself reducing the potential for abuse of the list and simply forward the new comers info to the local state contact to make the contact and meeting.

  3. Mike C.
    Feb 24, 2014

    I personally think it is a bad idea. 1) Met up with an alleged comrade and never heard from him or seen since. 2) Also contacted a person on the e mail list and introduced myself….the person flamed up like a hemorrhoid, again all I did was say “hi….my name is….” I believe word of mouth is better, with the person informing intended recipient about the NWF as a preliminary screening process, that is how I found out about the NWF and have not wasted any of my time with any other outfit since.

  4. Sluggo
    Feb 24, 2014


    I suggest you don’t bother with another email list. As a matter of fact, something is going on with this email account and I’m going to stop using it.

  5. J.K.R.
    Feb 24, 2014

    I’m okay with it.

  6. DOC
    Feb 24, 2014

    HAC, Please keep all options on the table. The enemy does keep all of their options on the table and we White Nationalists and National Socialists should keep all options available. I have met many normal and very frustrated and very racially aware White People and all of them have never heard of the existence of the Northwest Front or your excellent Northwest Novels. Do not burn your bridges. There are still many good White People out there who are suffering alone in a Non-White and Anti-White Hell and all of those White People are still wandering around completely vulnerable and at their own risk(although not helpless) outside the Northwest Homeland. Please keep all lines of contact open. That diamond in the rough is out there somewhere, if you know what that means.

  7. Chris White
    Feb 25, 2014


  8. E.J.
    Feb 25, 2014

    Yes please

  9. Danny
    Feb 25, 2014

    Hampton roads area in Virginia anyone out here?
    What about greater Tidewater area?

  10. John Doe
    Feb 25, 2014

    Absolutely, I think it’s very important we do everything possible to show these evil bastards we aren’t afraid of them. After all it is our entire race they’re trying to eradicate. Do you think for one second if they were doing this to the blacks they would allow themselves to be backed into a corner? Of course not! Now granted we of course don’t have nowhere near the power the blacks do but still I think it’s important to show a little back bone to these homicidal hypocrite maniacs.

  11. Andy Donner
    Feb 25, 2014

    I’m always in favor of this sort of thing. The Northwest Front’s White Nationalist e-mail list is where I met my first White Nationalists ever during the year between first contacting the Party and actually Migrating.

    I’m still in contact (though, somewhat infrequently) with all the people I met and they were all quite decent. I’d be happy to see any of them again and I would like to think they feel the same way. In fact, one person I met off the list introduced me to a few others in the months leading up to my Coming Home.

    These face-to-faces really are productive with the proviso that everyone is on the up-and-up. Okay, that’s quite the proviso. The usual disclaimers apply: The given email address should be one you use for racial purposes only. It should not be something you present to the rest of the world. If you’re alright with whoever you meet (in a public place where you’re not putting yourself at any more risk than is required for this, etc., etc.) then you can exchange contact information. I know some of us have had bad experiences, but that was almost always due to poor judgement and letting new people get too close, so on and so forth.

    In reality, this is a very small amount of the face-to-faces (which were, admittedly, not going on as much as they should have been) which were reported to the Party.

    My only gripe with the list is that after a few months, someone would gripe that they weren’t contacted by anyone. I did all of the setting-up of my face-to-faces, so I didn’t have this problem.

    I was willing to drive for hours one-way to meet people in the region. I met everyone on the list in my surrounding part of the country and I’m sorry I wasn’t able to meet more. After the people I met, the nearest names were almost a full day’s drive away and that’s just not going to work out. Further, I’ve done long drives in the Homeland to meet others and I hope to do even more as time goes on.

    It always freaks me out that more White Nationalists refuse to do things like this and it rubs me the wrong way that we had quite a few contacts in the Puget Sound area who never, ever want a face-to-face with us.

    My only real concern with bringing the email list back would be that the people who really need someone else to talk to (which is a respectable request, to be sure) aren’t going to set anything up after they’re given the opportunity to do so. Much of the, “I’m Coming Home!” stuff we get from people goes up in smoke when they show off the new house them bought themselves six months later on social media websites?

    In the same vein, how much of the “I need someone to keep me company!” stuff (which, I repeat, is a perfectly normal thing to need) will stop once the prospect is actually given the chance to meet someone?

  12. Lewis Hall
    Feb 25, 2014

    My gut instinct is to say yeah, do it, somebody has to take some risk sometime, and yet since I myself am the ultimate low profile guy, for reasons which Harold knows, I won’t be doing it myself. It’s not just cowardice as such the Movement has a problem with, it’s hypocrisy. “Let’s you and him fight.:” Being brave as a lion with somebody else’s ass. So since I can’t and won’t participate myself, I am not the guy you should be asking. But I’m answering anyway, which is yet ANOTHER annoying Movement trait. You begin to understand why we’ve wasted 50 years?

  13. NW Native
    Feb 25, 2014

    At my age the main objective I occupy myself with is planting seeds.
    What I mean by that several of the websites that I can post comments on I try to end the comment with a link to the NW Front.
    I seems that most White people who are somewhat aware read sites that give a fairly accurate picture of the situation. However, that’s where it usually ends. Lots of info with no solutions with no answers as what to do about it. I try to end my comments that the NW Front may have the answers as to what to do.
    I don’t know how many link over to the NW Front and if the seeds find fertile ground. As HAC says words without action is a dead end.
    I seems that having contact points at various locations throughout the coming New NW Republic would be a good idea by telephone, snail mail or via e-mail. My grestest fear is are we a day late and dollar short?

  14. Barney
    Feb 25, 2014

    By all means have an e-mail list, but restrict it to those in the US and elsewhere who (unlike me) CAN Come Home.

    When I was on the list I was contacted by only one person here in the UK. He made the initial contact. I told him my location and a few of my thoughts on our present predicament, and he expressed his blind terror at the prospect of “offending” zog!

    We’re in a WAR ffs! How does he expect to defeat the enemy if he’s afraid of “offending” them?

    He also accused me of not being honest with him, and I’ve never heard from him since, neither do I want to. There was something about him that gave me the creeps.

  15. Gail Wynand
    Feb 26, 2014

    I was once on that list and was contacted for a “meet-up”. But after receiving a less-than-impressive email request (full of poor grammar) I discretely passed.

    Now, here’s an alternative, based on this example: Let’s say we were merely forming a “friendship group” with no political bent. Just a group based on friendship, say for the discussion of…whatever. Would a person on this friendship group list (one who is well-read in the classics, possessed of a high IQ, etc, really want to meet-up with another guy who likes to bowl, only reads comic books, and has only an average IQ? Being the former, I would not. And THAT was the problem with “the list”. It simply threw names together and then expected any given two individuals on that list would simply be thrilled to meet-up with each other. Some might, but that didn’t work for me. You see, I don’t want to meet-up with just anyone who happens to live in my area, even though they may be a fellow believer in WN. No, for me it must be more than that. I only wish to meet-up with refined individuals, ones who are well-read, intellectual-types, with high-IQ’s. Does that make me a snob? Well, one could see it that way. But my biggest fear is meeting up with a drooling moron who – albeit a WN – simply would have no more in common with me than I with him. Because, like it or not, I’m a firm believer in social classes and only wish to interact with my own. And it is precisely because of that reason that I have chosen to interact only on the Internet, since I can control with whom I choose to communicate with.

    So, if “the list” is reactivated I would suggest someway (perhaps in tandem with the Internet) that we anonymous souls out here can get a preview of those whom we might choose to meet-up with. Call it a Match.com with a WN twist (though not to be construed as a dating site, of course) and then I might be interested in meeting with some fellow WN’s.

    Fair enough?

  16. Barney
    Feb 26, 2014

    While it may appear to some that Gail Wynand is a little too “picky”, I can understand what she means. I’ve always had the same attitude where trades people are concerned. If their advertising, whatever form it takes, shows a lack of basic literacy skills, I wonder “If they can’t even read and write, what ELSE can’t they do?”, and I look elsewhere.

    Language is both a skill and a weapon, and we all need to know how to use it effectively. I realise literacy isn’t taught in schools any more, putting young people at a disadvantage, but without that basic grounding, our potential for learning is seriously curtailed.

    In school, we learn what zog wants us to know (or believe). Our real education starts once we’re out of school, and the main source of information will always be the written word, however many videos we watch.

    It doesn’t matter how intelligent a contact may be. If he hasn’t mastered the twin arts of reading and writing, he’s unlikely to progress very far. In some cases he may well be a drooling moron.

    We sometimes have to make allowances on the internet, where not everybody has had the benefit of a proper education, or where English may not be a person’s primary language, but we have to decide for ourselves whether we want to bring illiterates off the internet and into our own lives.

    I’ve so far had successful face-to-face meetings with two intelligent, educated WNs in my own country (the sewer that was once England, and will be again), but I already “knew” these people from internet discussions over a prolonged period, so there were no unpleasant surprises.

  17. kinsman1of3
    Mar 02, 2014

    I think this is a good idea but posting your address is a bad idea all around. Our e-mail (we can create throw away e-mail addresses if we feel the need) and a city/county/state should suffice. The rest is up to gut feelings and common sense. Bring the list back but lets be smart about it.

  18. John Clark Wagner
    Mar 03, 2014

    Yes, for those who wish to do it.

  19. Douglas Stafford
    Mar 04, 2014

    PLEASE revive it. It is a vital source. No more need be said. Mike, I had that happen as well but have recently made contact with that comrade again. It happens, all too much and its something we continue to fight as a movement. Race Matters, funny comment. Rodney Martin, your shows are great! Thank you for your work and your service to our movement. Andy, long reply for once. Nice to see that.

  20. Anonymous
    Mar 07, 2014

    Harold, sooner or later somebody has to throw these wimpy people in at the deep end and let them sink or swim. Steel has to be tempered in the fire.

  21. Roy
    Mar 13, 2014

    Post-screening (of individuals by the NF) would be a great way to get in touch with real people out of this often solitary internet. If people are really serious about taking part in any movement, there will come a time when it will be necessary to stop hiding for fear of violence, persecution or whatever, they will have to proclaim to the world ‘this is who I am and this is what I stand for’, much like HAC has been doing for so long. Perhaps by way of meeting with others or even small groups of fellow WNs, those fearful of the all-mighty, all-seeing, mean, bad Jew, would actually be able to grow a spine and start acting like men.

  22. Mark Clayton
    Jun 03, 2014

    @NWFRONT, I live in Florida and received information about your organization in the form of a flyer and DVD. I would like to know more…is there someone local that I could speak to?

  23. lrwin
    Jun 06, 2014

    By all means. Send me a copy.

  24. Nic
    Jul 16, 2014

    Absolutely. Northern California here, would very much like to meet others nearby. sign me up.

  25. Anthony Stewart
    Aug 11, 2014

    Well, I guess I’m one of those “lone whites” out there with no sane person to talk or socialize with. I just moved to Reno, NV from Las Vegas. I would really love to live in some community in the northwest with a good deal of racially conscious white people, but my main concern is finding work. At 58 years old, it’s sometimes not that easy; but, I’m in good physical condition, so if there’s decent work available, I’m pretty sure I can handle it. Yes, I’d like to have some contacts in Reno if possible. Thanks.

  26. John S.
    Oct 12, 2014

    HAC, I’m in central Florida. I would be willing to meet with those that truly desire to be an Aryan with good morals and character. This kind of people that others would want to know more about and associate with. Not the ones who want to get together to get drunk and holler “nigger” all night. What kind of example is that for our children? Is that what they think being a proud White person means? We are our own worst enemy with this regard. If you are in central Florida and wish to talk about what we can do to further the goals of Northwest Front, I am available usually Saturday evenings and Sunday mornings.

  27. Whiteguy
    Oct 13, 2014

    John S. is on the exact opposite end of N. America from the “homeland”, typing about how much he believes in the NF. lol

  28. John S.
    Oct 16, 2014

    @”whiteguy”, apparently you have not read through the posts on here before mine. There are MANY people who have not made the move yet; and my reason is just that, mine. You are posting on here like someone would on SF. I’ve only known about the NF for a couple of months. And if you are actually a part of the NF, exactly how is your smartass attitude helping bring anyone else “home”? My guess is that you are a “hanger on” of the NF and not actually an ACTIVE person in any cell involved with the Northwest Imperative. So, until you know me personally, and the reasons I cannot make the move just yet, you need to have NO OPINION on the matter. If you are involved, and living, in the homeland; I most assuredly look forward to meeting you when I get there.

  29. Lukas
    Nov 18, 2015

    Well, Harold, you can add me to list if you have some by now.

  30. whiteEngine
    Jan 09, 2017

    Yes, definitely I live in Seattle surrounded by…well lets just say we need to clean it up. If there was a good and current contact list it could seriously help with planning and especially things left purposefully to the last minute.
    Surprise gatherings and marches are effective and no-one has time to complain before hand. So having a good contact list would be key for that kind of thing.

  31. Alex
    Oct 28, 2017

    Despite the drawbacks, I think it would be a good idea. I can say the word nigger around a surprising number of people in So Cal, but that is just because nobody really likes niggers, even the more refined negroids. The problem is that I do not know ANY action-takers. They all have excuses as to why they cannot leave; they have become entangled in mutliculturalism and though they may have dislikes foreigners before, they always find that one that…well, he black but not nigger.

  32. ThurstonCountyComrade
    Oct 30, 2017

    @ White Engine, Thurston county here. Kinda inbetween Tacoma and Olympia. It would be great to be able to meet comrades so we can plan bbq’s and non violent stuff.

  33. JP
    Apr 16, 2018

    Yes this would be most helpful. They read everything anyway.

  34. JP
    Apr 16, 2018

    We should also pick volunteers in local areas through out US to act as reps for the movement, or at least “friends”. Their job would be to ensure the screaming whites that they are indeeed not crazy, and to put them in contact with the movement. We could choose health care providers who are brave enough to use real name. This is psychological abuse by the left, and insofar as that is concerned, I am doing nothing wrong but pointing it out.

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