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Plugging Away

I received my two copies of Freedom’s Sons today.  [Redacted]  and my son are on honeymoon, they left this morning, so I’ll giver her her copy next week.  Their wedding looked like a white couple’s wedding should.  All white, all straight, about eighty people.

White people, for a large part, are good looking people. That was amply demonstrated at the wedding.  From beautiful little white children running around and playing in well behaved exuberance, to the Matron of Honor, my son’s godmother, 87 years old, and still sharp as a tack, lovely ladies all.

Meanwhile, just outside the walls of the church, the hordes of darks.  Ugly, crude in form and behavior, primitive and savage like.

At any given time that I have the opportunity, when I can engage in private conversation with someone, I always try to steer the conversation to racial issues. I start with some “Oh!  My God!” racial outrage I’m sure they’ll know about and try to find their button. When I get them to the point of saying, “But, what can we do?”  I then talk about the Northwest Imperative and give them the website. Almost all of the ask if its a “racist” website.  I tell them it’s no more racist that NPR only the other way.  I can’t say how many actually go to northwestfront.org but I’ll keep trying.

Thanks again!

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  1. bryan
    Jan 17, 2012

    Sounds like they had their wedding in vegas. Been there. Done that.

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