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The Ayatollah Bill White

Hi, guys:

I have been informed that an unnamed U.S. Attorney has threatened that if Bill White does not accept a plea bargain deal on his Roanoke, Virginia case, he will be indicted on a charge of espionage for Iran.

I have furthermore had it intimated to me that I and a number of other bloggers and mainstream journalists who have reported on White’s case will be subpoenaed in order to “prove” that we are his “flunkies.” 

I have this vision of Bill sitting on a Muslim prayer mat in his 9 X 5 windowless cell in the Roanoke City Jail, wearing a long black robe and a turban, and smoking a hookah.

I swear to you, people, I am not making this up!! 



  1. Anonymous
    Aug 02, 2013

    The reason they are doing this is to get White’s case, which has become an increasingly embarrassing witches’ brew of legal harassment, abuse of process, and malicious prosecution, re-classified as a “national security case.” This will allow them to lock White up in a box with no contact whatsoever with the outside world like they’ve done to Matt Hale, maybe even ship him to Guantanamo or “extraordinarily render” him to a secret prison in bumfucked Romania someplace. They can finally shut the poor bastard up by burying him alive.

  2. The Ghost of Harlan Markwalder
    Aug 03, 2013

    Hi. I’m some kind of Goat Dancer or cognitive dissonance op using the name of Harlan Markwalder, an old man from Maidenm N.C. who died in the hospital Greensboro over ten years ago, who was once expelled from the CKA for coprophagia back in the 90s.

    One of the weirder tricks that Goat Dancers and/or CD ops use on the internet is to adopt the names of dead White Nationalists who can no longer publicly expose and contradict us. Since almost nobody on the internet ever actually MEETS any more, no one is ever the wiser.

    Skiddle-dee-doo-bop and coo-coo-ca-chew!

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