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God(s) Is Dead

Okay, guys, I’m cutting off religious and general off-topic responses to posts and RFNs. We have an NF Forum at


Use that.


  1. C
    Oct 26, 2012

    Figured this’d happen eventually. What a lot of people don’t get about the comments section is its importance to the Party’s public image.

    We have a perfectly adequate forum where polite discussion of the Northwest Imperative is encouraged and open, within reason. Religious chit chat, while moderated, is possible there. As are most things, though spamming lunacy from that gubu blog Mr Scott wrote isn’t among them. Harold is not the NF or the imperative, he is a spokesperson. Not a kingpin, just an advocate and organizer. Endless arguments about him don’t help anyone. Until someone else proves they can do it better, the old man’s staying put.

    The problem, again, is image control. If you speak here, people visiting assume you speak for the NF and are indicative of who we are. If you are here to insult Harold, that makes the Party look divided and undermines one of its biggest champions and most dedicated spokespeople. That can’t be allowed.

    If you want to troll and flame, the answer is no. It makes all of us look like quarreling children, not just you and the target of your abuse. If you want to insult a member of the cast of rfn, good luck doing it here, given they volunteer their time to the cause and speak for the Party in kind. If you want to badmouth the northwest imperative or engage in a public debate about it, try petitioning the forums or read the FAQ to see if it addresses your objection. Harold permits people to share and discuss unconventional ideas here, as in the case of Miss White to give one example, and has tolerated interfaith dialogue despite its contravention of the Party line for a very long time.

    The man is not a tyrant, he’s attempting to make the NF a semi coherent political entity insofar as that’s possible, balancing freedom of expression with the grim reality of realpolitik. That’s not an easy or enviable task for a spokesman, a webmaster, a politician or anyone for that matter. Can you honestly say you could do any better? If so, why haven’t you done so already?

    Keep in mind that wicked Harold can’t censor you if you Come Home and speak your mind in the company of your comrades. Why do you want to talk on the net so badly that you fear censorship in the comments section of this site? The NF has an alternative you know – talking in real life, and living within half an hour’s drive of your kinsmen and kinswomen. Not much censorship there, aside from losing friends and alienating people by being unpleasant.

    Officially the NF program is secular, that is to say, not defined by any one religious code. Discussion of religion, while intelligent, enlightened and open minded, may make us appear defined by faith rather than folk. This, again, misrepresents the NF’s program. We aren’t about religion. We’re about saving our people.

    It may also make us appear more inclined toward one faith than another, potentially alienating people who subscribe to the latter, or attracting those who subscribe to the former for religious rather than folkish reasons. That leads to disappointment and division, precisely what we are trying to avoid.

    Again, the NF must be folkish before it is religious or ideological. These comment sections are the public voice of the NF and Harold runs this site, acting as our primary spokesman at considerable personal risk, cost and effort. He dedicates all of his time, money, energy and talents to the cause. That’s rare in this day and age.

    If he wishes to present the public a united front by moderating what you can discuss on the public face of this organization I think you’ll find he’s earned that privilege and has damn good grounds for doing it. Frankly he shouldn’t even have to, and wouldn’t if we were half as serious as we need to be.

    To be fair we’re better than most by far. NFers are a fine breed of people by any measure. The demands and expectations placed upon them tend to weed out those who can’t live up to a reasonable standard.

    In my view we must be professional, organized and defined by our common values, not by the differences we’ve nobly set aside. I’ll personally miss the interfaith discussions as they were among the most civilized and, ironically, tolerant I’ve seen anywhere, especially online. But it is a decision I understand and a small sacrifice to make in the overall scheme of things, especially when one weighs the pros and cons involved, and contemplates how long Harold considered this decision before making it.

  2. Douglas Pearson
    Oct 27, 2012

    Well written C. Hope that Australia recjets that secion 13 type law written in the smae manner as they did up here in Canada in the 1970’s. Jeremy Jones should hav a contract out on him. It deserves to die, the bill and the kike. I had the honor of meting Mark from the Nationalist Alternative at the Stormfront confrence. I however, did not go over and meet the other guy. I bloody well should have. He ended up kicking me off of Stormfront for metnining the NF which is kiling our movement we must work together in one unified front that the kikes do. I’ll put out an email tonight to the Australian comrades. Hope all is well over there.



  3. Steve the Elder
    Nov 02, 2012

    I don’t mind as long as it’s across the board. Usually my CI comments are answers to legitimate questions or even outright attacks on my faith by pagans. I could certainly attack their faith but attempt to defer the urge out of a desire for some level of working together. Never think CI people weak, we are the strongest

  4. HangOne
    Nov 06, 2012

    1. Where are TWO units of UN troops and on the ground here in the state of Tennessee.
    2. They look like Americans in uniform, hoping REAL Americans will gave them a pass.
    3. Bringing non-Americans in for our cause will put US in the middle of what I don’t know.
    4. When looking into the back ground of these people,and there’s nothing there makes
    them look a lot like Odumba…
    5. Harold there is a nigger in the wood pile on this adventure!!
    6. Nothing could be finer….than to be in Carolina in the morning!!
    7. I await to hear it brag, and I will fine it !!!

  5. Brian Ball
    Nov 10, 2012

    OH COME ON! You mean even christian identity isn’t allowed??? *SIGH*

  6. Kerux
    Nov 11, 2012

    I can’t believe there is so much opposition against CI on the NW Front site.

    If you knew what I knew, you’d be a rabid CI-er.

    Maybe some of you need to open your minds, just like you want white people who don’t see things the way you do, to open theirs.

    Isn’t your stance hypocritical?

  7. Pictoria
    Nov 12, 2012

    It’s not instituitional Kerux. You can’t expect everyone to know what you know. Not everyone has the time to study the merits of CI.

    Be happy you’ve found your truth, draw peronsal strength from it and wield it like a weapon against the internationalist enemy!

  8. C
    Nov 13, 2012

    Christian Identity is allowed. Indeed it’s extremely welcome, and if you ask me, Harold dotes on you guys in his books. I’m pretty sweet on your ideals as well, even though I’m a pagan dog myself. 😛

    The crux of the matter is simple – religious discussions inevitably degrade into conflicts in our movement. This has long been the case, and for this reason, the NF is officially non-denominational. We are few enough in number without permitting artificial divisions and factions to form in our ranks.

    I have more trouble making this clear to other pagans than to Christians such as yourselves. We must, MUST, set aside our differences until we have secured the existence of our people, and a future for white children.

    For a pagan like myself, the reality is very simple – the vast majority of my kinsmen are Christians. Therefore, alienating and insulting the Christian faith and way of life runs contrary to my beliefs. We are for our Folk, and it is impossible at this point in history to be for our folk, and against any and all Aryans who follow the Christian creed.

    Identity Christians are among the finest Christians out there, for they follow scripture and they reject the universalist nonsense that has corrupted their co-religionists. They are for our folk and for the 14 words as much as any of us.

    It’s not that CI is banned by the NF. It’s that Harold doesn’t want people talking and chatting about it in the comments section of the website. It’s not a good look to have people talking religion when we’re nominally secular – it can and will cause ructions, and may drive away prospective migrants who conclude we’re actually patrons of this religion, or hostile to that religion, even if it’s not the case.

    Why do you think so many racial websites outright ban religious discussion? Because nothing sets us off in quite the same way. Aryans are spiritual creatures who believe with great fervor and intensity. Our folk have fought and died for their beliefs throughout our long and proud history, often against our own people. We can’t let these divisions form within the NF.

    We must work together and set aside our differences until we can discuss them in safety and peace.


    You are welcome in the NF regardless of your religious affiliation. So long as you are willing to set aside the issues religious differences create until after our people are safe. Just because you can’t TALK about it here, doesn’t mean ANY minds are closed. One day I look forward to an open discussion with some CI types, but this isn’t the time, or the place.

  9. Kerux
    Nov 15, 2012

    Great. We can discuss CI in the forum. There’s no objection then to me starting a thread doing just that, is there?

  10. C
    Nov 16, 2012

    Yeah sure, CI discussion can happen on the forums. Make an account and start a thread in the General Discussion section. Keep in mind that the admin, MAC, prefers his site to be used for migration-related discussion, but he’s pretty open minded and will probably get it if you explain the situation to him.

    Your first two posts will be moderated, but if they’re polite, he’ll put them through, and you’ll be free to post to your heart’s content. He checks the site regularly. MAC doesn’t tolerate rudeness and infighting so keep it civil.

    Keep in mind that the NF isn’t about internet discussion. It’s about moving to the Homeland and engaging in activism on the ground, helping your local white community. By all means, talk scripture on the forum, but keep in mind what the NF is about while you’re doing so.

  11. Barney
    Jan 16, 2013

    I’m not a Christian (or a Muslim or a … whatever). My values are “Christian-like”, but my beliefs are my own, and to try to impose them on others would be as completely wrong as the Catholic “church” was in condemning people who dared to refuse to (pretend to) believe what they were told to believe.

    What we believe is personal and unique to each one of us. What matters is RACE. We can believe whatever we want, as long as it doesn’t involve ritual murder (like the jews) or anything equally repugnant, but that shouldn’t have any bearing on how we conduct ourselves in the racial struggle.

    Religion is important, but on an individual basis. We can’t impose our beliefs on others. All we can do is explain our views and leave it to them. What does it matter what our White Brethren believe if they’re not harming us?

    We’re all in this together. The Noble White Race has certain standards “programmed” into us at the genetic level. Our actual beliefs are just minor variations on this basic programming. We know there’s more to life than this brief visit to an out-of-control world, but NOBODY really KNOWS what’s beyond, so there’s no point squabbling about how many angels can dance on the head of a pin when we don’t even know for certain what we mean by “angels”.

    Who CARES if the person fighting alongside us believes in one of the numerous “flavours” of Christianity, Asatru, Hiduism, Mormonism or anything else? The ONLY thing that matters is our racial survival. Let people believe whatever makes sense to them. It’s nobody else’s business. We have to respect our fellow Whites’ absolute RIGHT to believe whatever they truly believe.

    The jews would have us believe there’s no difference between us and the beasts of the field (niggers). THAT’S when beliefs become dangerous, not whether we believe there was a man named Jesus Christ who told us to throw down our weapons and turn the other cheek.

    I should end by saying I have a lot of respect for CI. Of all the versions of Christianity, it’s the one that makes the most sense to me, but as I’ve already said, I’m not a Christian. I don’t follow ANY established doctrine but what I genuinely believe in the privacy of my own thoughts.

  12. Daniel
    Jan 31, 2013

    Is there an difference between white people, which is complicated to state who is and who isn’t , and other ‘coloured’ people…? What’s going on inside you people…

  13. C
    Feb 01, 2013

    Daniel is English your first language? Either way mate I’m in need of an interpreter.

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