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Radio Free Northwest – July 19th 2012

HAC talks about what to expect when you come here and why he’s not in prison (so far), we get a pep talk from Gretchen the Librarian,  Edgar Steele talks about Obummer, and we get a blast from the past with The Siege of the Alcazar.

And yes, I know, it’s Mark Potok, not “Frank” Potok. Don’t know where that came from. Damned Mad Cow Disease!


  1. Scott Shaw
    Jul 19, 2012

    We all need to stand together,keep talking to them brother.It will take time but we will prevail! I and my family are with you and everyone I know The best wishes for you!. THANK YOU. SCOTT EUGENE OREGON>

  2. The Empty Glade
    Jul 19, 2012

    I’m in the middle of reading Hugh Thomas’ book ‘The Spanish Civil War’ so I found that speech at the end about Franco to be fantastic. Thomas is clearly a leftist but even he finds it hard to find fault with the Nationalist, Catholic and Fascist militias for opposing Communist/Anarchist/Socialist rapists and murderers. Great book, would recommend it to every WN.

  3. Barney
    Jul 19, 2012

    I thought Gretchen was good this week.

  4. Syeve the Elder
    Jul 19, 2012

    The concentration camps, the Edgar Steele type cases are mere intimidation tactics.. the beast is a tottering, cancerous, weak old dragon ripe for harvest. They cannot round everyone up and put them in camps, it’s logistically impossible with the manpower they have, and their losses would be heavy.. This is a dog and pony show because they are TERRIFIED of We the People

  5. Erick
    Jul 19, 2012

    Hey, late January was simply amazing for our first scouting trip.

  6. Roy
    Jul 19, 2012

    Franco no doubt saved the lives of millions of Spaniards, the jews haven’t forgotten their expulsion in 1492, that hasn’t stopped these scumbags from claiming him as one of their own, Franco was actually born in the Northwest, of Spain that is, in Galicia (my family came from Galicia). Great bit of history Harold.

  7. Evelyn Hill
    Jul 19, 2012

    Who the hell is that Hadding jerk-off and how dare he use my name?

  8. donothingwn
    Jul 19, 2012

    They don’t have to round everybody up. Just any troublemaking non muds. Look in the mirror and you’ll see who’s going. Read Gulag Archipelago.

    Sounds like it’ll be decent enough company at least. They should be all white! Except for the guards.

    I pray I’ll make it tp the Northwest before its too late.

    I’m trading George Lincoln Rockwell s book ‘White Power’. It has to be one of the best books out there explaining the world today.

    His insight, writing style, credentials(fought in ww2 and later flew jets), come together in what id call an essential read. Plus its a free download.

  9. Gunnar Tyrsson
    Jul 19, 2012

    Thank you, Harold, for that piece at the end of the Siege of the Alcazar. I pray that we can find our courage like those men. I have read Gen. Leon Degrelle’s book on the exploits of the Waffen S.S. on the Eastern front, and the hardships and heroism of those men stagger the imagination. They are only a couple of generations removed from us. It shows what Aryan man is capable of when he is on fire with an ideal. I look to those men, frozen, starved, and wounded on the Eastern front, but never defeated or broken, as the standard by which all else can be measured. We can and will recover our ancient courage. Thank you, Harold, for reminding us.

  10. Barney
    Jul 19, 2012

    Donothingwn – I agree about the good company in the gulag, but don’t forget those Chinese-made stainless-steel multiple victim guillotines.

    Never forget the vermin want us DEAD.

  11. Jason from Oklahoma
    Jul 19, 2012

    I thought Gretchen was particularly good this week as well. And, as she surmises, I also think our historical tendency to over-predict the closeness of the final pivotal happenings is definitely still part of our language at this point. Edgar Steele’s predictions from 2009 of martial law and food riots in this broadcast were perfectly timed to illustrate this point. It is a common tendency, and I’m not sure how to combat it other than to continue to point this tendency out. And I think Gretchen is also right, that America is no where near to being weak enough for any particularly active separatism, and I doubt anything approaching that type of weakness will be available for at least another 20 years. Meantime, we have a lot of work to do, and I actually don’t think we will “miss our opportunity”. Things will flow according to historical pattern…which is that things will continue to get worse, and several efforts to gain separation will fail, because they were too early, until finally the balance is actually tipped and some successive effort finally succeeds. I believe this is inevitable, and any worries about “missing our opening” are misplaced. When the real opening occurs, things will be bad enough to galvanize the force we need. Or they will be worse five years after than and it will be even EASIER to get that force together. The trajectories of national decline and rinsing White separatism will cross at some point and the Northwest American Republic will be born, if the idea is kept alive and vital. That’s where we come in.

  12. donothingwn
    Jul 20, 2012

    FWIW peter schiff(yeah I know ), not a huge radical, mentioned revolt today, and another fella mentioned secession. I heard about it on Alex Jones(yeah, I know).

    There’s increasingly more mainstream talk, which just verifies how obsessed they must be behind tge scenes wirh sinking in their fangs and hanging on for dear life.

    I don’t want anything to happen according to the enemies time table.

  13. donothingwn
    Jul 20, 2012

    Barney- of course you’re correct. I’m not going to any camp, if I have any say about it.

    I tell people they can stay put and take their chances alone, or go to the Northwest and cast their lot with their folk. I like my chances better with my people. I’ll get to hang with other thought criminals and the scenery is great!

    Plus, I may get the chance to help build a nation from the ground floor. I’m not a jew, I don’t need a rat infested city. Id rather do things myself, and I don’t really care about electricity for that matter.

    Running water sure is nice, though!

    Win, lose, or draw really isn’t the point. I’m sure Harold said it, we struggle because that’s what is right.

  14. Roy
    Jul 20, 2012

    Just finished listening to the following speech by George Lincoln Rockwell: http://youtu.be/LwAFrjpyPVg , very inspirational words, I highly recommend to all who are not familiar with this great man to listen to what he had to say some 50 years ago, it is very obvious why he was murdered.

  15. Nàiseantach Bàn Albannach
    Jul 20, 2012

    Hey Harold, why have you not played “I’m part of the Union” by the Scrawbs?

    Talk about the Spanish Civil War, according to Anthony Beevor in his book “The Battle for Spain: The Spanish Civil War 1936-39”, the National Socialist German factory Rheinmetall, owned by Hermann Goering, were selling and manufacturing weapons to the Spanish Republic via Pyrka in Greece.

    Added to that, Frank Ryan, a former IRA (knowing that the IRA under Tom Barry banned all SpanRep supporters) and a member of the Comhdháil Poblachtach (Republican Congress) and the Colún Uí Chonghaile (Connolly Column) was released by a French lawyer and was allowed free reign in National Socialist Germany and worked as a spy for the Germans as well. Frank went from saying “Viva la Quinta Brigada” to “Heil Hitler” as World War II broke out.

    It is also deplorable and depressing that the two year leader of Sinn Féin (1933-1935), Mícheál Ó Flannagáin (Michael O’Flanagan) praised the Spanish Republic in 1936 EVEN THOUGH he was a Roman Catholic priest! What a traitor to the Church! Sinn Féin was lucky to expell him in 1935 for supporting the First Dáil when he was taking part in a debate on Raidió Éireann in 1935!

    Anyway, Ireland should be proud that 800 Irishmen/ ex-IRA men joined the Briogáid na hÉireann (Irish Brigade) led by Eoin Ó Dubhthaigh (Eoin O’Duffy) to fight for Franco and his nationalists unlike the 250 Irishmen who joined the Colún Uí Chonghaile (Connolly Column) led by Peadar Ó Domhnaill (Peter O’ Donnell).

  16. Germania Jim
    Jul 20, 2012

    One of the lines I recall from ‘Gulag Archipelego’ was how the author could hardly believe in which how easily the ‘peoples police’ carried off those that they had on their list. There was one example where a woman refused to be carried off while being accosted in the middle of the street by hanging onto a lampost so tightly that a crowd gathered round the woman wailing and carrying on. So what does she do? Instead of leaving her home forever that day she simply goes home and waits for them to try again, which is exactly what they did. It was this mentality that the author could not understand. I see his point when looking around me today.

    There were five jews on the Santa Maria when Columbus hit the west Indies, They later betrayed him when his back was turned.

  17. Douglas Pearson
    Jul 20, 2012

    Evelyn, your name is on the forum at theWhitenetwork. Judging by what you are saying I don’t know if that is actually you or not but the comments are good. Hadding will do his thing, he is what he is, a goat dancer. He calls us Covingtonistas, he’ll just go on and on as long as we give him attention. Same goes for his pal Will.

    It looks like we’ve got some really smart intuned avid readers out there. Harold has reason to hope as do I, as do you all. I believe it will be sooner than 20 years before the system falls. Obamacare will speed things up for certain. I hope Ed got my money, I still haven’t recieved word yet.

    Just something for everyone to be aware of. In Canada Brad Love was just sent to jail again for breach of probation in which he was not to write anyone without express permission, which the judge thought of as written permission. Anyhow he is now sentenced for the second time to 18 months and 3 years probaion. This has to do with Canada’s hate law Section 319 of the Canadian Criminal Code. Harold has written on this. Paul Fromm is the man to speak to for the full details on this.

    I sadly had to watch this man along with his brother and Paul get carded off to prison for WRITING LETTERS, non-threatening LETTERS to members of parliament and other political figures (including organizations of the jew). Paul can be rached at paul@paulfromm.com and you can ask to get on his email list. Brad Love’s story must be told far and wide so please everyone take the time to review his case. The media in Canada is not intersted in it and everyone who hears his story thinks its from communist China or North Korea or Cuba, but sadly it happened here in Canada.

    Tell people you know and spread this far and wide. His lawyer is currently working on a surety (bond) to get him out of prison with an appeal which he feels good about on the way. NEVER plead guilty. Brad only did because he was coorsed into it. I probably spelt that wrong but you get it, he had to pay a POLICE LAWYER to advise him to PLEAD GUILTY to a charge which got him the initial sentence of 18 months and 3 years probation. NO MATTER WHAT, DO NOT PLEAD GUILTY and KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT! In the US you guys have the fifth ammendment and the first ammendment along with the second ammendment, use ALL of them!

    I’ll let you guys know how his appeal is going. paul is going to release his report in a couple of days. He has obviously been so busy that he has not as of yet responded to me on the issue and I was there when it happened. Rest assured guys this man will be FREE. Do what you can and spread the story, this will wake people up if nothing else will, which it will they all know the story and who they can trust in times of need. If anyone out there has the means and can help Brad financially he can use the money. Right now he will be using every last bit of it which he worked hard for in the oilsands of Alberta 12 hours a day 7 days a week just to pay his lawyer and to pay for his realease on surety (bond). Just for his lawyer to show up the day in court of which Brad got a half day rate on was $1500 out of a possible $3000 for one day’s work. Not alot gets done in this time and the proceedings had Brad fly back and forth from Fort MacMurray to Toronto which on average costs around $1000 roundtrip no less than 10 times. This man needs your support, so please help him if you can. If anyone needs an address to send the money please contact Paul Fromm. He will have the details.

    Brad says things to jews like ‘Hitler was right to have roasted these cocksuckers’ in Canada you can’t deny that the ‘holocaust’ happened (I had to stop myself from bursting out laughing when that was read aloud in court by the crown who was of course jewish as well) so Brad has guts. He’ll need media support and financial support to voice his opinions when we defeat Section 319 of the Canadian Criminal Code. He is one of our best. Please help if you can.

  18. Big Sid
    Jul 20, 2012

    Gretchen luv, I think you are a very brave lady, or you would’t be on Harolds podcasts.

  19. Big Sid
    Jul 20, 2012

    Here is a question for people living in the north western Having watched AXEMEN on television.

    If your unskilled and looking for work, in the north west couldn’t you try logging, just a thought?

  20. Germania Jim
    Jul 21, 2012

    Big Sid: I am born in the Pacific Northwest and I was a logger in my youth and I can tell you from experience it is not a profession for the unskilled. It is extremely dangerous and prior bushwork is a much needed preliminary skill necessary for your own survival. Besides all this, one needs to get into the union which is almost impossible these days as forests become thinner and logging becomes less and less every year. Add to this activists who become more vocal on the subject of thinning our forests and govts who impose more restrictions, fines and other red tape which makes it harder to earn a living. I suppose if one was lucky,one could get into a non-union private ‘ gypo’ firm but the majority of those are family run small businesses like the ones seen on TV’s axemen and there is not much money to be made after expenses are sorted out. Logging much like the fishing industry , is slowly dying out. If you were an enterprising sort however, I suppose you could eek out a living splitting cedar shakes for the roofing industry as cedar is always in a high demand.

  21. Steve the Elder
    Jul 21, 2012

    Logging in the NW is at an all time low.. no export market due to the world wide depression and also much of our best timber has been cut, and what is left is tree farms (basically 30-40 year clear cut cucles) or private property

  22. donothingwn
    Jul 22, 2012

    I’m listening to a George Lincoln Rockwell speech from 1965 and in the introduction by William Pierce. He said the commander had tried to recruit the ‘elite’, but they would not risk their wealth or standing, so outcasts and folks with nothing to lose were who gravitated to the ANP.

    The more I study Hitler and Rockwell, the more I appreciate Harolds techniques. The man has done his homework.

  23. Big Sid
    Jul 22, 2012

    Thanks lads you live in the Northwest I don’t, so I respect your experiences, it was just an idea but thanks for replying anyway.

    Here in Yorkshire we also had a proud fishing fleet based around Grimsby and Hull but that also as gone, thanks to the traitors in Parliament.

  24. DK
    Jul 22, 2012

    The reason he has’nt been arrested yet is because he will be later, and no im not saying that this is a big wake up call from a federal agent this is just something to know a simple fact, when civil unrest begins the black vans will drive up the road or if their bored send swat cars and thousands of dollars worth of tech and raid the entire neiborhood take everyone to prison say that they were doing terrorist activities to the media and then slip some nigger some smokes in the prison and they will stab them to death and nobody will turn a blind eye, wither its Anonymous, or The NorthWest, or even just rednecks in the woods with guns who dont want anything with the government it will happen. Hell even Spetsnaz soldiers have been doing training in colorado practising raiding “terrorist” camps or people who just stay away from the government and dont obey what their told so the second the idea of a revolution gets to even the dumbest of people the dumbest whites or mexicans or blacks they will go and raid houses neiborhoods citys and kill arrest and torture people because they might have heard something sometime and i went on a rant on just this one thing…….

  25. Douglas Pearson
    Jul 22, 2012

    I’ve got to start by saying that DK can stand for Donkey Kong. So where is DK Junior? Sorry I had to get that out there. Harold knows what to do he’ll been with us for ahile wether we like it or not. Just my attempt at homor. No, I’m no Harold but I had to try.

    Harold, great music today once again. The country musicc was a nice change. I liked the history on the Spanish Revolution which you had mentioned before in these podcasts. Franco made a courageous decision and didn’t let his man go, he was loyal to him. He must be commended for this act.

    Brad Love update for everyone: Paul says were going to try and get him out next wek, his brother is working hard on getting things set up for the appeal and we’re going to get him out soon when the appeal is accepted along with the cash surety (bond). We’ve got high hopes that both the surety and the appeal will go in Brad’s favor. This will be going to Federal court.

    Harold, you are our leader. Like all leaders you have followers. We all know you’re too old for battle, right? Hey this was your call not mine but you can join the charge at any time, we’d he happy to have you with us. So you hve followers but look at how many people hve migrated. If you weren;t the fearless leader then what, more specifically why whould people be moving to the NF? Yes the NorthWest is very nice I’m sure, but tehy needed someone to guide them a father figure if you will to tell them that thy have a better future here. Who carries on the Butler plan? Who wants the select men of action? You are leading us and we are following and slowly mocing to the NF to join you in our quest for freedom. Medieval mysteries anyone? Damnit Harold you do what you do for a purpose and every movement needs a leader. You are it. I understand moreso where you are coming fro now that you articulate everything so simply and lay it out so nicely. I get it, I really do. We all have a job to do, you have yours and we have ours. Let’s all get to it.

    Well, our time is up so that’s it for this post. I’ll see you sometime when I have something else to write so for now I’ll have to say good night to Harold and all of my comrades. May you all see Harold’s wisdom and come NorthWest where god and destiny want you to be. The words you use Harold are inspiring, let us put them into action. Be chivalrous and honorable in our dealings and let us lead people to racial reality and the aryan spirit within. Together we shall achieve victory!

  26. Agent Goldstein
    Jul 22, 2012

    Hi, I’m a Goat Dancer. I keep posting idiot comments to this blog, apparently in the hopes that for some reason unrelated to rationality Harold will approve them. I’m not sure exactly what kind of thrill it is I get from this, or why I waste my time doing it. Apparently I have nothing else to do with my life than stalk someone I have never met all across the internet, which is truly sad. Unless, of course, I am a Cognitive Dissonance internet operative, and Harold is just one of many people I am harassing online because I’m being paid to do so. Trouble is, I’m not very good at it. Hope my bosses don’t kind out.

    oobin glit

  27. Reg Natarajan
    Jul 22, 2012

    Hey, don’t forget about me! I’m cuckoo for cocoa puffs as well, except my obsession seems to be more sexual than most.

  28. Loyal to the Empire
    Jul 23, 2012

    Harold, did you ever figure out who was using the name of that old dead guy, Harlan Markwalder? The reason I ask is he’s appeared on another group ranting and raving like a lunatic. Whoever this bloke is, he’s got a whole bucket of screws loose.

  29. Gerald Richter
    Jul 23, 2012

    I think HAC is the most brilliant media presenter we have.

  30. Jeff P
    Jul 24, 2012

    I really cannot take this anymore! I hate CA!! Jobs are getting as rare here as spotted owls! I applied at a cabinet shop where most white guys will pay $15-$20/hour for a journeyman. I have been making $25/hr in the city, but I have 25 years exp. anyway, this damn Indian guy was hiring and I walked into his shop and it was nothing but Mexicans. I showed him my resume and he laughed and said they start at minimum wage! This is happening all over America. I am just tring to keep my head above water right now, but there are no jobs anymore! I can understand why there is no logging jobs, there is no demand! A big supplier that has been in business for years just went belly up! The job situation is bad all around the country! That is the problem when you learn a trade and do it all your life, what else can you do? Work at McDonalds? I don’t know how much more of this shit I can take!

  31. Douglas Pearson
    Jul 24, 2012

    Harold, did you hear that? You’re quite the crowd pleaser. What happens when the audience moves to the NF what then? Dare I say it? Start a revolution. Made sense that the idiot who shot all those people was a kike. Colorado is becoming a minority state as well so I hear.

  32. Steve the Elder
    Jul 24, 2012

    The majority of spree shooters are kikes.. the Columbine shooters were, for instance. This dude has “YID” written large on his countenance

  33. Germania Jim
    Jul 24, 2012

    As far as the Aurora shooter goes where does an unemployed guy get 20,000$ to buy enough stuff to fill a small arsenal? Never mind learning how to use it including elaborate booby traps which took cops days to remove , all without spending a day in the military? Next, the cops were there almost immidiately, The term FBI informant comes to mind, as Harold will be sure to agree with. Add the fact of Obongo rushing down to Colorado the next day , dropping all to come and console white people. He didnt even have the courtesy to return a letter when the parents of that British kid and his friend were brutaly murdered by those Florida niggers. but he changes his mind for this? Can u spell gun control? Now , the final ingrediant is a bevy of medication and cocktails which explains the vacant look on the guys face in court looking like he was in a dream or just waking up from one. I am waiting for someone to come forward who will say they saw him with a guy or guys prior to the event but now they cannot be found. Oh yea, the FBI also erased a warning prior to the shooting on the internet explaining a guy maybe planning a shooting attack on a movie theatre somewhere in America. I cant find the link I was referring to but Alex Jones will have to do. Sorry folks but you get the idea. James had help.

  34. Jake
    Jul 24, 2012

    “Made sense that the idiot who shot all those people was a kike. Colorado is becoming a minority state as well so I hear.”

    Coloradoan here and I can vouch for this. Denver and Pueblo are the worst places and really the only place left where there are majority white populations are the small towns in the rural areas and in the mountains.

  35. Douglas Pearson
    Jul 25, 2012

    Hi Jake, I am really sorry to hear that. I’m guessing mestezos and niggers. I’m getting it in Toronto too. No surprise that every job I try to find says that diversity is an asset or whatever. It’s disgusting. I’ve got niggers on my local public bus route too. It’s not so safe anymore and I’ve heard that they are apparently North of the city some 80 miles or so too. I have seen them in the local towns up half that far but haven’t been up in the area where they are said to be in some years. You can’t go anywhere in Toronto without seeing these animals running about. You hear horror stories every once in a while on the news. I can’t help but see the news flash across the tv’s installed in the subway system. Always the same story just another nigger doing something stupid as usual, but of course they don’t say that.

    Harold, I have not had the pleasure of listening to the next inslallment of RFN yet. I look forward to it as usual. Congratulations on the three groups coming out to see you. Hope it all works out nicely. Could use the Northwest Observers for May to July.

  36. Jake
    Jul 25, 2012

    Its mostly mestizos in this state. Not to many niggers although I’m not considering that a blessing. These damn swamp rats litter the hell out of the hiking trails and camping areas and completely destroy once nice neighborhoods. Most of Denver might as well be mexico city.

  37. Jeff P
    Jul 25, 2012

    This Holmes guy is a jew boy, but he is the fall guy for a totally planned attack staged by our own Zionist government to sway public opinion on the UN arms treaty vote this week. This thing is bystepping our constitution and is designed to take away our right to bear srms. I have been staying up on this whole case and have photos of the crime scene that proves the official story is horseshit! The Russian soldiers were still in Colorado at the time training with American soldiers at a base just south of Aurora. Holmes was so drugged up you could see in his trial how he was still coming off the powerful drugs the CIA had him on! If anyone here still believes the official story then I have some oceanfront property in Arizona I would like to sell you!

  38. Douglas
    Jul 26, 2012

    Well, less niggers is a good thing. If you go outside the city in Canada it’s suually alright depending on how far you go but in a city like Toronto, not the case. Better to go east or west but then again you get them, less of them, but you get them. Mestezos, we’ve got them in Canada too, on my street if you can believe it. About a month and a half ago I saw an SUV with four of them in it waving the mexican flag yelling and screaming as it went by. Too bad I don’t have a second ammendment. No need to say more than that. Mexicans are a disaster, but so are kikes. I wonder who’s more messy. I say they’ve fucked up the country in different ways. Guess who let who in. We did this to ourselves in the first place. If we had any idea on a mass scale back then it would have been a different story. Let’s make up for it now.

  39. Wil
    Jul 26, 2012

    “The reason he has’nt been arrested yet is because he will be later, and no im not saying that this is a big wake up call from a federal agent this is just something to know a simple fact, when civil unrest begins the black vans will drive up the road or if their bored send swat cars and thousands of dollars worth of tech and raid the entire neiborhood take everyone to prison say that they were doing terrorist activities to the media and then slip some nigger some smokes in the prison and they will stab them to death and nobody will turn a blind eye, wither its Anonymous, or The NorthWest, or even just rednecks in the woods with guns who dont want anything with the government it will happen. Hell even Spetsnaz soldiers have been doing training in colorado practising raiding “terrorist” camps or people who just stay away from the government and dont obey what their told so the second the idea of a revolution gets to even the dumbest of people the dumbest whites or mexicans or blacks they will go and raid houses neiborhoods citys and kill arrest and torture people because they might have heard something sometime and i went on a rant on just this one thing…….

    With a defeatest mentality like that, why waste your time reading and posting to WN web sites? It’s a foregone conclusion so why resist, right? Where there’s a will, there’s a way. That’s my motto. Cowards shut the hell up!

    “All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.”


  40. Jeff P
    Jul 26, 2012

    Well, if you think that us white boys are so stupid that when the shit hits the fan we will be sitting at home watching football, eating potatoe chips and waiting for them to come take us away, I think you have another thing coming. some of us have been waiting for this for years, even when people still thought a one world government was a crazy conspiracy theory! I reall don’t mind if they take our guns away! That’s right, you heard me right! Why? Because we will defeat the enemy and take their guns! This Zionist Beast will be our best supplier! At every turn we will come on them like a storm, destroy them, take their own weapons and use them to kill the beast. Let this be a warning! Beware of the Christian Warriors and the Storm Troopers, and our ally the Northwest Front!

  41. Douglas Pearson
    Jul 27, 2012

    Keep your guns while you can. Not going to be supplied by the kikes this time. Not even economically. We’ll do something when the shit hits the fan, our people will have to make a choice and given what they know what will happen to them or revolution the choice is obvious. Let’s do it in the NF, together, where god and destiny await. What do you guys have to say to that? I say heck yes, I’m in! That is if I can manage to immigrate to the US, if not then I’m off to Western Canuckistan.

  42. DK
    Jul 27, 2012

    Instead if keeping a gun, make your own…buying a gun is getting harder and once your a registered gun owner then they have you in the books and since most americans could be “terrorists” its best to just make your own, with the supplies you can buy at home depo you can make black powder rifles 22. pistols simple stuff that works just as good as something manufactured by a company, and buying ammo for a them is either making black powder and getting bits of metal or just walking into walmart and buying a few dozen rounds its simple things that can go a long way and keep you from their prying eyes

  43. POLARBEAR87j
    Jul 28, 2012



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