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Radio Free Northwest – December 6th 2012

HAC raps on his coming Obamacare felony arrest, Gretchen reviews a book on the European spirit, Andy lays out the NF contact process, and then we’re back to Harold bloviating sonorously.


  1. Lin
    Dec 06, 2012

    Asking random listeners to post links and do stuff is no good. You need to tell one or several of your technies, to start an internat activism group, then he/they needs to work out a little system of how the internet activism is to be carried out, for example what forums are to be visited, how often, which forums are easy to get access to and which are a bit tricker.

    Once the technies have prepared the group you need to say : “We have start a voluntary internet activist group,” if anyone wants to spend 10min a week to help us spread the word please join the group by send a message to Iactivist@northwest.org.”

    Then the joining guys will give the internet activist group their email and probably skype. It doesn’t need to be personal contact information of course, better that it is not, attracts more and risks less. Skype emails, those can all be anonymous, but it gives direct contact, and gives the activst a feeling he has a group responsibility, that he is part of something, a larger structure that makes a difference, it is much more motivating then sitting alone and being banned from forums all night, and it keeps the individual motivated much longer..

    Just telling random people to post links by themselves probably wont have any effect at all, and no long term effect. People willing to be active needs to be captured and put into structures and organisations were their energies can be encourage, focused and directed. Without a organisation to capture and hold these activists,all you will get is a small surge of links posted the days or weeks after the podcast.

    But if you organise people in a group, give them a schedual and tell them what to do, how to do it, and what is expect of them, you could see links to the new podcast posted on every large forum in USA every week in the “dicussion” section of the forum. If an actvist were in a proper organised group, he could easily create 30 accounts on the 30 biggest fourms, and just leave a post on their “discussion/Misc” secton every week, it would take less than 10 min for a single individual to do if the group was organised properly. If you had a group of 20-50 people you could blanket the entire english speaking internet with northwest stuff, if they were willing to work 20min a day on spreading propaganda, and that is assuming they do not use automated marketing tools and such that is available. Like scrapebox, which can live comments on tens of thousands of blogs an hour.

  2. 112358
    Dec 06, 2012

    Great show as always, Harold. I like it when you get “heavy.”

  3. Jay
    Dec 06, 2012

    Wow, I’m still baffled by the mere existence of White Nationalists in the teen demographic. I’m 15 and live in the cesspit known as “Toronto”. It seems impossible for any teen living under the Canuck and Yank regimes to hold any other views aside from the “hippie dippie” nonsense they engineer our generation to believe.

  4. John Norman Howard
    Dec 06, 2012

    The Walking Dead… 300… The Watchmen… Sin City… the most popular current TV show and popular major motion pictures of the past few years… hmmmm, what do these all have in common?

    I’ve said it before and I’ll keep saying it… you want to reach the young? GRAPHIC NOVELS!!!

    Every half-assed young kid I run into nowadays fancies him- and herself an artist of some kind… if we can’t even make a small abridged start on one of the Northwest novels in graphic form, then fuck it all, what’s the point? One decent graphic novel will turn a lot more youth our way than any awareness campaigns, whether local or national.

    I mean, Christ, they’re STILL talking about R. Crumb these days over his silly offerings from the 1960s. Wake up, White Man, indeed.

  5. Germania Jim
    Dec 06, 2012


    You do have an alternative other than going to jail. You can come just a few miles north and still be in the Pacific North West you know. Here you won’t have to put up with a nigger regime and for the most part you can still blend in to look like some of the populace that still live and work here.

  6. waffen
    Dec 06, 2012

    Hey HAC..
    you want to know where to contact younger people. May I suggest
    4chan.org its ranked 453rd by alexa
    7chan.org is ranked 16,285
    similar sites like that.

  7. C
    Dec 06, 2012


    They’re more common than you believe. Problem is, most of them think the same way as you do, and see nothing but empty heads when they gaze at people their own age.

    Send out feelers. If you are bombarded with filth, move on, but never give up. You are not alone. Far from it.

  8. Mr Rugen
    Dec 06, 2012

    What about people living overseas who aren’t non US citizens?
    How are they to receive an info packet about joining?
    Can It be emailed??!

  9. Miss White
    Dec 06, 2012

    I’m 28, and already have multiple part time jobs and no health insurance, so I’m right where they want me. I was hoping to put the little bit I can save toward staying alive someday after I can’t work anymore, at which time I will have no income, social security, or pension, in addition to no insurance. But no – all of it will go to Obamacare, buying me health insurance while I’m young and less likely to need it, instead of getting me care later in life when I will definitely need it. I don’t like to think about the future. My golden years will more likely be brown years: years of getting crapped on by people who would like me to hurry up and die so they don’t feel guilty anymore about not helping me since I can’t pay.

    So far I’ve awakened at least 3 formerly unaware people to the truth of race, the joys of healthy racism, and the white peril. They have come such a long way under my propaganda. They use words that they jolted at the first time they heard me use them. I’m feeling very proud, and patting myself on the back… then I think of how many more I haven’t reached. How many are unhappy but can’t even put their finger on the problem.

    Andy Donner, I love your voice. I find myself listening to it and missing what you are saying 🙂

    I’ll relocate into a city. I’m from a very populated area, so it seems like the thing to do. The cities there are surely whiter than here. And your cities will just seem like sizable towns to me.

    Since I’m not in touch with you guys, I have to wonder which of my many faults you may have taken note of, and could be referring to when giving us listeners a healthy kick in the pants. I’ll keep striving to be the best comrade I can be, for whatever it’s worth.

    As for money, we need to do some fundraisers. Organizations do all sorts of fund raisers when they need money. Let’s wash their cars and then use the money to un-wash their brains.


    Nowadays people are young and screwed too, not just 42 and screwed. So there’s hope, Harold. If I’d had a better life, I probably wouldn’t have cared to learn so much. There would have seemed to be no need.

    Some white teens think white pride is cool, because it’s definitely not permitted. Others are just highly intelligent free thinkers, and see the sense to it.

    Many of them hang out at the mall. Meet them there in person and appeal to them with something appealing like cards you made with the link to a new blog thread about electronic music. I don’t think you can be thrown out of the mall or arrested or jumped by antifas for doing that. The blog thread about electronic music is the new blog thread you can make at the .net forum (assuming you know they will be able to log in, unlike me) or somewhere similar. Of course it would be about making electronic music that’s patently cool for the movement. But that wouldn’t be on the cards you give them. They could explore the site once they’re there. There would have to be new posts multiple times per day so the thread wouldn’t be boring. And posts from multiple people so the thread wouldn’t appear dead and rejected by others.

    Don’t meet them at Facebook. Mall plus iPhone or some other such new technology you can keep in touch with them on after you meet. Be textable, whether you reply or not. Have a Facebook and put stuff on it periodically just in case they ask for it so you won’t seem asocial.

    Want to find out what young people like? Go here: http://chat.icq.com/icqchat/ and go to the Age Groups section and then the teen room. You can double click on a person’s name to have a private chat with them. Find someone who can be reasoned with to fill you in.

    Thanks to Axis Sally’s inspiration, I’ve been working out almost every day and spending less time on the computer. I’m more muscular than I’ve ever been. It’s awesome. I want to be strong for our people. Hey – maybe you can do a thread about working out instead of electronic music. Or do both. Or neither. They’re just examples of possibilities.

    As soon as you have a couple teens, make a youth chapter of the NWF so they can go there and be hip together without us aging people sometimes, and encourage them to attract more young comrades and visitors. Give them the leadership role of the youth chapter, since they know better how to reach people in their generation.

    Whatever thread you give them a link to, have some links there to short and informative videos about race, white peril, and then about the NWF as the solution. There should be young faces in the videos, even if you have to use YouTube video links from somebody else to get teen faces to tell them about race. Some teens can relate to people of all ages, but I’m sure you know there have always been people of any age who only relate with people in their own age group.

    Update the thread often enough for computer addicts to be able to reliably use it for a blog fix multiple times per day. Almost no young people can deal with the frustration of having to wait a whole day or more to hear from their click of choice. I can empathize with that. If they check back to the site five times and it still has no updates, they might get disenchanted and move on. Ask questions so they can answer them. Post what you had for lunch. Inquiring young minds want to know! Our children’s future is important, but just as Andy Donner kindly wastes time out of his work day for us, someone would do well to keep us updated on the stupid little useless details in Harold, Gretchen, and Andy’s lives. They’re somewhat famous, after all, and celebrities who aren’t gossiped about don’t go far. It’s why Britney Spears shaved her head. It’s why Janet Jackson flashed her brown boob at the Super Bowl. In the long run, our children will benefit from the small stuff too, because a more talkative blog will attract more people. The details don’t even have to be true, just plausible. For the record, I still say Harold should never put on a dog shirt. But we need a more active site with the small stuff to attract teens. In the younger generation, people typically enjoy sharing funny little things about each day, like a picture of some weird bug you saw crawling on your jeans. Relate it in a symbolic way to the movement, and you have some fun propaganda there.

    Play some genres teens listen to instead of so much bagpipe music. I know you like it Harold, but they won’t want their friends to hear them listening to that. Their friends wouldn’t think it’s cool, just weird. As the father of the NWF, you’re the leader for comrades of all ages. So warn the teens when music for the older comrades is coming on so they can switch off the taboo RFN podcast they’re letting their friends hear, and avoid embarrassment. You may not realize how important this is. I know teens who asked me not to reveal certain bands they like, for fear that their friends will laugh at them. And I’ve seen them get laughed at when they said the wrong band. They take it to heart. Older comrades are committed enough to deal with younger people’s music in the podcasts. But teens have more at stake with your music. The NWF needs to be geared towards the younger generation in order to attract it. Show that you cared enough to get to know them, and they will get to know you. They may just decide that the Old Man and his Front are worthy of their dedication.

  10. Andy Donner
    Dec 06, 2012

    A note on faults and our criticisms of the NF community:

    We’ve all got them on some level and it’s only a fault if you don’t correct it. These aren’t meant as a “shame on you” unless we say so (and it’s been done before). There’s a certain amount of knowledge we need potential migrants to have crammed into their heads and there’s no way to do that other than asking them to take it on the chin and consider it a homework assignment (as awful as that sounds).

  11. Jules
    Dec 06, 2012

    Read the comments while downloading the podcast and (without listening to it first) it seems that a NWF Youth group and website – or special area for them – is in order. The one thing I’ve noticed about kids nowadays is that they want to “belong” to a group even moreso than in past decades. It’s almost as if they feel lost and will look for ANY group to belong to, no matter what. Trouble is, most of them are more or less directed in certain ways by TV/movies/entertainment industries and, obviously, subject to the Jew’s mind control & programming. While living with a teen for a few years I watched how the almost contstant video gaming changed him from a reasonably intelligent inquisitive kid to a violent brat who actually took almost every criticism from me as a threat – resulting in a couple of pretty serious confrontations. This kid had a vast library and resources at hand and someone to teach him almost any subject he could ask about, but preferred violent video and games to intelligent conversation.

    He’s barely able to fend for himself out in the world now and has returned twice to his mother’s home after failed attempts to find a permanent job in other parts of the country. The few friends he was able to make during high school were essentially the same – small boats being tossed about in a stormy sea without any rudder, sails or even a captain that cares where the boat is going. It’s obvious that today’s youth are being dumbed down by schools, but they are also not being provided any leadership (aside from the programming to do whatever they want) and are in need of a moral and ethical training that has been terribly eroded beginning in the 50’s – 60’s when TV took over family’s lives.

    So we are left to reach them as best we can. The graphic novels seem a good way for those who can’t be bothered to read (or can’t read, period). So do the suggestions Miss White makes. She should know, if she’s been a teacher for any length of time. In fact, I’m beginning to think that the twentysomethings amongst us are probably going to be able to make a connection with youth better than us old farts, as their common morality/ethics base is a bit closer to what kids have learned, if not (what I consider) optimal.

    A wise older friend of mine related one technique she used in raising her children – the concept of logical consequences. Her kids found that if they acted in the way she taught, they would avoid a lot of pain and suffering. But, act the way they wanted, as kids usually do, then the logical consequences were punishment of varying degrees, pain, suffering, jailtime for criminal behavior, deprivation, etc. There was no corporal punishment involved beyond the age of reason. She just told them what would happen if they didn’t act right. Then she let them go through the experience. Didn’t take many experiences before she had them nodding and ACTing in agreement with her teaching. That seems to be what’s lacking nowadays – guidance based on reality. Kids seem to think they can act any way they want in and out of the home and are always being “rescued” (or abandoned altogether) by parents who themselves have almost no moral compass. So what we see in the riots here and in Europe/England are the results of immorality and conformity to the lowest common denominator.

    Clearly this is going to take some study and concerted effort over at least another decade to turn them around and prepare them for the coming war – and survival and reconstruction of our society beyond that. I just hope we have enough time.

  12. ricardo
    Dec 06, 2012

    Dear HAC:

    You often comment on some of the emails you receive weekly–great! Now, it would be nice to get a reply on some of the suggestions that are left on the weekly RFN comment section. I think that Miss White, Lin, John Norman Howard, et. al. have some great ideas: what do you think? Some of us would like to hear your feedback.

  13. Freedom
    Dec 06, 2012

    Washington is the place to be!
    Read the words of some race-mixer writing about her “experiences” in Washington. 🙂
    “Stevens County is an area of numerous communities
    with such dangerous beliefs. The Ark is known locally as a center of white supremacy. I know of several people who wielded power in local politics who were Christian Identity adherents. This is a dangerous center of hate as far as i am concerned. I known of many people of color, including Colville Indians, who were attacked verbally by racists. Both my children who are mixed race were attacked by other kids calling them the n word. My daughter’s school had racist graffiti scrawled on her school grounds and buildings. We moved due to the attacks she was subjected to by high school aged kids and younger when she was in middle school. I am very knowledgable about the virulent racism of this region during the ’90’s and up til 2006 when we were forced to move due to the racism and lack of resolve in addressing it effectively. I still keep myself informed as it was where i have lived most of my life.”

  14. Barney
    Dec 06, 2012

    To pick up on what Jules said, even in the absence of games, computers themselves are definitely addictive. I don’t know exactly what it is about them, but I often find myself staying up half the night just doing SOMETHING (anything) on the computer, and certainly I’m old enough to know better.

    “I’ll just have a quick look at … ” or “I’ll just do … “. I don’t know whether it’s the power of the things, the fact that they can do so much, and are able to communicate with the entire world almost instantly, but often I’m just wasting time playing pointless (non-violent) games when I should be getting to bed.

    A computer is an incredible tool, but in it’s own way it can be very nearly as addictive as tel-aviv-zion. Without the internet, most of us would still be in the dark about what’s really going on in the world, but it has it’s down side.

  15. Trevor
    Dec 06, 2012

    “The issue is not that our enemies are wealthy; the movement is created from nothing!” -Adolf Hitler

  16. Miss White
    Dec 07, 2012

    Barney, I don’t find TV the least bit addictive anymore. I hate it with a passion. Years ago I spent endless time staring at the stupid thing like an idiot. That time is lost forever. Thankfully, that screen has at least been replaced with an interactive one where free thoughts can be found. Now I stare at the computer screen like an idiot. Sometimes I see people sitting at computers looking stupid there gaping. Then I picture myself looking just as dumb when I do it. Computers are way more addictive to me. When I see a TV on, my desire is just to look away, and to shut it up. But I’ve put my computer in a drawer more times than I’d like to admit, in an attempt to escape from it. Sometimes it has worked, and sometimes not. Sometimes I just ended up at another screen. But I hate any type of addiction fervently, and seem to have gotten much better about it. It helps to have a cause. It helps to be inspired by comrades. But it would be so much better to know them in real life and help each other achieve perfect discipline.

    Jules, my grandparents said it didn’t used to be the way it is in the world now; that people were more responsible and considerate of each other years ago. People typically did their jobs well. For instance, if a change was made in a schedule that affected you, they would let you know in advance rather than last minute or not at all. I hate to take the brunt of other people’s incompetencies, but I know I’m guilty of it sometimes too. I’ve always taken for granted that thinking ahead is something that grandparents do because it comes with age. But they say their world was always that way. They must have been taught how to do certain things the right way, and somehow we younger people have been gipped. There really doesn’t seem to be enough time for true competency in this world where we need to work a lot to earn a little, teach ourselves tons of things we should have been taught, and worry endlessly about the future and what sort of pathetic plan we can conjure up to try to lessen the blow of time.

    My mind is not at peace for a single day. My dreams are nuclear, and my quiet moments sometimes end with the sudden feeling that I’m in a car frantically slamming on the brakes, but not able to stop in time before crashing into the car in front of me. And I’ve never been in a real accident. I guess life just feels like I’m heading for a crash, and it’s out of control. I’m sane, and outwardly I appear to be coping with hopelessness just fine. But it’s no fun, and it’s no fair. Why the hell did the older people have to go and throw it all away? And we have to hear from them about how our generation is stupid and incompetent when it seems they would have been the ones responsible for ensuring we don’t turn out that way. How come we have to pay the price for their blunders? They reminisce about the good old days while we get to cringe at the shitty old days of childhood and the even shittier new days to come. Life sucks.

  17. Kaukaz0yd
    Dec 07, 2012

    More news on the 0b0ng0 dictatorship and 1 party state. Harry Reid, the dem. leader of the Senate says come Jan 1st the dems. are going to unilaterally abolish the rule that requires a 60 vote supermajority to end the legislative process of debating and amending a proposed piece of legislation before a final vote to pass a bill is cast in the Senate. This is the rule commonly called the “filibuster”. This check and balance to democracy that has been a rule since 1806 is going to be swept aside, effectively giving sole power in the Senate to the dems. who only have a 55 vote simple majority. Then all that will stand in the way of a total dictatorship will be those pesky G0Ps who control the House. If the dems. can regain the mere 17 seats needed for a majority in the House in the next mid-term 2 years from now, then we will have a 1 party state and you can expect Congress to grant dictatorial power to 0b0ng0. If we fall off the “fiscal cliff”, the media will blame the “Tea Party” and G0P House for it, and set the stage for a dem. victory in the next election.


  18. “How come we have to pay the price for their blunders?” Answer : You don’t. “how our generation is stupid and incompetent” , They said the same thing about my generation in the early 70’s. They are arrogant, self- centered/important(in their own minds), ignorant pricks.-But, you don’t have to make their same mistakes, You have the advantage of youth(sort of), the web , technology and alot of used but still functional equipment to build things and make life easier for you than in the past 50 years. “Why the hell did the older people have to go and throw it all away?” Answer:Rich ones GREED over preservation of our race & culture ,They made us middle poor compete with cheap invader labor by inviting them into our country thus reducing our wages to the point of not being able to have white kids because of lack of funds.”Life just feels like I’m heading for a crash and I’m out of control.”…waitng to hit the wall”, Welcome to the club, I thought we were going to hit back in the early 80’s. Now, It’s so pervertedly rediculous people can’t take it seriously anymore. It is inevitable rich people can’t brainwash enough people to hold the fragile house of cards togather , THE SCAM has lossed its credibility and support,more people are becoming awhere they have been dupted. I prefer to look at this whole comming event as a wonderful change for the better for our white people , Sure, we can dwell on past neg. things but its most important to remember the specific rich people that caused the problems and not let them control things in the future. Try to be an easygoing upbeat positive nihilist type(not all nihilists are depressed or neg.).

  19. HAC
    Dec 07, 2012

    Take the long generalized chat to http://www.northwestfront.net/forums/index.php

  20. Freedom
    Dec 07, 2012

    I strongly urge all prospective migrants to download Google Earth and creep on the areas in the Pacific Northwest that they are interested in. I feel more attached to Seattle now. xD It gives you an idea of the overall appearance and feel of the place. Go for it. It’s freaking awesome!

  21. HAC
    Dec 07, 2012

    Okay, we’re starting to use the comments section as a chat room again, which is what the Forums are for. Keep it on topic, guys. This one is for comments on the December 6th 2012 RFN.

  22. vanatori
    Dec 08, 2012

    This talk really struck home with me. We really will lose a true Aryan when Harold passes away. If you had any doubt in your head that we were doing might be wrong, please abandon it. Hopefully, (And by hopefully I mean the entire existence of our race depends on it) we can become actual MEN again. when I hear you, Harold, all it reminds me of is how thoroughly corrupted I’ve been by this world…

    I’d kill to just live an honest life on a farm in Europe some 1,000 years ago. Those guys didn’t know how good they had it…

  23. Steve the Elder
    Dec 09, 2012

    Oooh, those scary Christian Identity people again.. sort of like a ghost you can’t nail down that keep haunting you in nightmares…

  24. Steve
    Dec 09, 2012

    I was posting the NF(dot) org link, but somewhere along the way, stopped doing that.
    I will definitely start doing that again.
    Thanks for that kick in the ass to get me started again, Harold.
    That goes for the rest of you guys too…post it.

  25. Douglas Pearson
    Dec 10, 2012


    Really funny comment. I’d like to keep in touch and I think I’ve sent one email out the the entire list in the Northwest. However I’ll post my email here again in hopes that I can get in touch with you. douglaspearson42(at)gmail.com I hope to hear from you soon. I listened to the November 29th podcast. Great work again Harold, you made many good points and I enjoyed the music. Play the Northwest Passage song again, hell sent it to me so I can keep it with me until I get home. Remember short scouting trip planned for mid December because I’ve been priomised work and I have mor moeney now so I’m coming home whether you like it or not. Perhaps a music section of the website might be an idea.


  26. Douglas Pearson
    Dec 11, 2012

    Always witty Steve. Hope to see you in the Homeland soon.

  27. Steve
    Dec 13, 2012

    Douglas Pearson
    Just now noticed your post.
    And have your gmail address.
    Mine is sen55(at)live(dot)com
    Will be looking over caucasion persuasion site
    Unfortunately, I am in the brown state of Colorado.

  28. charlie
    Dec 13, 2012

    you may be exempted from Obamacare. Look up the 8% exemption

  29. Gerald Richter
    Jan 28, 2013

    Another superb show, Harold.

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