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Hi, guys:

Sorry, another long Grandpa Simpson e-mail ramble.

I got a complaint today about the lack of “action” in the NF. This is a common occurrence in every Movement group and has become more so in the past few years since physical activity in the entire Movement has virtually ceased and been replaced by the internet.

It occurs mostly in people who have been involved for about a year. They get tired of seeing no immediate results, the same old faces at irregular meetings, no ongoing revolution, no fighting on the barricades, no stirring speeches, and no adrenalin rush.

I get it. Like I said, common occurrence. Seen it a hundred times before. More often than not, these people wander away in search of other entertainment. That’s tragic; many of them could have been of use if we could produce “action” for them. A few of them find the “action” they’re looking for and end up in prison. Those that can get past this need for “action” and stick with a group are pretty valuable.

Groups like (notably) the NSM create “action” by getting three or four guys together and sneaking around putting some leaflets under windshields in a shopping mall and trying to get 30 seconds of coverage on the local six o’clock news. Being a media-fueled society, appearing on television helps convince us that we are real and that we matter.

Another desperate fallback to create a sense of “action” and keep people from wandering away is to try and get them to go and stand on a street corner with a few signs, get their pictures and IDs taken by the police, and also get on the six o’clock news, like the guys in Idaho who picketed a Mexican Taco stand last winter just in time to get swept up in the Bionic Backpack incident out of Spokane and get visits from the police and the Joint Terrorism Task Force, because with their picket they had gotten themselves on the list of the Usual Suspects.

Guys, I get it. You want to see some results. We are having to do things to build a basic infrastructure that should have been done 50 years ago but were not, because we wasted our time on so many dead end groups, dead end ideas, and dead end people. It is frustrating beyond all measure. I want to bang my head against the wall in rage sometimes.

But barring a massive influx of cash, there is simply not much we can do beyond what we are doing now.

I’ll tell you what I can and will do, though. I will get you that new White Book where everything is spelled out for you, so when someone complains about a lack of “action” I can toss them a White Book and say “There’s your action. A through Z, everything laid out for you. You can have all the “action” you want in the NF, problem is you have to provide it yourself.”

That’s what I’m working on now. Unless somebody has a million-dollar donation check in their pocket, or the deed to a two-story office and apartment building they’re about to donate as a General Headquarters, that’s all I can do.


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