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Interviews With “Students”

[I’m using some of my novel hiatus time to go through old e-mails and delete most of them, but I found this from about two years ago, addressed to a Portland comrade.]

I suggest you pass on that one, for the following reasons, but it’s up to you.

A) “Wolf” is a Jewish name, and as a matter of policy I don’t believe we should deal in any way with Jews.

B) The University of Oregon at Eugene is as Red as a London double-decker bus, and the chance that anyone of any use to us would read the interview is for all practical purposes non-existent. We are no longer in the Rockwell era, and any publicity is no longer good publicity; we need to pick and choose.

C) I think it might be a good idea if we cultivate a reputation among the media as being elusive and mysterious. After all, would really serious revolutionaries give interviews? A media person who gets an interview with us should consider that he is the one receiving the privilege and honor, not vice versa.

I think this must be the season for college newspaper interviews. I recently got an e-mail from some chick at some cow college up in Bellingham. This is my response:

Dear Ms. Tucker:

Mmmm, I think I’ll pass. Nothing personal. For a real, major newspaper where the interview would actually be seen by a significant number of people, I’d do it myself, but for a bunch of college dipshits who are going through their Campus Lefty phase and who are most likely incapable of grasping what the hell I’d be talking about, because they never got any kind of real education in public school—for them, it’s not worth the bother.

If they’ve still got parents who are rich enough to pay their tuition, they’re not the kind of White people we want anyway. They need to get a few years of the cold, cruel world first.

We want the ones who never made it to college, whose houses were foreclosed, and whose parents are living under bridges because the Bushies outsourced their jobs and the Obamanable Snowmen gave trillions to banks and gave beaners free medical care on the White man’s dime, but can’t give ordinary White people a job picking up in public parks or whatever.

With most of the kids at your school, liberalism is still a luxury they can afford. Wait until that changes. Then we’ll talk.


I offered to answer questions by e-mail but she wouldn’t go for it.

I can handle this if you want, or if you feel like sailing close to the wind you can do it. I am not some kind of Fearless Leader (or Pierce) who demands total centralization. Just be aware that these things can sometimes cause blowback.

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  1. SS Amon Goth
    Jan 26, 2012

    I think your response was genuine and at most giving the leftist too much time as it were. However due to your remark about college students i must agree in gerneral, so im not in any was correcting what your saying, but I am in college and am highly motivated to the WN and NF cause. So in the event that one or two of those nationalist who are enrolled in a liberal treasonous college, bear in mind that on rare occasion the Right-Wing Rebels, may have to stand near the bleeding heart liberals, doesnt mean we stand With the liberal left. thank you.
    Go NAR – Ex Gladio Libertus
    SS – Amon Goth

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