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Radio Free Northwest – October 3rd 2013

HAC drones on about the Golden Dawn incident and why he plays so much “Fenian music,” Andy and Gretchen respond to comments on the “What Do You Want From RFN” post, and Conor from Australia raps on feminism.


  1. […] blogsite of the white nationalist movement, Harold Covington’s Northwest Front, some commenters—though not all!—have been practicing the most abject form of politically correctness: telling silly things about […]

  2. paul HallowKat
    Dec 31, 2013

    Wow thats funny!When Greece won the euro cup in soccer, their team looked a Hell of a lot WHITER than any other european state!The Greco/Roman armies conquered most of europe for centuries!If the one drop rule is a fact,then most of europe has a drop!

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