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White Nationalist E-Mail List

Hi, guys:

One booted from Arizona for disappearing, one from Florida for non compos mentis. New listings in Arizona, Tennessee and one in the U. K.

Remember, the purpose of this list is for you to take it off the internet and physically meet with other White Nationalists.

You cannot hide from your enemies—the FBI and other cops can find you whenever they want—so you need to stop hiding from your friends.

Rules of the road: use common sense in all meetings with strangers. That’s just a given. A few of these people I know, some more I cyber-know, and some are just walk-ins off the cyber-street. I do not vouch for them in any way. Caveat emptor.

Guys, please send me feedback on all the meetings you have off this list. I especially want to know if anybody flakes on you, promises a meeting and then doesn’t show, yanks your chain or jerks you around in general, or if someone sits down and immediately starts babbling about illegal activity. Let me know, and they get dropped. I do not want Movement Internuts using this list to play.

Also, please let me know if anyone on the list turns out to be obviously non compos mentis.

Anyone wishing to be listed here may contact me at nwnet@earthlink.net

Make sure you TELL ME WHERE YOU LIVE, state and county or city, so you can be contacted by people reasonably close to you.


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  1. oswald
    Aug 17, 2011

    Hey, i’d like to be on this list for meeting other wn. I live in Toronto Canada and would also like to meet people in the city of Hamilton. Hamilton would be a unique place to find willing white people to move out west. There’s many low income families with blond children who could benifit from such a move. A big advantage in tageting this families is the low output of work with high yields; convincing one or two adults gives you 4+ new members. Plus the female to male ratio would not be any kind of problem, which is often the sad case for wn. Infact, with single moms it would be a surplus of f over m.

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