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Greetings From New Zealand

Hello Harold,

My name is Michael and I live in New Zealand.  I came across your broadcasts and I find them great.  Yes I know you hear this a lot but just hear me out. I think your broadcasts are very important in this day and age, because its anti-ZOG pro-white news the scene needs today.  Even in NZ, I feel just as influenced by the words and ideology of American White Nationalists as we all face the same problem. Jews are less than 1% of the NZ population, yet our Prime Minister (John Key) is a multi-million dollar ZIONIST JEW who worked for the Federal Reserve. Coincidence? Unlikely.

NZ is becoming a multicultural shithole very fast, with whites now only comprising around 64% of the population compared to 95% just 50 years ago.

Anyway, I love your broadcasts, and as soon as I get a job, I will be sending money hopefully every week. Do you have any other people tuning in from NZ? What do you know about White NZ? I hope to hear back from you.

Thanks, Harold, for the  influence and bringing morale and laughs every week with your broadcasts. I love the music as well. Dont listen to the people who dont want music. The music is good for morale and to people’s spirits going.

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  1. T. A. Easson
    Jun 28, 2011

    The Northwest Front really is going global quick. That reveals the ‘correctness’ of the NwF line.

    As i remember from the recent email list, there are enough in Great Britain alone to ‘compete’ with indiviudal US states, such is the incompetence and foolishness of our own national Aryan ‘revolutionary fronts’.

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