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Personal GUBU Note From Harold

Hi, guys:

A word in your shell-like ears, plizz. I’d like to give you a quick shot of anti-GUBU.

You know the standard accusation leveled against me by the Goat Dancers that “Harold got a Section Eight from the United States Army?” Recently, as part of one of my spasmodic efforts to get my affairs in order, I finally got around to ordering a copy of my DD-214 from the United States Army Personnel Center in St. Louis. (I lost the original long ago in my multifarious world travels.)

Nope. I got a General Discharge on September 28th, 1972, under Honorable Conditions, which means I am eligible for all benefits except I would have required a waiver from the DOD for re-enlistment. The form is signed by one Lieutenant Dianne Bayer, whom I remember as a particular fine-looking WAC (as they were called in those days) at Oakland Army Terminal in California.

Now, there is one thing: on March 8th, 1982—nine and a half years later—there was a DD-215 correction form attached to my paperwork, signed by one Brigadier General Robert M. Joyce from the Adjutant General’s office at the Pentagon, i.e. some military bureaucrat. This addendum I never knew anything about. This document states that I was discharged for “Defective Attitude and Unwillingness To Expend Efforts Constructively.” This presumably refers to my NSWPP Party membership of the time and my forming a small cell of something called the White Servicemen’s League, which was one of Koehl’s front groups.

This thingummy was attached to my file just after I had my Fifteen Minutes due to Greensboro and the Attorney General’s primary election in North Carolina. AKA the Army covering its ass when I became notorious.

No Section Eight. No insanity. No psychiatric report claiming that I was cuckoo for cocoa puffs, as my idiot brother sometimes claims. None of that shit. I was discharged for unapproved political activity, as I have always stated for the past forty years. I have told the truth and the Goat Dancers have lied, in case there was ever any doubt.

So that’s the name of that tune.



  1. Charles Vane
    Mar 15, 2013

    I never had any doubt.

  2. Annis
    Mar 16, 2013

    Would you please begin to use trutube rather than youtube?


    My account has been suspended at facebook and at youtube because I made statements against, and these are their words, “protected minorities”, I just call them jews.

    If you continue to use youtube I will no longer be able to follow your videos.

  3. Chandler
    Apr 14, 2013

    You know that nigger with the Hate Harold site in Canada? He’s a Canadian spook of some kind, paid to disrupt the Movement up there. He got entangled with some Holocaust group up in Vancouver years ago and pised everybody off, disrupting the group, and then it turned out he was on the government payroll.

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