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Yesterday’s Record

Hi, guys: Yesterday set another record for (i.e. Radio Free Northwest)—1,185 unique visitors in a single day, as opposed to page loads (well over 2200), i.e. the most hits we have ever gotten in a single day. Okay, by internet standards that’s still chicken feed, but it does indicate that we are recovering from […]

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Radio Free Northwest – September 29th 2011

In this podcast we hear from Axis Sally on child-raising and relationships, Lord Lucan talks about 9/11 conspiracy theories, and HAC lays Brandenburg Lecture number four on us. Plus we have an evening of Red Hand music for our Protestant comrades in Ulster.

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Hi, guys: A comrade asked me how many of “our people” off the e-list have fled screaming into the night over the Brandenburg Lectures, i.e. shrieked their demands to be taken off the list, denouncing me as some kind of deep cover agent provocateur for daring to mention armed struggle, etc.? The answer is eight […]

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NF Salem Unit Web Site

Hi, folks: Check out the video section at -HAC

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Ulster Mellows

Hi, guys: JFTR, I am quite willing to put on some Ulster music as well if anyone can steer me to some decent mp3s. I would especially like some good, high-quality flute band recordings–I’m enough of a Prod to dig lambegs, which occasionally was a source of friction with my Irish wife back in the […]

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Radio Free Northwest – September 22nd 2011

In this week’s podcast HAC talks about the use of the word “Aryan” in NF propaganda, Axis Sally reads Skinheads the riot act, Al from Idaho talks about Northwest gun laws and we hear the Third Brandenburg Lecture on non-consensual regime change in Washington, D.C.

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Mirroring RFN For Arland

Hi, I read your post from Arland, “RFN Banned In Britain”. I’m in the U.S. and would be happy to download and mirror the podcast file for him (or anyone else that can’t access the podcast directly). If there are a significant number of RFN listeners that can’t access the podcast I can setup a […]

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Three Flee, See?

Hi, guys: Okay, so far we have only had three people off our e-list flee screaming into the night due to the “Brandenburg Lectures,” in terror that the FBI will batter in their door at dawn or whatever it is, exactly, that they’re afraid of. Some years ago when I was doing some similar polemic […]

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Radio Free Northwest – September 15th 2011

In this podcast HAC talks about the Kevin Harpham guilty plea in Spokane, Axis Sally commemorates the 9/11 attacks, and we hear Brandenburg Lecture number two on “non-consensual regime change” in Washington, D.C.

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“I’m In”

Well I just saw this article on-line; I can’t pretend that the NWF isn’t a racial necessity any longer. I have lived my entire life like a stranger in a strange land. Grievance after grievance I sat idly by and tried to put a silver lining on things. But now I can see that […]

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