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Radio Free Northwest – April 12th 2012

HAC rambles about spiritual stuff, Harold and Sally and Charles and Mac BS about everything from stoned EMOs in Iraq to Canadian gun cases to the internal politics of Israel, and Trayvon Martin is not mentioned once.


  1. deadniggerbabies
    Apr 12, 2012

    the whole problem is white people’s faggoty sense of civility. violence talks to these shitskinned niggers and spics, not reasoning. the only way whites will solve the race problem is by exterminating the negroid race completely.

  2. Germania Jim
    Apr 12, 2012

    Nothing wrong at all with mandolins or flutes, I kind of like listening to the airy, fairy, lavender, elf, goblin types of music. It conjures up visions of half goat/men dancing about with their pan flutes in a circle around a may pole. lol. However if you want a real taste of renaissance type music you should listen to a band called Renaissance

    I am being sustained by doing what I have to do, I take the 14 words quite seriously, I walk the walk no matter how dangerous it gets, Its easier when you are alone that way nobody can hurt anyone close to me. It wasnt always this way but since it is, I am taking the only road left open to me and I dont see a light at the end of this long ass tunnel but Im not looking for one, I am only hoping to make it one more day.

  3. Wolfgang Overman
    Apr 12, 2012

    The Jews at facebook are trying to delete my facebook account, soon after I put a link to RFN, because I do not want provide a phone number or ID. They’ve never asked me for one before until after I put the link for RFN. The Jews are really scared of you Harold.

    Great show RFN!

  4. Cool Stuff
    Apr 12, 2012

    Something irrelevant. But it is very very interesting to see scenes from another world.
    It reached me from one of my Greek channel contacts.

    So in Greece at the moment elections are about to take palce, and they have this far right party that has been struggling for years through street fighting and unfamiliar to us ways(that country is a third worlder in means of policing and state power, so yes violence does occur like in many other European countries).

    They are about to declare bankruptcy and they are the main gate of immigrants in Europe, consequently this party is rising. Not that it will change anything of course, as I’m told they have double crossing problems from their leadership. It is another BNP and NDP clone. Jewish horseshit so to speak.

    Getting to the action now:


    Inside a local municipal council, a party member who is a candidate of his area tries to speak.
    Take a look at the leftist interference behind him trying to shut him, violating the right of freedom of speech.
    He is granted to speak at 7:00, notice the leftist reaction!

    Also notice at 7:30 a candidate’s escort salutes and then the monkeys are released!

    Some places in Europe are really a cool(or not so cool sometimes) story. I hope these scenes from overseas stroke you as much they stroke me

  5. Joseph Anthony
    Apr 13, 2012

    One can ignore man’s laws with impunity. Everybody knows people who should be in prison who are currently walking the streets. One cannot ignore nature’s laws. She is an unforgiving taskmaster. There is a natural order that regulates the affairs of men and nations, just like physics regulates the affairs of the Cosmos. A nation or people who think they can flaunt nature’s laws will be taught a painful lesson

  6. James
    Apr 14, 2012

    RIP John Demjanjuk
    3 April 1920 – 17 March 2012
    Rest in Peace, Comrade 14/88

  7. reviewer
    Apr 17, 2012


    Great video. It’s from http://whiterabbitradio.net/

    Are these guys ok? Does anybody have a clue?

  8. reviewer
    Apr 17, 2012


    Racism accusation has now touched a very broad definition.
    Since the PC inquisitors will keep harassing white people, eventually more of them will come into our ranks.

    We’ve reached a point where whites are being treated like slaves? (probably she will have trouble)
    Certainly our tyranny has overcome the era of the spanish inquisition, have no doubt of it sirs.

    Everyone, embrace the northwest ideal.
    Join networks if you are skilled like the one I posted in my last comment. If you are afraid of you being located or anything, make the video post it from somewhere else and leave. Hit and run!
    (I know that sounds pussy, and HAC wouldn’t approve it, but these type of videos are very popular. As long as we have access to the net we should use it to its maximum. The provocateurs and the Israelis are not more than us, we can beat them, we are more than them)

    HAC mentioned of making a movie. I know why the acting volunteers stepped back at the last moment, because they were afraid they would get targeted after that.
    Make a 3D movie that just requires the actors’ voices, so what?

    And btw the internet sees its last days. You better make a country soon, because the whitey will no longer be able to take any more.

    They are very successful, EVERY day whites are involved in intense encounters with aliens and yet they are either being silenced either it must be assured that there was no racial motive or anything. Although, the fact that it was commited by blacks suggests a racial orientation.

    Yet whites are not rising. It is not white racists on those trains and buses, it is ordinary people, IT IS THE MAJORITY of whites. And it’s not rising as it normally should!

    Every now and then we see on the net some video from white students making “racist” comments, who are probably just annoyed and not racists but yet after they are mitreated by their administration, although outcasted yet still they don’t arise and their co-students don’t defend them.

    They are very successful, their will triumphs over our will.
    The kikes have focused all the minorities against whites, they have calibrated everything so the minorities do not collide with each other but to be united against whites. They have ensured so it is all races against the white one.

    I know you are ready, I know you are psychologically prepared for our struggle for one piece of the pie.
    BUT if you don’t organize and not meet with one another, Jewdy will just take it from there in the next status quo.

    YOU will have to salvage in the tough times, first the “racists”, then the rest of the whites.
    A homeland full of ex liberals and clueless would have no use.

    Our ancestors system of battle: Nobles to flee securely first, less nobles second, and light infantry and peasant recruits last!

    And always remember, a determined man armed with a stick is more dangerous than someone less determined armed with a gun.

  9. Ex BNP
    Apr 20, 2012

    Hello Harold, I ‘m the poster who was on about “focusing” By the was way I not a “goat dancer” I think the NWR is a great idea, and should also happen here in GB. (I HATE the term UK) to be fair I was just making a constructive criticism that’s all mate.

    To me talking about Nigger arses, and puff boys, is just a waste of your time. After all mate, you only get one hour a week, and surly you should use that time a lot better then you did.

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