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False Twitter Account


It looks like your friend is now using your name on Twitter. I’m sure you already know this but thought I’d do my duty and give you a heads up. If everybody reports him as spam they will disable the account.  https://twitter.com/phwang1991 Harold A Covington

“Leader of the ONLY active White Nationalist Movement in the US. Visit my website. All the other WNs are frauds who just want your money.

Olympia, Washington· northwestfront.org


“Patrick Hwang” is the name of a stalker who may or may not be Reg Natarajan. The “Hwang” persona first appeared as heckles on my YouTube accounts last fall. At first he and Natarajan, who is an actual if rather deranged person, appeared to be working off the same script template, but there are now differences between the two scripts. This may be a deliberate attempt to differentiate between the two templates after I mentioned the similarities in public. Also, the “Hwang” identity has begun using proxy servers or some other technique to conceal his IP address since I mentioned that the static was coming from only three IP addresses.

Please disregard any tweets coming from the above address.

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