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Wedgie’s Latest

FTR, no, I did not publicly propose marriage to Ann Coulter.

Yes, really. Apparently Wedgie is putting his new playtoys, multiple fake twitter accounts in my name, to good use and he tweeted her a proposal, which she seems to have ignored so far. But I wouldn’t be surprised if the left-wing media picked up on it; I presume they follow her tweets or could find out some other way.

Two of Wedgie’s fake Twitter accounts have been shut down so far. God knows how many of the damned things he made. I wonder what it’s like to be 48 and going on 12.

I should mention that even if Ms. Coulter accepted, I would have to leave her stranded at the altar. Apparently I am already married, to an unnamed Jewish woman. Yes, it rather came as a shock to me as well.  I have no idea who or where mein Yentlah is supposed to be.

Well, just so long as it’s not Fran Drescher…



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    Feb 24, 2013


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