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Come To The Dark Side, Harold


As despicable as your writings and your podcasts are, I have to concede that nonetheless you often display an incisive intelligence, a biting turn of wit, and an intuitive grasp of political and social issues that any progressive would be proud to have at his command. I have, of course, familiarized myself with your past history, and I find it astonishing that you never even attended college. You are an autodidact, a self-taught man, and on the Right those are incredibly rare, virtually non-existent. On the Left as well, for that matter. In many ways you put out a superior product to us, with all our vast collection of university degrees between us.

Which begs the question that I have often wanted to ask, and one which I hope you will suspend your policy of ignoring me long enough to answer: what on earth are you doing over there with them? You should be over here with us. You are far, far too intelligent and sharp to be a race-baiter and a neo-Nazi. You must realize this. You are one of our boys at heart, and you have to know it.

Why not come over and spend your last years where you belong? Granted, after all the water under the bridge it would be difficult, but with the internet it would not be impossible to re-invent yourself as a progressive with libertarian tendencies. You would have to start with a blog using a nom de plume. I would be willing to offer my good offices in such a transformation, act as your covert publicist, help you make contacts and get readers. Any Great Unveiling would have to be a good long way into the future and would of course be entirely up to you, but wouldn’t it be exciting?

E-mail me, or better yet, call me. Let’s talk. All things are possible, Harold, and it’s never too late.

-Reg N.

Uh, thanks, but no thanks, Reg. I could never get past the whole serving evil thing. – HAC


  1. Ted
    Aug 12, 2012

    They don’t seem to understand at all. We will not let our race die without a fight. The fact that our genes will still exist in some mongrel ancestor is not good enough. They are taught that to desire a pure bloodline is evil.

  2. John
    Aug 13, 2012

    Don’t do it Harold! lmao

  3. Douglas Pearson
    Aug 13, 2012

    Fuck the goat dancers. Hey dancers, go fuck the goats. Harold is right, he always is, he’s the best. Don’t fuck with Harold, you can’t and you know it. Homeland bound.

  4. Steve the Elder
    Aug 14, 2012

    Many so called WNist “leaders” have taken the offer.. so it’s understandable that this would be attempted, whether real or HAC just having some fun with us

  5. Michigan
    Aug 15, 2012

    Yes Old One, come to zuh dark side. Vee have cookies!

  6. MissWhite
    Aug 15, 2012

    Funny response, Mr. Covington! It’s also funny that some people think everyone here but themselves is Harold in disguise. What they have to realize, especially after his latest podcast, is that HAC is a mind magnet. As a specialized author and orator, he attracts a certain type of people who can relate to his ingenious writing and eloquent, insightful speech. People who, for better or worse, were born with some significant genetic resemblance to our more distant ancestors. The alpha gene, as HAC calls it. And these common genetic traits lead many NF posters to display similarities in our way of communicating.

    Another important thing that leads us to resemble Mr. Covington is that we have read and been inspired by his writings and speech. Inspiration naturally leads to imitation. So some of us find ourselves wondering when we will get a chance to insert a Harold-ism into a post. I’ll readily admit it had crossed my mind that if the chance arises, I’ll refer at some point to “anyone with two brain cells to rub together,” as I have only ever heard HAC say before, and with some level of frequency. This is what admirers and followers do everywhere. Toddlers imitate their parents, children imitate their teachers, teenagers imitate the popular kid, and adults imitate whoever their idols are.

    Thus, it isn’t that this website is full of Harolds, but rather that it is full of genetically “outdated” individuals who have been inspired and influenced by him in some way. (Quite an accomplishment, Mr. Covington!) People like this are not like people on other sites who think they are doing something great in life by blogging. No, anyone here who truly possesses ancient genes is still wild enough not to be prevented from fighting tooth and nail to get to the Homeland.

    And all of this leads me to conclude that the Homeland is most likely already filled with us. Because we are less tame than our more genetically engineered counterparts, we have gone to the Homeland as the opportunity has arisen. Because we are intelligent by nature, and have learned from the past, we realized the need for varying levels of openness about our undertakings. Some of us (though not enough!) bravely work openly with Mr. Covington. Others work with him in total secrecy. And still others have certain professions that strictly limit freedom of beliefs, but they are in the Homeland and ready to use their influence to further the cause. They may make a connection if the risk seems appropriate.

    For those still sadly dwelling in faraway places, separated from their rightful Homeland and their People, remember this: simply coming home is perfectly legal and accepted! The hardest part of any task is getting started.

    Simply saying you have the alpha gene doesn’t make it so. If you have it, you are in the Homeland, or will be as soon as it is humanly possible for you to come.

    If you don’t have it, then use sheer will power to break the genetic chains that have been put on you in the process of your domestication. Let your homecoming be the first step toward your reintroduction to the wild.

    If you really are a hopeless sheep, then cling to Master Harold as your new shepherd. He will lead you safely home. Simply obey him, and everything will be okay.

  7. vanatori
    Aug 17, 2012

    They just don’t get it, do they? They think the illusion of power or even waving a wad of 100 dollar bills next to our is like the voice of God to us or something! they think we are spineless cowards that can be tempted with such base desires? amazing. this shows their true colors to me more than any of their other nefarious back-handed & under-the-counter dealings that can be seen quite easily by any one of us, despite the media. It’s truly difficult to convey my anger through the median of internet text, but hopefully those who share my opinion understand.

  8. Corey
    Aug 22, 2012

    After reading everything about the JT ready fiasco and all the other bullshit about informants floating around I have come to the decision that we should all contact our local FBI units and flood them with bullshit names and events. They are already seriously inept due to affirmative blaction and women’s rights. Why can’t we completely shut down their enterprise by giving them so much to look into they can’t get any of it right. I ain’t talking about giving names that would cause bullshit within the movement but why can’t we send a fake packet to some address and then tip off the feebs that there is a person there planning something. That’s two agents out for the day. If they get 100 tips that’s all field agents occupied with bullshit. It would be funny as shit to watch them scramble for nothing.

    Also, why isn’t there a specially group feeding them info and getting paid for it. from what I understand Ready was making some great dough informing on the NSM and others. Obviously none of the information he gave was worth a shit because the feebs aren’t exactly nipping our boot heels to see what we are up to. Just a thought of how to use a corrupt system against themselves.

  9. MissWhite
    Aug 22, 2012

    “Also, why isn’t there a specially group feeding them info and getting paid for it.”

    Who would do the paying, Corey? Where would the great dough come from? There’s always that little money factor getting in the way. A good reason to study hard and get a good job if at all possible.

  10. Steve the Elder
    Aug 24, 2012

    I was in contact with JT and he was a messed up guy but IMO the feebs have you over a barrel with disinfo.. I bet he was not a plant and they are making him as one so you won’t trust any “movement leaders”. Here’s my tule: Nothing the beast says is true.. period

  11. Kenny Lane
    Aug 24, 2012

    I am so glad to hear HAC’s explanation as to why the White Nationalist Movement needs to be in the Pacific Northwest and not the American South. I currently live in the Soith and am married to a White Southern woman. When I first met my future inlaws in the great state of Louisiana I was shocked first of all that they seemed to want to always call me a Yankee just because I was born and raised in a northern state, even though I have ancestors who were Southerners. Not only that they kept wanting to have discussions about a war that ended almost 150 years ago. Of course I am talking about the American Civil War. They would talk about it as if it had just ended last week. I started to realize that the same attitude they have about niggers (which is understandable) is almost the same attitude they have about so-called “Yankees” like myself. In other words they don’t take kindly to outsiders of any kind, and Harold’s right, they are totally unaware of the Jewish agenda. I know not all Southerners are like this but unfortunately most of the one’s who have been raised with a white nationalist mentality only have a “Southern” white nationalist mentality and most of them will never leave the South come hell or high water. They really think the South will rise again and in my opinion they just keep on flying their Confederate flags as as more of an act defiance against reality than any kind of so-called “Yankee” oppression from Washington D.C.

  12. Steve the Elder
    Aug 26, 2012

    My entire family from my parents back were Confederates and what you say is SO true.. I was born in Califiornia so I was never accepted “back home”.. Southern women are very territorial nd will try to push stepchildren out of the nest in favor of their own.. we need to discard all these anachtronisms and start over, people. This one is for all the marbles

    Oct 05, 2012

    I have seen some interesting ideas on this site. This comment is directed to the issues raised by Kenny Lane regarding the Pacific NW as [one of] the potential places for a White homeland.

    1. WATER! Recent drought conditions in large areas of the country may well be only a preview of future water issues, including the dwindling supplies in the Oglala & other aquifers, & chemical pollution of our lake & rivers. The NW water systems are also navigable.

    2. Other than the Seattle/Tacoma area, there are relatively few large military installations from which the feds could launch “population pacification’ efforts. Other than a repository for unused bio-chem agents, & some national guard facilities, Oregon has none.

    3. The ratio of non-whites to Whites is a lot lower than most urban areas, certainly than those in the south, southwest [incld. S.Cal], rust belt, & east coast megatropolis’. The number of non-white criminals, particilarily gang members, is not as well established, having only become a real threat in the last 25 yrs. Those that are here a predominately offshoots of lare gangs from outside the NW. Many of the leaders are rooted in those area, & can be expected to flee to where their centers of strength.

    4. FOOD; Excellent agricultural land w/good access to water for irrigation, & an existing agricultural infrastructure. N Pacific fisheries are among the most productive in the world.

    5. Geography; To the north the NW is borderd by a country that is unlikely to allow the feds to launch actions from their soil, & which, if needed, would be able to provide aid to refuges displaced by federal attacks. East & South: Mountain passes, & to the West a rough coastline.
    -Mighty Whitey

  14. Scandinavian
    Oct 13, 2012

    Great work, my Aryan brothers! In my country (Finland) about 95 % of people are still of white Nordic race and over half of us have blonde hair and blue eyes. I say this, if someone is willing to have a wife of Nordic race – we still have them here. Our genetics are more pure ancient Nordic race genetics, because NWO began its work here later than in other Western countries. And people are beginning to come racially conscious here. Defending rights of whites and rights of heterosexual white males, it is mainstream here. And during last few years, opposition to 3rd world immigration has exploded. We now have a baby boom of white kids here. Culturally conservative values rising, after decades of Cultural Marxism. I suggest you all to read PDF book named “2083 – European Declaration of Independence”.

    Nov 05, 2012

    This entry is, in part, an addition to my previous comment made in response to Mr.Lane’s comments on the emphasis on the NW as a desirable site for the Homeland.

    In recent weeks I have been searching out all the NWF related sites I can find & have been extremely gratified to find out that NWF is actively growing in my own section of Oregon, as well as of the visit of Rev. Butler to our state. But, the site by NWF brothers & sisters in Western Canada was the most inspiring find of all. As noted in my previous entry, I feel that the sharing of a border w/Canada was a definite advantage to for locating in the NW. At one point I had even considered obtaining permanent residentcy status in BC, one attraction being Canada’s refusal to extradite people if they face the death penalty in the country requesting the extradition. It also seems prudent to set up “safe” zones for comrades being targeted by unfriendly forces. History has shown that it is possible to organize & support a rebellion from foreign soil. The realization that there are Organized, like-minded folk who share our cause to the north brought on visions of a a homeland that included not only the u.s. NW but a territory stretching as far as the Yukon & Alaska; probably not in my lifetime, but certainly worth dying for. What better legacy for my beloved Grandson? —- WPWW!

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