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Radio Free Northwest – December 13th 2012

HAC on the Mike Harris Show, December 11th 2012


  1. Germania Jim
    Dec 14, 2012

    I have always been incredibly interested in white people who were here before the indians. Kennewick man, Spirit caves in Florida and the Lovelock Cave in Nevada have all contained evidence of white mans existence here. All up and down the eastern seaboard there are stone built houses that are very small, almost like a root cellar if you will. Of course, the professors with the initials in front of their names al poo poo this and ignore it, chalking it up to pantries made by settlers which is totally ridiculous because George Washington himself said there were giant white people living there long before the indians got here. Other founding fathers made the same statements as Washington did having stumbled upon these amazing structures while fighting the British.

  2. Roy
    Dec 14, 2012

    John de Nugent has covered the Solutrean topic extensively and in depth, he, like Harold, has a wealth of knowledge worth learning from, these ‘elders’ make a lot of sense and given their ability to clearly put their arguments forward while debunking accepted myths, falsehoods, untrue and distorted history and all other forms of vicious, anti-western civilization jewish rhetoric, it puzzles me as to why they are not (yet) reaching huge audiences. Regardless of whether or not people embrace White Nationalism or if they even learn to love their own race and culture, the obvious racial differences that separates white people from the rest cannot be discounted, it is an innate capacity, though sadly dormant in or rejected by too many otherwise decent white people, through awakening or pure necessity, we should expect many of those fellow whites to become part of the solution, exciting times indeed!

  3. Northwest Bound!
    Dec 14, 2012

    I would love to hear HAC and Mike Harris on the Glenn Beck “Jew shill” show or Rush Limbaugh’s “paid for opinionated political talking point” show!

    Keep up the good work you two, we are listening!

    “Ex Gladio Libertas”

  4. Luke
    Dec 15, 2012

    Incidentally, I do not want to plug Mark Glenn’s Ugly Truth podcast, but with regards to the subject of Who Was Here First, I am aware that there are far too many Whites in the general pro-white community who listen to this guy and who have been lead to believe he is on our side, since he opposes jewish supremacism and Israel’s endless evil. Not so. Glenn and the weak-kneed Canadian guy named Max who is Glenn’s idea of a White Nationalist who has been paper-trained, continually join forces to spew the very same white guilt tripping narrative that the jews have been spewing out of Hollywood for the last 70 or 80 years. We all know the routine. Evil White man slaughtered the Noble and Stalwart Red Man and stole his lands from him. Yea, right.

    What really happened is that the Evil Red Man genocided the original Caucasians who reached North America, then a few thousand years later, White men who were badder asses returned and won the rematch. Glenn, Keith Johnson, Deanna Spingola, John Kaminski, and even J.B. Campbell spout this same kind of anti-white narrative and none of these people seem to be willing or able to acknowledge the scientific reality that confirms the presence of Caucasians in North America long before the first known presence of Tonto.

    Here is a recent example of the sort of white guilt brainwashing that Glenn and his pal Max keep pushing on their podcast.



    “We are joined by Native America activist Val Shadowhawk as we discuss the parallels between the Zionism of today and what was done to the indigineous peoples of America by Europeans.”

    By the way. Can anyone explain to me why whites and only whites are supposed to somehow feel ashamed and apologize for their victories over their ethnic competition? Every other race on this planet takes enormous pride and satisfaction in their victories over their ethnic competition, and many have even declared national holidays whereby they can take time off work and celebrate those victorious events in their people’s history.

  5. martin L
    Dec 15, 2012

    ..about the solutrean discussion the only way this’ll take off is if we take it upon ourselves to spread this info around ,talk to neighbours and especially if you’ve got kids (like myself) teach them the truth about their history…anyways more great commentary from HAC,regular podcast or not…great work

    Dec 28, 2012

    another great interview!

    lol 57 states someone unpluged that telepromter

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