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Radio Free Northwest – December 20th 2012

HAC bloviates on the Connecticut shootings and impending Democrat gun control and also on why he despises democracy, Gretchen speaks on her first encounter with Obamacare and also does a Christmas piece, Christmas music, ho ho ho, so forth and so on.


  1. Jules
    Dec 20, 2012

    Gretchen, do not answer ANY of these telemarketers’ questions. Matter of fact, don’t answer ANY telemarketers’ calls. period. If you have any trouble, email me @ glmeszaros@hotmail.com

  2. George
    Dec 20, 2012

    It is good that you have the courage to point out the convenient nature of this “coincidence” which this mass shooting of children in Sandy Hook is relative to Obongo’s upcoming gun confiscation efforts. As a matter of fact I wish that someone with a better memory than mine would compile a list of these “coincidences” of the past which have been so invaluable to the political agenda of our elected officials. In any case, I believe that at some subconscious level, most white gun owners in this country have been aware that this confiscation is imminent since ammo sales have skyrocketed as well as gun has the sale of guns, but of what avail is this? If bought legally the government has a record of the sale anyway and will know who has them and where to go to confiscate them. And you are right, HAC; gun owners WILL give them up when confronted by the men in black-if for no other reason than the fact that the government has the power to take away their jobs, their houses, their possessions and their children if they try to hide the guns. By extension, I also believe that the same “sixth sense” is telling many whites in the US that the future holds a terrifying existence for them in BRA (black run America, in case you were unfamiliar with the new acronym).
    By the way, thank you for suggesting the film “Telefon”; I thought I had seen all the Charles Bronson flicks, but I did miss this one and it just so happens that I was wondering what movie I should watch tonight.

  3. wascatsred
    Dec 20, 2012

    Just to add to the “conspiracy” fun; Adam Lanza or what ever the fuck his name is. It’s not a European name. It’s a jewish name! The Conneticut mass murderer of White children was a jew! And then there’s that whole business with the man found wearing camo in the wood line just outside of the school. At first it was said by the jewsmedia that it was his brother but now they are saying it was not. Which I believe. Sounds like a fed spotter? I don’t know but it stinks of government involvement. I mean really who has the most to gain? Regardless, If your going to get it then get it now! For our second amendment rights are in the can! And the same day our second amendment right are gone you damn well know our fourth or illegal search and seizure is gone and then when you bitch about it our first amendment rights are gone. We all need to get our asses to the Northwest in a hurry! Myself included! 14.

  4. Germania Jim
    Dec 20, 2012

    I just read on PressTV that it was Israeli death squads involved in the Sandy Hook bloodbath. See here:http://www.presstv.com/detail/2012/12/18/278706/israeli-squads-tied-to-newtown-carnage/

    Harris cited Israeli “rage” against the US and against President Barack Obama. By “Israel,” I mean “Netanyahu.”

    The mission was to teach America a lesson, knowing that “America would take the punishment, keep “quiet,” and let a ‘fall guy’ take the blame.” I saw the movie ‘Telefone’ and I totally agree.

    Ted Gunderson a past head of the FBI, said the US Govt had in place already the MK Ulltra and a manchurian candidate program up and running while he was still acting head. That was before he was poisoned by the jews. Poisoning does seem to be the favorite MO of the Mossad/CIA.

    I think it is high time that a false flag happen to Israel rather than its allies. Something along the lines of a glass parking lot for Jerusalem comes to mind.

  5. C
    Dec 21, 2012

    To my dear American comrades,

    (Harold, please post this version not the earlier one – the previous incarnation has spelling and grammar mistakes and generally sucks. Oh, and delete this addendum please, unless you think it’s funny to mock my compulsive double-posting. One last edit because, ‘white nationalist with their head screwed ,’ isn’t exactly the kind of thing I was going for there.)

    I’m an Aussie, and down here we’ve always had gun control of some kind. It’s much worse now than it was before the 1996-97 debacle at Port Arthur, but we still have gun crime, and we still have both legal and illegal weapons in our society.

    Given the way your own subversives have operated thus far, they probably won’t move to take all of your rights in one go. They’ll use this to get a foot in the door while seeming reasonable, and then fire up the Salami Slicer of Soviet fame. Sliver by sliver they’ll use this precedent to shave away the second amendment on a federal level, but it’ll take time. Lots of it. On this occasion, it might be fully-automatic weapons, or maybe Assault Clips, or perhaps high caliber rifles big enough to punch a holes in lightly armoured vehicles.

    The rationale? You don’t NEED automatic weapons, and only TERRORISTS would want a big, epic, fun-to-fire gun that shoots massive bullets over several kilometres, makes an enormous thrilling noise, and makes you feel like a total badass when you heft it and aim it down the firing range range.

    Basically the old liberal, ‘stop liking things I don’t like’ spiel, dressed up in a, ‘think of the children’ package.

    When, not if, WHEN, you lose your legal right to bear arms, and your constitution is basically abolished, there is no reason to despair.

    In Sydney alone, it is estimated between fourteen and sixteen hundred (1400-1600) illegal firearms of various calibres and models are in circulation. Despite horrifying regulations, privacy-violating storage protocols, intrusive background checks and comprehensive safety training programs, it is still possible to own military-grade pistols for sporting purposes as well as shotguns if you’re a farmer and rifles too.

    This, despite very stringent gun control measures, born of a conditioned horror of the things among the general populace. And I do mean HORROR, as in, screaming irrational terror. Upon learning I sought a gun license, a member of my own family claimed that as a, ‘person with morals’ they’d never forgive me if I proceeded. You’d think I’d admitted caring more for the plight of white children than I do for that of African ones. Oh wait. I do that too, with the same results.

    The point is, no government is omnipotent, and controlling the flow of boomsticks is simply beyond a democratic regime in a multiracial, multicultural society. Even with the extraordinary powers granted to my government and its secret services, a recent raid on a naval base by unknown criminals succeeded in busting open a military armoury, beating up a military-trained sailor, and stealing a bucket load of shotguns and service pistols.

    Arrests have been made, some of the guns recovered, and an inside man in the armed forces taken into custody. These things rarely end well for those involved, so I strongly urge that you DON’T do anything as stupid as those guys.

    But the fact is, at least a few of those weapons are still in circulation despite media protests to the contrary, along with countless others smuggled in by corrupt customs officials of the kind recently exposed in a massive police operation.

    The best armed of America’s civilian population are the least likely to surrender their firearms. They’ll do EXACTLY what Australians did during the buyback and the de-legalisation of semi automatic rifles like the AR-15 used by the Port Arthur killer(s).

    They’ll hide them. They’ll bury them. They’ll put them in the attic, they’ll forge paperwork saying they sold them, they’ll claim they’re destroyed, they’ll give them to friends and neighbours.

    But the one thing they won’t do, overwhelmingly, is use them. You’ll be able to count the number of white male gun collectors whose gats are truly pried from their cold, dead fingers on a single hand. I’m almost certain of it.

    Don’t be one of them. As a racial realist with their head screwed on, willing to migrate to the Pacific Northwest to aid your people in the most white and rural area of the USA, do NOT get yourself killed or thrown into jail over something as stupid and puerile as a steroid-pumped cop snatching your Barrett .50 Cal or taking your howitzer away in the back of a truck.

    There are more Barrett .50 Cals and howitzers in the world. But there is only one of you, and you must live for our people, not die for your guns. Learn from the Australian experience. All is not lost, even if your gun control should grow as bad as, if not worse, than ours, so long as there is iron in your hearts.

  6. white guy
    Dec 22, 2012

    Well put, C!

    Guns are replaceable. WN are not. I read you make the enemy fight the battle on your terms, not theirs.

  7. steven clark
    Dec 22, 2012

    Harold: First, I enjoyed your interview last broadcast. Please feel free to have them replace the usual show. I do wish you could have commented on the question of what will happen to whites in South Africa once mandela goes. I’ve heard bad rumors for a long time.

    The comments on the shooting are scary, and although I’m not entirely into your theory, I agree there is a pattern to these shootings. I also wonder what happened to the ‘shooter in the woods.’ Just vanished, like that third man at the oklahoma City bombimg. For that matter, why os the Muslim chapter who wasted so many GIs at Ft. hood not on trial yet? It’s said he refuses to shave, therefore…I wonder if it was an experiment that yuo refer to in your theory.

    Stephen King has a lot of plots where nastiness occurs when a government test or area becomes opened, and weird fog or grass or something get loose and destroy. Perhaps some kind of mind control device or drug became loose and is uncontrolled, or perhaps is kind of virus.

    On a TV series Firefly, it showed a young girl used by testing to become an assassin and her killer instinct gets activated by an image of a cartoon on TV. Josh Wheedon said such things were very possible, and I wonder if Firefly got cancelled after one season because it asked too many questions about dictatorships and the tricks they do.
    As for taking away guns, while I agree your mocking the gun guys, it’s going to be hard to do it, especially after Newtown. The state has some of the hardest laws on the books, and it was obvious that the attack was so purposeful that nothing would have stopped Lanza except another armed man. There will be a fight if serious confiscation begins, but the problem is people who say ‘in 2016, we’ll have to elect a REAL conservative.’ Sigh.
    Your comments on democracy were thoughtful. I’m reminded of the German constitution, where it says the people are not the ultimate power, but law…they wanted to remember the Nazis. Also, the South Vietnamese constitution allowed freedom for all…except neutralists and communists.
    Gotta love those loopholes.
    A movie I recently saw that moved me was THE SWEET HEREAFTER, a Canadian movie about several children in a town who die, and the suffering and pain that comes with it. it’s a strong, thoughtful film, and I’ve watched it three times. I wish you’d see it. It was filmed in B.C., so it’s got that NW geography you like, and the cast, all white, LOOK like the people in your novels. Such a memorable film.

    In reference to your Christmas story, there was a movie made of the 1914 truce, JOYEUX NOEL. You should see it.

  8. Bud_White
    Dec 22, 2012

    Thank you Harold, for keeping Edgar Steele alive at least on audio, of course. What with the arrest, imprisonment with no bail and the kangaroo court conviction and now, no appeal, I too, am concerned for his life, health and his family. With this travesty of justice we are all now at risk of the “knock on the door”, and the Gulag.

  9. C
    Dec 23, 2012

    @Stephen Clark:

    Firefly was cancelled because tv execs are bastards, mate, but also because it spat in the eye of political correctness.

    It’s literally Confederates in Space after an oppressive federal government, obsessed with social engineering, crushes an uprising of men who wish to live apart. The race mixed pairing, obligatory in light of these highly subversive themes, was white male/black female, a direct inversion of what is being pushed and again, typical of Whedon and his creative process. I doubt he is racial. Just a free spirit who demands creative liberty.

    The prevailing culture implies a very uneasy, Blade Runner style melding of Chinese and American customs, resulting in a less than optimal, monocultural configuration. Not a diverse and eclectic society free of hate by any measure. Very subversive.

    In the movie, the primary villain is a psychopathic African of British cultural influence, whose philosophy is based on the most frightful and inhuman aspects of Japanese bushido. The protagonist, a white alpha male, kicks his ass, binds him to a railing using the bastard’s stupid weeaboo katana and forces him to watch as yet another social engineering horror, an attempt to ‘better’ humanity, is exposed to all.

    Good movie really.

  10. DK
    Dec 23, 2012

    I have been reading the novels over again, getting things in order..And I plan on immigrating to the northwest A.S.A.P, But being how things are in my financial situation..It will most likely be done through college. And the shootings, Obama-Care, Gun Controll..All of it is just pushing us closer to the edge and end us up with a Cour De Alene type situation where we get forced to play our hand only if it were to happen right now we would’nt have the critical mass to sustain the fight, Now it may push the people who log on listen then get on with their day to actualy do something but..Its all speculation. We Need A Critical Mass

  11. Steve the Elder
    Jan 01, 2013

    Yes these shootings are planed Manchurian Candidate events. Brainwashing is a science today. Note that even in california compliance with a semi auto ban was a mere 10%. US gunners are not like any other people in the world except the Boers and the Swiss. We will not hand our guns in, and many of us will have nothing but a few at home for self defense. The goons can never go door to door to collect them because they would losr so many monkeys in suits they would quickly be very short handed. Also most states allow private transfers with no paperwork, so just because you bought it over the counter does not mean you still have it

    Also, did you folks know that US gunners, since the 2008 election, have bought enough guns, magazines and ammo to outfit the top 20 + world armies? As HAC says, what we have lacked is the courage. But I am in the gun culture, and see that changing..

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