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Radio Free Northwest – October 10th 2013

HAC talks about the Constitution and the book publication (finally!) of Freedom’s Sons; guest speakers include Aristotle Darwin, Bill White, and J. B. Stoner.


  1. heretic
    Oct 10, 2013

    Thanks for responding to my questions HAC. (I don’t know how to frame that in a way that doesn’t scream, “Yay! Fearless leader acknowledged me!! Ah’m Speshull!!” Moving on…)

    Eric Thompson’s “Fundamental Axioms” are magnificent. This is the kind of thing that would be invaluable to future generations for interpreting the Constitution. And, for memes to educate the public about the moral basis for the state we want to create.

    In asking about documentation, it wasn’t my intention to open the 2006 Constitution for revision, but rather to establish it’s credibility. No one can argue that it’s not pretty damn good. I, like every other White Nationalist in existence, am independent of thought and therefore don’t agree with every line as I have my own ideas. But, we have to make compromises at some point and accept the fact that we won’t ever agree on everything. We need to support the Constitution as is until such time as we have won and have earned the right to sit on the Constitutional Convention by actually doing stuff.

    I figure it goes without saying that my opinion on the details becomes relevant AFTER I make a significant contribution in real life for the betterment of my race, not before. That is why invoking the moral authority of those who have is both effective and practical, and the manner of this Constitution’s development as you have described it is ideal – such that I figure you could effectively shut down many distractions were you to back it up with those letters. Accomplished White people are very individualistic and need credibility to unite over something like a real, new, Nation, and to not have to worry that it’s just some kooks crazy idea and they’re joining some kind of a cult. I don’t want to lose my career and go to jail to join a cult.


    Andy, I really enjoy your character series as its what I need to hear most right now. And, I dare say that those of us who are watching our race die and doing nothing but type on the interweb thingie (guilty) can handle a little down-talking. If not, they can find another hobby.

    When you are done this series is it possible to upload it all as a single podcast in one session?

    Also, I would really like to hear clips from comrades about how they overcame their own character problems, like laziness or alcohol or whatever.

  2. Von Causewitz
    Oct 10, 2013

    Interest from around the world of different nations, that may wish to build the NWF: Is English to be the official language or may German or others be proposed? Of all sources of culture language itself is most important. All things emanate from it. Consider first that the English language in Amerika has been corrupted with the anti culture from alien antagonists. Also German suffers the same corruptions and impurities in Europe. The LAw (constitution) is an :organism of words and culture itself that preserves that , which is most inclined to be corrupted and degrade. Man himself is depraved and the great concern is not so much the immutable law, which the US Constitution is (was) but the preservation of the purity of the soul. Vergeanglichkeit des Gesetzes dauert nur so lange als
    der Seele Unverwesenheit. How do you expect to preserve them with an ideal of race alone. Das Dritte Reich, the Third Reich was as much a victim of Verrat or betrayal as carpet bombing or Treibstoff Knappheit. Betrayal of pure German of others. Race was not the vital reality , something more remote and abstruse. Love of race or Creator or nation will always be the victim of the godless, loveless, craven , who has already capitulated his soul because he or she is lawless.
    I fear the testament that suggests compromise, who wish to retain the corruptions of the old.
    It is laudable , that in the NWF Constitution there is no provision for Judicial Body. Through 9 godless , lawless vultures the once strong respect of law has been destroyed while the representatives, who are incumbent on law witness without a alarm or remonstrance I believe the US Constitution was designed to fail and its weakest head , Judicial would be the betraying disciple..

  3. Von Causewitz
    Oct 10, 2013

    The research on the growing infection of Sodomy was appreciated. It is sad , that the perversion or disease of Sodomy is neither addressed by church or state as disease or perversion and treated or condemned.
    It is a recrimination from the godless world , whose only claim to a deity or eternal truth is the self righteous corpse that is themselves and now presume to have an apotheosis in the theology defined and proclaimed by liberalism.
    Whether the person of Hoover, Oscar Wilde or the many others , who converted to the ancient religion of Sodomy would be better if they were never born I shall leave to higher authority; but it is certain , that the ascension of liberalism with its protégé of the new man shall certainly be the end of all culture, assurance of peace and the curse of the Most High.
    The false prophet of the church , no less has already invited the introduction of Sodomy into its sanctuary. It has exchanged the eternal struggle for the ephemeral blessing of being nonjudgmental . The use the Sodomy organization much like the Supreme Court. They can not be removed and there is no limit to their agenda.

  4. Curious In Cucamonga
    Oct 10, 2013

    If Bill White ever gets out of prison, is he Coming Home to the Northwest?

  5. Kenny Lane
    Oct 10, 2013

    Great podcast HAC!
    The words that stuck out to me the most in this podcast were “Some pale asshole in a $5000 suit”!
    You used that phrase when describing the incident of the Wshington DC police going batshit when that crazy Sheba got gunned down.
    That phrase says it all to me personally. My worst enemies all my life have never been Jews or non-whites. My worst enemy as an average working class white male has always been that pale asshole in the $5000 suit. He’s the rich white man who has sold his soul for money and sold his own people down the river. I have never been treated as a brother or a comrade by the rich white man, and neither have the rest of us. He sees us as insects that can be squashed whenever he wants so he can protect his wealth and his own pale ass. Our ancestors escaped Europe to get away from the pale asshole in the $5000 suit, but now like Andy said we’re out of places to run.
    The people who have always treated me the worst have been rich white people all throughout my adult life. They’ve outsourced American jobs, brought in illegals for cheap labor, lowered our wages, or just plain laid us off and they don’t give a shit about us. Like Aristotle Darwin said, we keep re-electing these same people expecting different results and all we get is more tyranny.
    Let’s just pack up and go to the homeland where we can make a real difference, and let the pale asshole in the $5000 suit deal with the mess he’s made for us and for himself.

  6. Kenny Lane
    Oct 10, 2013

    Oh by the way HAC, when do we get to hear you play the banjo?

  7. Steve the Elder
    Oct 11, 2013

    Of Course Buchanan can’t mention the NWF but the emperor hath no clothes and it’s more obvious with every passing dawn


    (Red state = white people with head screwed on somewhat better than the left)

    Von Causewitz: The only serious addition I have suggested to HAC for the NWR Constitution is the death penalty for proven homos and beastials… two of our rare, recessive perversions (yeah, very few indeed, but revolting) that we must wipe out as much as possible, like the plague. This detail can be corrected later by the patriot-survivors of the coming, inevitable conflagration

    HAC, one of your best podcasts, not only the music, but the ZOG-is-scared-$hitless assessment.. it’s been obvious for decades and has taken a hissy-fit upturn with the faggy-pink obongo crowd.

    To quote Puss in Boots: Makes me laugh

  8. Whiteguy
    Oct 14, 2013

    Why don’t we all move to Cobbsville, and HAC can run for mayor.

  9. Bob
    May 20, 2018

    Can you tell me the specifics recordings you use for the opening.ing track and the one right at the end.

    In fact, when you play music could you tell us the specific records you use in the descriptions of all new shows please?

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