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Short P.S. On Anders Breivik

Apparently Mr. C  needs to clarify some of his remarks on Anders Breivik from the July 28th podcast.

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Broke Our Record Again

Hi, guys: Broke our previous single-day record by three hits yesterday. got 1,149 unique hits, beating the record of 1,146 set two weeks ago by three hits. Oh, and our Alexa traffic ranking is 345,174, if anybody cares. That may not sound like much, but there are how many millions of websites on the […]

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Radio Free Northwest – July 28th 2011

In this podcast HAC talks about the massacre of lefty-libs in Norway by Anders Breivik, Axis Sally incites Lemonade Revolution, Dry Ice Washington talks about the squalid death of Jew songstress Amy Winehouse, and HAC talks about why he cannot and should not re-invent himself as a conservative.

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You Naughty Veck, You

It’s thinking outside the box time at NF: Dear Harold: Amy Winehouse (Jewish junkie singer) died….Twitter is all a buzz so I tweeted that her exclusive suicide tape is located at with exclusive video. -The Mad Hatter

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Radio Free Northwest – July 21st 2011

In this podcast Axis Sally reads David Lane’s letters to Tim McVeigh, Dry Ice Washington discusses current negotiations in Washington D.C., to raise the federal debt ceiling, and HAC talks about founding a new White man’s religion–well, sort of.

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Oregon Relocation Video

This is a yuppie-ish kind of thing, so disregard the “diversity” crap, but it’s got some good shots of this part of the Homeland.

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Jeff Hughes Inquest

Comrade Jeff Hughes was shot to death on the morning of October 23, 2009 on Selby Street in Nanaimo, B.C. by one or more members of the R.C.M.P. The inquest into his death has now finally begun. Basically, the RCMP is now claiming “suicide by cop.” The report I got on this is one I […]

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Radio Free Northwest – July 14th 2011

In this podcast a comrade describes how he became racially aware, Axis Sally talks about the New World Order and Gretchen talks about Druids, and HAC answers e-mail and talks a little about religion.

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Did We Shut Them Up?

Hey, Harold, nobody;’s heard from either Willard or Speidel for a couple of months now.  Your tactic of  taking no shit from these assholes and seizing control of the NF’s narrative right from the beginning seems to be working. -Ed Peacock

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New Northwest Front Bulletin Board

Okay, guys, the general consensus of opinion seems to be that many of you want our own proper board, so here ‘tis: This is our own, not an independently-run thing like, so hopefully it will stay up. -HAC

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