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Second Fake Twitter Account

Apparently the first bogus Twitter account was suspended after somebody complained, and so the stalker is at it again.

“Harold A Covington (@JerryReb88) tweeted at 7:15 AM on Mon, Feb 18, 2013:
@RSR93 @WARRIOR33_6 @phwang1991 I agree, that is a fake a/c. I’m the real one.

Usual drill guys. Please spread the word that tweets from the above account are fake and raise any hell you feel like raising with Twitter. I can’t, as a matter of principle, since the purpose of this mentally ill Induhvidual is to engage me and involve me personally in his weirded out scene, to waste my time personally by forcing me to deal with his crap. That’s the stalker mentality: everything in the target’s life must be about him.

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