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Radio Free Northwest – May 10th 2012

A special shortened episode, put up onto the website early “just in case,”  wherein HAC discusses the future of Radio Free Northwest and then offers some pointed view on the J. T. Ready incident.


  1. Kalen Riddle
    May 08, 2012

    Personally I like longer programs I generally try to listen to them while doing things and the longer they are the longer I stay away from the computer needing to switch through them … and away from the source of addictive attention and focus destroying electronic stimulant

    JT … I’m going to wait on and see if any credible information comes out … not that really anything is truly credible these days De omnibus dubitandum… from what Ive seen posted on Stormfront his girlfriends ex that apparantly is the father of the potential “mestizo” in question is actually “predominantly white” from what Ive seen posted on Stormfront , and from what conversations Ive had with JT he is … was , more of a “hardliner” then I am so I’m not going to question him on that unless the girlfriend in question was more of a anti-white leftist . I’ve been in the “Border vigilante” scene , and from what Ive seen of informant tactics an federal actions I really have doubts as to him being an informant the Vigilantes are something the gov wants to shut down so they can keep denying the problem rather then come up with there own pet warlord in my opinion .. JT was atleast as the story goes a Whiteman , and a WN/NS at that , who did get off the computer and put his ass on the line , and we need to least respect the memory of that

  2. donothingWN
    May 08, 2012

    Mr. Covington! I’ve just started listening to your podcasts, and caught up on the last 10 or so. I absolutely love them, and having Axis Sally and whoever else you bring in there really breaks things up and keeps it fresh.

    I don’t know why, but I’d never heard of your site or the Northwest Front until I started reading your books(excellent reading, by the way).

    FWIW, I don’t think your content is what’s holding you back from getting a larger audience. I personally find it refreshing you aren’t all rah rah white power, we already know that, you put a boot in people’s ass to actually do something constructive.

    Maybe that’s a turnoff? maybe you could put on someone to balance out the show and be a cheerleader?

  3. Calgacus
    May 08, 2012

    You can’t beat the mainstream media monster Harold – it’s as simple as that. Even MacDonald has admitted as much with regard to his own enterprises.

    While that brainwashing machine keeps churning out it’s deviancy and lies, Aryan folks will keep lapping it up. The televized media has been the key to the kikes success. It has warped us beyond all previous expectation. Not only that, no one wants to risk their material existence, which by all accounts is still pretty comfortable (even for the unemployed) – ‘better the devil you know’ as the saying goes. People don’t wake up until their comfortzone is forcibly removed, and until that time, people will stay in their comfort zone with almost suicidal tenacity.

    I really sympathize with you Harold, i do. I see the same problem here in Great Britain: NO GOOD MEN. Those that do have masculine principles are left on their own, like an island.

    PS For what it’s worth, i think Harold’s JTR theory is very plausible. It seems the 21st century white man will sell his own mother for monetray or carnal gain.

  4. Chris White
    May 08, 2012

    1. Anyone with friends in the military could have gotten a couple of grenades smuggled from a military base.

    2. JT Ready supported OWS because some of their members had named the Jew, including at least one mullato woman who was asked to leave OWS for naming the Jew in front of tv cameras. We know from his statements and activities that JT was trying forge alliances with non-Whites and even Jews in order to make himself look more respectable in the media and more popular amongst the racially desenitized White general public, (ie the vast majority of the White population in America).

    3. One of the survivors of the massacre (a teenage girl upstairs), said (through her father) that she heard screaming and shooting, but until more details are provided that’s about all.

    My Conclusion: JT Ready was either assassinated (if so then probably by a Mexican drug cartel tipped off and equiped by the establishment), or it really was a domestic incident which the cops responded to in ‘grand theft auto’ mode because they already knew who lived there and therefore whom in particular the incident probably involved. – It is not inconceivable that JT Ready was working with local government law enforcement to ensure his own safety and/or to counteract or possibly even confuse and frustrate raised concerns emanating from within the establishment and that therefore, the local police were already probably well aware of the fact that the reported incident most likely included JT Ready, the moment it was reported from that address.

    Additionally it might even be that the initial response was not one of armed federal agents and military, but that once the suspect in question was determined as JT Ready, the authorities decided to deploy stronger units due to the high profile nature of the incident.

    Lastly if there was any “dirty secret”, then it probably wasn’t just a few fragmentation grenades worth of contraband as claimed.

  5. James
    May 08, 2012

    The problem is that NOBODY KNOWS HE ARE HERE!!!
    we need MORE videos
    we need MORE podcasts
    the solution is that we need a mass flooding of comments and videos onto youtube and other social media. currently I post comments and podcasts onto youtube. but it is NOT enough
    -just my two cents

  6. Hadding
    May 08, 2012

    Harold stole my stapler.

  7. Calgacus
    May 08, 2012

    Hadding Scott, someone ought to staple your fucking tongue to a Rabbi’s scrotum, for all the use you are to good people.

  8. reviewer
    May 08, 2012


    In the youtube, in the comments section conspire with a friend and pretend that you are discussing about the NF. Even start multiple accounts and respond to yourself lol…I know that’s pathetic but we must try anything.

    Seeing the discussion other people will interfere asking to know what is the NF and the NVA. They will look at your channel and see the northwest front link.
    Don’t do long discussions which are going to be swallowed in the comments though cuz they will not draw much attention.
    And if you are going to make multiple channels and tenths of pseudonames, consider that youtube will eventually permanently ban you some day if you have the NVA “offensive” videos.
    So you better don’t waste all the cool pseudonames our people need because after ban they are unavailable. Pick the less brilliant ones.

    In fact you need a publicity stunt that will cost you no defamation from the media.
    I know what you want guys, doing something without getting recognized and losing your job.
    It can happen. Idk, like hire a paratrooper to fly over Seattle with a green white blue parachute. Or a gigantic tricolot tide on his ass.
    Say nothing about it and let the local media sweat over the public’s questions.
    Because I have to admit that the NWR tricolor is a very beautiful flag

    Anyway I’m just a reviewer so…I can only sit and watch you letting the white race die right?

  9. Jesse
    May 09, 2012

    Mayby its my age, but I prefer the longer podcasts. The panel discussions are good and help show a diversity. Audio clips sent in by listeners are also very good at showing a wider and growing support. I like Dry Ice but love Effie Sue. The music breaks have been excellent. Gretchin the Librarian has brought books to my attention I would not otherwise have heard of. Axis Sally weekly inspires us to stomp cats and bully stoners. Harold does yeoman service teaching us newbies the history of our race and movement. He also gives us a good dressing down. I have not posted very often in the comments section.
    I had a section chief who told us not to expect him to pat us on the head for doing our jobs, perhaps a word or two of acknowledgment from those of us who haven’t been posting would help.
    I found the NF in December 2010. I was lost, confused, and searching. I now have a vision for the future. Harold, keep on keeping on, your message is getting through.

  10. HangOne
    May 09, 2012

    If Harold needs help running his own show, I’m sure he will take care of it…And Harold please stop saying them dumb butt niggers are going to run anything…you know them work the best with chains on them..

  11. HangOne
    May 09, 2012

    Harold it’s not just May 10th…”IT’S CONFEDERATE MEMORIAL DAY”

  12. James25
    May 09, 2012

    I have no problems with the longer podcasts personally, though I think it would be better to switch to shorter programmes. Alot of the time in the longer shows is spent on discussing the problem, which has been hugely beneficial to myself to learn about WN in general, but i feel those shows have served their purpose. There isn’t the time to talk about what was or is, the focus must now be what needs to be.
    I thought this week’s show was excellent, it was punchy and the message and urgency for action stayed at the fore. If you have two of these shorter broadcasts a week or every 10 days in you HAC I say go for it, but I think even just one shorter broadcast will work. It’s worth switching things up and seeing what kind of response you get. Maybe do two short shows a week, one show like this one, then one show featuring Gretchen and the panel discussions.
    I feel like a total hypocrite, having been guilty of relegating the broadcasts to mere entertainment at times, to now offering my two cents on the format of the show, but I am a longtime listner and the shows have been so helpful and educational that I feel I ought to at least participate and offer some feedback out of respect.
    The NF is THE only chance Americans have, and here in Britain/Europe we need to either get serious about getting to the homeland by any means necessary, or else initiating our own WN migrational movement.
    I have mentioned in previous comments that I think we Brits and Europeans use the difficulty of emmigrating as an excuse to a large extent. That said, it is in practical terms, significantly more difficult for us than you Americans. I am not trying to be devisive when I say this, but what the hell are you guys dragging your heels for? Forget the bullshit naysayers and those morons obsessed with tearing down Harold. When the shit hits the fan, can’t you see that surrounding yourself with like minded individuals who actually believe in something and are willing to defend that belief offers you a better chance of personal survival if nothing else?

    As for JT Ready…It’s all fucked up. I have seen the guy’s interviews, and he always seemed like a pretty genuine sort, but then again what does that mean these days? I don’t think we are ever getting to the bottom of what happened there, so I’m keeping shtum.

  13. Germania Jim
    May 09, 2012

    Looks like the kikenvermin(caligula) is back, Maybe if we show him some child porn he will go away.
    If Greece can pull up their socks (Golden Dawn) then so can we.
    If what you mean by ‘damage control’ by the FBI, we can assume you mean the same thing Breitbart, his coroner and now his friend( who saw him drop on the street who has now disappeared) have happened to them. What you say seems highly credible on the JT Ready thing.

  14. HangOne
    May 09, 2012

    May the 10th is Confederate Memorial Day! and I put something else on here but I don’t see it !!
    I’m a Carolina nigger and want to stay free
    Hale to the NAACP !
    I don’t want to work, and I don’t want to sweat, all I want to do is draw a welfare check
    Hale to the NAACP !
    I can’t read and I can wright, but the bottom of my hands and feet is white
    Hale to the NAACP !
    I like cheap wine, i like white chicks, pissing off the crackers, hows I get my kicks
    Hale to the NAACP !
    I hope you have a good day !

  15. James
    May 09, 2012

    @ reviewer
    I have made several accounts (arrount 15), in where I post the a pro-NF comment and I like it 15 times, thus making it a ‘top comment’ (the comment everyone reads first)

    there is a suggestion which I could give to harold, this is

    1: have a centralised NF youtube channel. colonel house had one, and if possible I, or someone else should be given access to it. this boosts morale and will encourage others to look at the website
    2: RFN should have 10minute segments on POPULAR CULTURE and CELEBRITY issues. (I know this sounds silly but hear me out.)
    I came to RFN when I came across the Anders Brivik incident, if harold haddent done part on that I wouldent be here!. people need to hear HAC talk about current issues so that youtubers come across this more often.

    those who are offline and in the homeland I have other suggestions
    Firsty: order some custom graffiti stencils of the ‘NVA logo’ and use them arround the homeland. you can buy these and this will come to the attention of local whites in the homland. I spent some a holiday Ulster and I know that MURALS and STENCILED GRAFFITI can be used as good methods of propaganda. here is where to order some

    Second. you could produce a: ‘best of radio free northwest’ onto hard copy for hand to hand distribution, these could include: ‘the brandenburg lectures’, ‘the first few episodes’, ‘why racism is right’. hard copies of CDs are cheap and easy to produce, not to mention the fact that people are less likely to throw away and more likely to listen to a CD, then they are to read a leaflet.
    -just a suggestion

  16. Calgacus
    May 09, 2012

    You guys need to take your AKTIONS off the internet and into the REAL world (no, i don’t mean popping a few niggers in the kneecaps, or petrol-bombing a synagogue or two – though i wouldn’t complain if you did).

    The internet should ONLY be a point of REFERENCE and CONTACT – nothing else.

    By promoting the ’cause’ on the internet only (or at least predominantly), you are making yourself visible mainly to the kind of people that are UTTERLY USELESS to the NwF.

    Most people of strength, action and initiative are NOT FOUND SITTING AT F*CKING COMPUTER SCREENS!

  17. reviewer
    May 09, 2012

    That one about youtube was a great idea. Central youtube chan 24/7 would boost the moral of our people. Plus we need a video making group.

    About stencils. You don’t need to buy them, they can be made in hand. Our comrades in Europe make them all by themselves. Print the image (black colored only) and then under a hard sheet cut it through.
    Graffities are popular in Europe and Europeans know very well how not to get caught. We are not experienced and policing here is too strong.
    I mean how would you conceal a stencil under your jacket after you spray?

    I once heard that the FBI took fingerprints from one of our stickers (lmao)…

    Guys if you are to draw, do not draw on property and prefer dirty walls that will not make their owners call the fuzz.

    (omg I just imagined a stencil displaying a volunteer in his balaclava, that would be cool)

    But you know what would be the best thing…Propaganda posters. When the balloon goes up and posters will be considered the cleanest surface on a wall, then I am sure that the wandering Mad Maxes will find their way to our ranks!

  18. reviewer
    May 10, 2012

    Oh and I forgot….Good work James!

  19. Mike
    May 10, 2012

    Be more revolutionary. More brandenburg lectures. What most people out there on Youtube would like to hear is a ‘solution’. Many are tired of hearing the same old stuff about how bad things are going, that they want something new.

  20. Mike
    May 10, 2012

    Here is an interesting test for all….Can anyone spot the likely jew narks in this mugshot lineup? http://usnews.msnbc.msn.com/_news/2012/05/08/11601679-white-supremacists-accused-of-planning-for-race-war-in-florida?lite

    My fails would be: Mr and Mrs Faella, Ms Steven, and Mr Stockdale. It is critical that operatives in the NWF know how to ID an aryan, and shun all suspect types, no matter how tempting it is to accept someone’s confidence just fto try and get numbers. It will be your death in the end. The amount of non-whites that are in “WN” at present is alarming.

  21. reviewer
    May 10, 2012

    lol apparently all the women can blend into a crowd, the boys prefer to be spotted from kilometers away.

    This anti-paramilitary law reminds me of medieval France, where it was prohibited for peasants to train in archery, in fear of the arrows being used against their tyrrants one day.

  22. OSI
    May 11, 2012

    My introduction to WN came via these podcasts, so I eagerly anticipate each episode in order to hear the words/wisdom of HAC…my WN mentor. Program length is fine. I make the time to listen because it matters. Rants are good, since this is serious business, and are preferable to group chit chat. I’ve never really enjoyed females voices, be they singers in a rock and roll band or lecturers, but Gretchen’s reviews have had definite value for me. Information on logistics/support for NW Migration would be great.

  23. Luke
    May 11, 2012

    With regards to the comment that said ‘we can’t beat the mainstream media monster’, or attitudes to that effect – I say baloney. I say we can and we must.

    Here’s what I do: Every opportunity I have, when discussing issues or events with a fellow white man or woman – I always make sure that I bring up the subject of media bias and the anti-white media garbage that is constantly being pushed. The recent attempt to make the hispanic George Zimmerman out to be a ‘white’ guy, going as far as to even lighten his photograph that appeared the mainstream media’s websites to make him look whiter, and even editing the 911 call audio and removing the section where the kwap dispatcher pointedly asked
    Zimmerman about the race of the suspect – this was a gift handed to White Nationalists who are awake to the jewish hatred of our people and who are trying to educate their fellow whites who are still snoozing, cluelessly along the path to the racial extinction graveyard. The media deliberately did this in order to incite black violence against Whites – and blacks, being IQ challenged to begin with – were manipulated with amazing ease and have been rampaging and attacking whites all over the country ever since. Pointing this out, even to the most thick skulled, hard headed, and most deeply brainwashed White man or woman will open their eyes.

    So, we CAN beat the mainstream media – as long as we remain determined and focused on that objective.

  24. Calgacus
    May 11, 2012

    I think it might be an idea to cut RFN for an entire month, and analyse the response.

    Too much of a good thing means folk will take it for granted.

    And, i say again, WHAT HAPPENS ON THE INTERNET STAYS ON THE INTERNET. This should be repeated like the Fight Club mantra i think!

  25. James
    May 12, 2012

    god fucking help us… :/
    Just found this on youtube
    Asian BNP and proud

  26. Douglas Pearson
    May 13, 2012

    I have been recently going through the podcasts listening intently to them as always. They are great as usual, good comments always good advice simple enough for even the uneducated White Nationalists out there who for one reason or another had and have not completed high school. Keep up the good work Harold you always have good information and I always look forward to hearing more of you. We cannot afford to listen for play for entertainment. We have to act before we get to be the minority and before we are overrun in the NF by niggers and spics and kikes. It will take some time fo that to happen but we must still act now. We must do so before people are too afraid to express their views in public, before we have people too scared to speak the truth even though they may know it’s right in their hearts. We must awaken the spirit in our folk accross the lands of time and space.

    Hey, Calagus thanks for telling Hadding off he is spouting many things about Harold that are untrue and twisted. I do not like him and have tried to be nice to him myself but he is fustrating and he pushes my buttons so to speak. Germania, I always enjoy hearing you but Calagus makes good points and we obviously can’t afford to work against each other. I’m going to let others who have things that are meant well but of which I may not personally believe are correct go beacuse it is better than going after them. I know this sound like I’m being an ass and I don’t want to sound like that but the bottom line is if you don’t agree with him then leave it. It’s better than this rampant going around in a circle and playing russian roulette and turning us against each other and I know that’s not your intent but our people, even though they understand what its all about, don’t need to hear it. I am not trying to piss anyone off here but we can’t do this. For instance, Jack Ryan before made some good points some of which I did not agree with but I left it alone while everyone else was trying to dance the dance and make everything perfect in their view. Take the good out of these posts not the bad. We do not need infighting even though it may be playful banter, it doesn’t help our cause or our case and if we wish to attract anyone to this movement let alone the possible NF organic migrants then we can’t do this.

    Prepare for the war in October and let’s focus on fighting our enemy and not use pettyness as a weapon. This does not nessecarily mean specific posters or members of the movement in general, it just means that this infighting is a diversion we create for ourselves and we must stop it and focus it against the lies of our enemy, the kiken garbage if I may Germania.

    I am well aware that these stupid idiots like HangOne come on to the posting section of Harold’s website and there is a reason why Harold moderates it and that he immitates niggers on his podcasts, to express what we need to hear and what behaviour to expect from the enemy. Harold please let this part go through, the following statement that is.

    HangOne: If you so much as think about a young aryan female or any other aryan in a degrading or greusome matter I will hang you as will everyone else who is not only in the NF but every racially aware aryan on this planet. I hope that is clear to your very low IQ. Niggers especially ones like you give apes a bad name. You are inhuman and the fact that you can’t see this in your own actions and think that they are normal is insulting not only to the aryan race but to the entire huiman race. Try pissing off an Asian and see what they will do to you and then imagine us doing countless times worse. Don’t push our buttons, we can and will push back. Don’t fuck with an ayran we can do much more damage to your kind than you can do to ours.

    The triumph of the will must be employes as our main weapon of destruction agiainst our multifarious enimies as Harold once told me he had. harold, we all hve enimies in this movement, who cares, screw them and lead us to victory and we will follow you. Be our leader in this time of need.

    One final note, if anyone has doubts about Axis being this ugly girl that is seen on this weirdos website then check her picture out on facebook and her two pages. She is a ebautiful aryan girl who I would very much like to meet in person one day. Thank you for all you’ve done Axis, you’ll always have a place in my heart. I’m so pleased that you have found your calling and have jonted us. Where would we be without you? Where would we be without the NF? Nowhere, thats where so lets take advantage of this opportunity to turn a bunch of yong boys corrupted by the system and turn them into an aryan fighting machine like our Fuhrer once did. Harold follows in the footsteps of greatness, let’s defend our new fatherland by his side as our German forefathers once did.

    Hail Victory! 14/88/5

  27. DRabbit
    May 13, 2012

    Up here the news reported Ready had grenades and showed old disarmed pineapple style on a bench,they didn’t even have pins. Official reports say 40mm, it is impossible to confuse the two.
    Makes you think.

  28. Hawkeye
    May 14, 2012

    Harold, I have a cushy factory job where I can sit and listen to my MP3 player all night while I work. Longer podcasts are NOT a problem for me ! Or more often, that’s good too. I would have less news discussion in the chat segments, every WN podcaster does that; unless it has some effect on the NWF, or is a huge story, I would just ignore it. Music breaks are OK, but I think you should maybe veer off all the golden moldies. Your ideal target audience is younger White people who aren’t tied down with careers, houses, debts, etc. and thus are more mobile and more likely to come home. So maybe play more stuff like Korpiklaani; YOU turned me on to Folk Metal and the whole Viking Metal genre when you played ‘Wooden Pints’ that one time, and I thank you deeply for that. 🙂

    One suggestion I have is to feature ‘intel reports’ on a different town or city in the Homeland every podcast, to help people plan their migration. Sure, we can look at a map on the Internet, but how do we know what areas to avoid ? Which areas have affordable housing ? It’s hard to find info like that on the net, but if you have people there who can pass on their local knowledge that’s GOLD.

    On a final note, one thing about the podcasts that may be leading to inaction is the sense that nothing is happening over there. I know YOU’RE busy Harold, but what is the NWF doing in the Homeland ? Any activities ? Obviously, some of it can’t be discussed for security, but I think if people got a sense that things were HAPPENING over there, they would want to get in on that. You’re selling a product here ~ it’s not enough to tell people that they need it, it’s good for them, etc., you have to make them WANT it.

  29. Michigan
    May 14, 2012

    Well, shortening the shows is a possibility. That or cutting a lot of that Celto-Saxon music that is played. TALK more about the states and the cities in those states. MAKE people familiar with the area. It’s like a friend is telling them about it. Talk about Lewiston, Idaho and Clarkston, Washington and Boise, Idaho and Kalispell, Montana and whatnot. A lot of the stuff on the shows is news and comedy which isn’t a bad thing but I think a 30 minute show should suffice. Also, go over again what people that are currently NOT in the Northwest can do until they GET there. Some people really cannot move. Some are legally required to stay in a state and others have leases on homes, and others are financially not able. Hell, some don’t even have a vehicle. Make the Northwest feel like home. You might also want to answer some of those objections about half of the land being owned by the US Federal government. Also re-state once again that you are NOT the ONLY person advocating for Northwest migration, and you don’t have a monopoloy on it. Tell people to go over the demographics in America. Realize that half of America is non-White and we cant will back ALL of America at one time, and that the Northwest is really a starting point. The Odinists have lots to gain. The Christian Identity that respect their martyrs have lots to gain. Creators know that Hale knew that racially-conscious Whites need to build up numbers in an area and try taking over or something along those lines. The botton line is that ALL White nationalists advocate separatism. All TRUE White nationalists in America advocate the formation of a WHITE HOMELAND. The majority advocate it’s formation in the Pacific Northwest states of Washington, Oregon, Idaho and western Montana. One can NOT be a White nationalist and yet reject the Northwest migration. One cannot shout 14/88 and be against a White homeland in the Northwest. To advocate against such is to SPIT in the face of the Order men and David Eden Lane, Wodensson, HIMSELF.

  30. Roy
    May 15, 2012

    Excuses for not supporting the Northwest idea, movement or whatever people care to call it, are just that; excuses, if the bottom half of America suddenly became uninhabitable due to some catastrophic natural disaster then everyone would move north, lack of money, work, legal requirements, etc., etc., would not stop anyone from migrating north. The REAL reason for the lack of action on the part of white people is, as Harold points out; FEAR, the most powerful weapon in the enemy’s arsenal, how else can one explain the fact that (approximately) 46% of white people in America own firearms and yet they sit there and do NOTHING to make their lives better, they are afraid to even THINK about a revolution, a real revolution where they might lose their precious and yet miserable lives. I am not convinced that large amounts of money is necessary to take charge of your destiny by force, all that is needed is guidance from a few inspired people and lots of courage.

  31. Michigan
    May 15, 2012

    Here’s the thing. We all know damn well that the US government isn’t redeemable. Anybody that admires David Lane and has read his works knows that he is fiercely anti-American. For example:

    “America was the name of the sword
    That ended Arya light.
    In Dixie first, and then in Europe
    She brought the alien night.

    I hear the voices of a murdered race
    Whispering to me and you
    From the graves of Dixie and Europe:
    Beware of the Red, White and Blue.”

    “When I am through, if you are still able to say the words “White American,” then leave the company of sane men, for you can no more be both White and American than you can stop the motion of the planets. The singular intent of America in all its facets is to mix, overrun and exterminate the White race. How can you be what destroys you? If you are not an implacable enemy of every facet of America listed above, then you are a traitor to the existence of our race. If you support the aims or the continued existence of the entity known as America, then your treason cannot be calculated in the words of mortals.”

    And also, “Again, the Right Wing, cowards, liars and screwballs. Wave your red, white and blue murder rag. Better yet, manufacture them and sell them for $19.99 a piece. It is the American way. It is the capitalist way. I spit upon your stripes and stars, used by swine to sell used cars.”

    A White nationalist doesn’t have to support the Northwest Front as an organization, but they DO have to support Northwest migration. Thats the fact of the matter. We know that the American government is not for us or our best interests. There is no home in a multiracial America. We must suceed and secede from the Union, and create a viable sovereign nation in the Pacific Northwest. We have every right, moral or otherwise.

  32. Michigan
    May 15, 2012

    A White separatist movement in Brazil. Not sure if their message is true (aka they expose the Jay-hoos) but if they are, all the more power to them. I believe that it is the White Race’s manifest destiny to occupy all good lands of this planet. It’s part of my religious belief, but you have to understand that we need to start somewhere. Not only that but we need community, not online but geographic and physical community to remain viable. As such, I support the formation of White homelands wherever Whites dwell, but see it’s even more vital for us to have one on this continent as well because America still is a large bastion of the White Race. The territory that we are choosing is more or less 90% White. Even on a political level, White people established this nation and we therefore get a piece of the pie. I personally would like us to take back ALL of America but that simply is not possible. We don’t have enough numbers of activists to even go door to door in a single community let alone take back a nation of 300 million, half non-White. It’s not fleeing from the inferior, it is building up strength in a part where we can and take back all slowly but surely. The Pacific Northwest is just a beginning point really.

    I met a guy a few months ago that came from Idaho. He knew Richard Butler and stayed a few months at the Hayden Lake compound. One thing that kind of pisses me off is that after the demise of the Aryan Nations, people left the area. Now, we got Mullet trying to build an AN church in the south. lol

  33. Bryan
    May 15, 2012

    Sorry, the Northwest Front is not an organization and we do not have a leader. HAC, can you go over that again in the next podcast?

  34. POLARBEAR87j
    May 16, 2012

    hi guys love the hour and the 3 music breaks 😀

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