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Harold’s Being Mean Again (Sob!)

Yes, I know. I’m being mean to you, and hurting your feelings again.

Guys, it’s like this:

If we continue to do nothing except generate words, the world is going to end. Literally.

We now have a simple, perfectly legal, mildly difficult but by no means impossible, and ultimately beneficial deed with which any and every White man and woman can respond effectively to the threat of genocide: Northwest Migration.

There is simply no excuse for not doing it, unless of course you were never serious about any of this White racial stuff to begin with.

I have failed utterly to convey any sense of urgency about this. As egomaniacal as this sounds (and yes, I know how it sounds) I have the most important message in human history to deliver, and it’s just not getting through.

If I had a carrot, I would offer it. I don’t.  All I have is the stick, a small one, and that is whatever residual sense of conscience and shame a few of you may feel at what you have become. I have to use that stick in a desperate attempt to get you here, where you’re supposed to be, before that goddamned balloon really does go up, one way or the other.

I have to try and save something out of this coming cataclysm, or at least begin a process whereby something may be saved. To do this I must have your help. A tiny, minuscule number of people are still susceptible to reasoned argument, but nowhere near enough, and we can’t locate and contact those who are. Since I can’t bribe you into doing the right thing, I have to try and shame you. It’s not nice and I feel bad about it, but what can I tell you? You gots to play the cards you’re dealt.

That’s why I am so mean to you.


  1. Lewis Hall
    Apr 28, 2013

    What’s scary is even the stick doesn’t seem to work. I get what you’re saying about appealing to our sense of shame, Harold, but the problem is that White people may not have one left.

  2. DOC
    Apr 29, 2013

    HAC, respectfully and seriously, you are not being mean enough to us racially aware White People. Unfortunately, many of us racially aware White People need to be severely shell shocked and traumatized by a very obvious Anti-White Race version of the very traumatic October 4, 1957 Sputnik Moment, which was much more traumatic and shocking than the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941. That traumatic Anti-White Race version of the Sputnik Moment will probably not be “the balloon going up” and hopefully it will be something far more traumatizing, sudden, chilling and sinister than the frog being very slowly boiled alive without the frog even being aware of it’s own very slow gradual death and destruction. Our White People who are burdened by caring for old and worsening physically ill senior citizen family members may not be able to migrate to the Northwest Homeland soon and ultimately only after when nature dictates the last and final word in the last and final sentence of the last and final paragraph of the last and final chapter in the life of our White elderly senior citizens. However, a White couple with children of any age, especially very young children, have much to lose if they remain living outside the Northwest Homeland and they have much to gain if that White Father and Mother bring their children to live in the Northwest Homeland with a much better chance for their children to live and grow up in a much safer and a much more secure life and environment in the Northwest Homeland now and into the future. If I still had young children to care for, I know where I and my children would be right now which is a no brainer. And HAC, there is absolutely no reason for you to refer to yourself as a mean (SOB!), at least not yet!

  3. Joe McAlpine
    Apr 29, 2013

    The reason that the White race is now facing extinction is that White men are a bunch of pussies. You may not be able to do anything about it, Harold, but nobody should fault you for losing your temper every now and then.

  4. Erudite Knight
    Apr 29, 2013

    I definitely understand the problem, just found your site, do you have a few key posts I should read?

  5. Europa Arise
    Apr 29, 2013

    Erudite, you should read everything on the About page, Listen to old Radio Free NW podcasts and read the N.W. novels (theres a N.W. Novels page) and if you can’t afford to purchase them then you can find pdf versions. Then if your serious/still curious go to the Contact/Get Involved page and request an info package.
    The website has pretty much everything you need to know, just spend some time exploring it.

  6. David Brims, Scotand
    Apr 29, 2013

    Dear Harold

    What if one did move to the North West, Sods Law would happen, a Negro family would move in next door and there goes the neighbourhood, what then ?

  7. Bryan
    May 02, 2013

    David Brims,

    The problem is not if a black african lives near you (africans are being dumped here in the whitest areas at this moment) The problem is all of our people are in hiding.

    The mexicans and any other race will take everything from you while you hide, keep your mouth shut and live in fear. It is your job, as someone involved, to inspire the others. Wear a smile if possible and tell the whites, the blacks, the indian, the asian and everyone that we mean to be free here in the northwest. There will be safe passage, new alliances and things as yet unforeseen.

    Migration works, just ask the new owners of the old american southwest.

  8. donald mcronald
    May 02, 2013

    If there were a few thousand more racially aware people in the PNW the nonwhite problem would be quite manageable once the proper time had arrived. Harold has explained the answer in his novels quite well. It’s called General Order Four.

    Once they figure out that the fedzog can not protect them they will run as fast as their stubby brown legs can carry them. A few will be the examples, most will flee and the few stubborn holdouts will be mopped up in due time.

    It really will work. History is full of examples of how it has worked in the past. In fact history says it will work because it always has in the past.

    Never use a WHAT when a WHAT will do?

  9. The key point or moment of “realizing ” something’s wrong, is when you are Constantly exposed to the problem so much you are motivated to get off your ass, By shear aggravation to research the real causes of the problem and fix it . Most whites that live in the sub’s up north are living insulated lives and rationalize that everything is ok because the tv tells them it is. The tv tells people to go to the mall -(The local young peoples BRAINWASHING CENTER) and buy FOREIGN-(NON WHITE US. MADE) CRAP! But, what the older brainwashed people that allow their kids to go there don’t get (Because of what they were taught in schools 1962-2013, that races don’t exist and everyone is the same), is , they are destroying their own white or almost pure white kids future by indicating to the kid that its ok to assimilate into other races. The whole mall is designed by purpose to achieve that agenda. If you look at the store fronts advertising blown up photos ect. and commons areas with the other races that are there , their agenda is clear to the true whites that have become wise enough to see . The other whites that are still brainwashed will require greater aggravation by other races to see, like the following. 1. Their daughter comes home from the mall late one night and was changed, her personality was different some how, come to find out she was raped by the invaders (10 years later) and that’s why she acts and talks like an inner city hoe now. Not to mention the herpies she got for life from them. What a nice gift. 2. A brother or sister marry’s into a full blood other race family and YOU are forced to go to their religious & cultural events and listen to them talk in their invader language in your own country, WTF. Also seeing their 50% offspring constantly reminding you that it is our future if we don’t stop the brainwashing of our people now! 3. Your grandfather or grandmother are mugged (beat with lead pipes) , but recover , only to die a month later from in your opinion, complications from the beating but not proved in court. Come to find out ,they were illeagal invaders to Ca. , If they were stopped from coming here your grandmother or grandfather would be alive today. I fear that if it takes the type of events I have described above for whites to see what is happening it will be too late.

  10. I viewed HAC’s U tube on who should lead and was somewhat flabbergasted. A woman must be the leader , She represents the essence and honest truth of what we are, there is no other at this point in time to speak for us . ALMOST PURE WHITE WOMEN MUST SPEAK UP NOW TO PREVENT OUR ALMOST PURE WHITE EXTINCTION OR ALL IS LOST.

  11. Rudel
    May 04, 2013

    “(Because of what they were taught in schools 1962-2013, that races don’t exist and everyone is the same)”

    I don’t recall anyone teaching in the public schools in 1962 that the races didn’t exist. Quite the contrary, we were taught that there were three major races, the Caucasian, Mongoloid, and Negro with perhaps the Australian Aborigines being a fourth example.

    Physical anthropologists and geneticists currently teach that the genetic structure of humanity is more complex and it is only in cultural anthropology, sociology, and the literary liberal arts that the concept of race is purported to be a “social construct” except no one believes a word of that drivel; least of all its own proponents.

  12. 62 might have been too early ,but by 74 the agenda of race mixing being ok was clearly promoted in most jhs & hs with the central point being made that we are all the same so it must be acceptable.

  13. Karl Rinehart
    May 09, 2013

    We deserve every curse you lay on our heads, Harold. After all, we lost our race and our civilization through being such pussies.

  14. Judge Roy Bean
    May 09, 2013

    White males are now effeminate cowards who are never going to do anything at all to stop a deranged Third World dictator from destroying America and possibly dragging the whole world down with him. I don’t blame you for being frustrated, Harold.

  15. The Ghost of J. T. Ready
    May 10, 2013

    Harold, can I be blunt? Ignore the people who are whining about you being mean. They’re useless, and we’ve had enough of useless people.

  16. Bryan
    May 23, 2013

    We miss you J.T.

  17. John
    May 23, 2013

    You want WHITE WOMEN to lead you? Where’s your balls, man?!!!
    There is so much talk about saving the white woman, hell, the bitch doesn’t want to save herself!!! Why is that do you suppose?
    Probably because she has no real perspective shown to her of what it means to be WHITE!!
    “Blood for Blood…” If you don’t know what that means then you shouldn’t waste time breathing!!
    Aryan MEN need to FIGHT BACK NOW!!!!! Words are worthless in a world built upon the lies and deceptions blanketed by them!!!
    Where are the Warriors? Where are the Valiant? Where are the Brave?
    Demonstration is what our people need, NOT protests! We need to take effective action that cannot be ignored, action that will demonstrate our collective resolve!
    Migration is fine, but it will NOT suppress the wicked designs aimed at our extinction!!
    The White race is living on borrowed time. If the 14 Words do not become the motivating mantra that empowers the souls in our race to take ACTION and save ourselves from complete and entire annihilation, what then shall be our purpose?
    UNITE! We must!!! FIGHT! We must!! NOW!! Is the time!!

  18. Anonymous
    May 31, 2013

    Do you know some Armenian in Canada who keeps writing a lot of crap about you on the internet? He seems to be insane.

  19. A. Alderman
    Jun 03, 2013

    Send sharp-looking, well-educated missionaries out to urban homes across the country, and tell the folks they meet – preferably sitting in their living rooms – that they’ve passed a selection process and have been granted the limited-time offer of community-assisted migration to the Northwest. Explain what your organization is doing, what your goals are, and that they are being given the chance to participate. Be sure to give out quality literature with contact information. Use your knowledge of the local environment – particularly the worsening situation in public schools and the rising crime rates – to bring home the message to parents. Then, follow up on the promise: organize help with finding work, finding new homes, transitioning to new schools, etc., to help them integrate into and network with the growing community. Offer to send this information to them before they move, too. Once they see that there is a job opportunity, perhaps a home with land, and/or better schools, and a nice group of people willing to help them organize things, they will start packing.

  20. TallHans
    Aug 03, 2013

    Excellent suggestion! Who is supposed to organize all this? HAC? Single handedly? Where do you come in the picture? After someone else does all this?

  21. Guy Azbell
    Sep 06, 2016

    I am a retired trucker of 30 years military vet ex cop, i know first hand what immigration and forced racial intergration has done to this nation, 1962 was the prayer was removed from schools but the real damage started in 1970 thats when schools lowered there standards big time but it happened in the big citys first, case in point i was a student at Walsh Grade School in Lockport Ill. In 7th grade learning algebra basics and geometry which was hard and i barely passed with a c- grade, we moved to Joliet ,Ill. And i attended Gompers Grade School mostly black school at gompers in 8th grade if you knew 2+2 or 1-1 you were honor role material, needless to say i knew this really stunk i told my mom and she went to the school and asked why are you not teaching anything and the school refused to answer because they could not tell the truth due tl the negro I.Q. They could not admit that, this was 1977, We moved back to Lockport i went into military in 78 delayed entry , that is what opened my eyes and i can only imagine what its like now, we had civics at Walsh had tk memorize the constitution and gompers if you just showed up you passed.

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