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New Daily Hit Record

Hi, guys:

1232 individual visitors to northwestfront.org yesterday. Thursdays are always the highest hit days, of course, because that’s the day Radio Free Northwest goes online. This is still absolute chicken feed by internet standards, but the number of hits is rising and we may soon break an average of 5,000 hits per week.


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  1. "mike"
    Oct 29, 2011

    Now all that must be done is to get these 1200 committed and there posteriors out here, off the net and meeting OFTEN and in the real world. I just wish our racial brothers would heed the call and become true comrades in the struggle for A homogenous homeland. A fully obtainable homeland. I’ve been in the uniform and seen the ignorance and inefficients of the beast and with the coffers fast emptying they could only hold on to this far away land for so long before cutting their loses. Thanks again for your many efforts HAC.

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