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Great RFN This Week!

Dear HAC and Axis Sally:

WOW!!! A powerful podcast!  Especially powerful was Axis Sally’s relating the  hatecrimes against Whites (particularly the child story) and the comment on the Anthony case.

Perhaps this should be a regular feature as it personalises the issues instead of speaking in generalities.  It allows people to hear, and if they wish to look it up on the internet, actually see the hatecrimes against us.  It answers the journalistic questions of  “who, what, when, where and how.”

People in general cannot deal with generalisations without examples to illustrate them and Sally brings them home.  Also her commentary on the Anthony case was timely and the way she related it to the struggle was again masterful. As a suggestion, perhaps this feature should become a regular part of the podcast. The story of her time as a social worker was also great and showed the institutionalised anti-white bureaucracy.  It strikes an emotional chord or at least it did in me by showing by fact that it does exsist.

The professionalisation of the NWF is, as you noted, a priority and perhaps you should call for volunteers.  Nationwide, if need be, hooked up by computers.  The rationale behind this being that some framework is better than no framework at all.  Perhaps, as better thought, people with “boots on the ground” in the Northwest could volunteer to head up various departments and call on people nationwide to support them.  Anyway it’s just a thought.

The only suggestion I would have is the music break.  If it comes all at once perhaps it should be in the middle of the podcast but I preferred the three breaks (it, at least to me, drives home the preceding points that you or the speaker before the break made by giving me time to mull it over in my mind to music and provides a break before the next topic-sort of like ending a chapter in a book).

You have been at this for tons of time more than I have and know best so I make my humble suggestions and leave it to your better and professional judgement.

At any rate, another great podcast this one quite spot on for the reasons stated.



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