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Radio Free Northwest – December 29th 2011

Our annual end of the year all-music show.

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Edgar Steele Still Getting Diesel Therapy

Hi, guys: Apparently Edgar Steele is getting another dose of diesel therapy today. This is an expression wherein the prison system keeps moving an inmate to keep him away from his family and his supporters and his lawyers. He was in Seatac Federal Correctional Center here in Seattle up until this morning, but once I […]

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Radio Free Northwest – December 22nd 2011

In this hundredth episode of Radio Free Northwest, we conclude last week’s panel discussion, then Axis Sally and HAC share Christmas reminiscences and talk about gay suicide and queer penguins.  Gretchen the Librarian talks about the importance of Hitler’s Mein Kampf,  and Harold rants and raves about “Committee of Correspondence” types.

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Radio Free Northwest – December 15th 2011

In this podcast we hear the rest of last week’s panel discussion, Axis Sally gives us a biography of Julius Streicher, and HAC rambles on about the racial implications of weather and climate.

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NF Forum

Hi, guys: A quick reminder for those of you who are into VBulletin boards. Stormfront, etc.: the Northwest Front does have its own forum at -HAC

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Color Films of the Third Reich

Okay, this is a video for a stupid anti-Nazi rock song, but I think you can put up with it in exchange for seeing some early movies taken within the Third Reich, among them some of the first color films ever made.

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Harold Covington on the Mike Harris Show

This is the radio show I did with Mike Harris on Republic Broadcasting Network, a wide-range national AM station, on December 5th, 2011. I have edited out some extranea and most of the uuuhs and aaahs and you-knows, so the conversation between Mike and myself and the callers sounds a little snappier than it did […]

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Radio Free Northwest – December 8th 2011

In this podcast Axis Sally talks about bullying and the Southern Poverty Law Center, and we have an extended panel discussion between four comrade of the NF on the subject of exactly how the Northwest Republic may come into existence in the real world.

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HAC On The Radio

On Monday morning, December 5th, I did an hour and a half interview on the Mike Harris show on Republic Broadcasting, which is a long-range AM station out of Dallas, Texas and has a listening audience of around 500,000 people, so you might consider this to be the first major media appearance I’ve done in […]

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Freedom’s Sons Now Available for Sale

Hi, guys: Okay, an acceptable copy of Freedom’s Sons, Volume One is now available for sale online at The price is $30.00, which is a bit heavier than the others, but to be blunt, I need to try and make a little money with this one. You will need to allow ten days to […]

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