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“By George! I Think He’s GOT It!”

[Okay, what with my daring publicly to defend Wicked William (as opposed to Little Willie) on the Thoughtcrime blog and again on RFN #75, I suspect we will now enter the main event in what I suppose we might call the Battle of the Narrative. I agree with “Red”: we have to maintain control of […]

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I’m Speakable Again

Harold, On a positive note…. I was talking to a couple of comrades here in town recently (the ones who as recently as two years ago never wanted to hear your name mentioned in their presence) and they told me that they tune into your pod-cast every week now. You are making progress. Ken.

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Radio Free Northwest – June 30th 2011

In this episode HAC discusses the Bill White case, he and Axis Sally go over some aspects of the Butler Plan, and we hear part three of a discussion on professionalizing the Northwest Front as a true revolutionary party.

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Greetings From New Zealand

Hello Harold, My name is Michael and I live in New Zealand.  I came across your broadcasts and I find them great.  Yes I know you hear this a lot but just hear me out. I think your broadcasts are very important in this day and age, because its anti-ZOG pro-white news the scene needs […]

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The Bill White Story

Dear Harold: Thanks for publishing this story. I think it quite important for your readers and everyone else as well. Few people understand how the government works when they come for you. White has told us in brief words that cut to the chase how one can expect to be treated and attempts made to compromise your integrity. Mr. […]

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Another Northwest Novel Download Site

Dear Harold: After reading about the trouble you’ve had with Jews nuking web sites where you’ve posted free PDFs of your novels, I took the liberty of uploading all four of them onto my own web space. They now reside in a sub-forum of my Christian Identity message board. The sub-forum is invisible to search […]

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Northwest Novel Download Site

Hi, guys: This is the latest site where you can download all four Northwest independence novels for free: For some reason, the Jews are really stringent about tracking down any free download sites for the Quartet and pulling them off line, so we don’t know how long this one will be up. Better get […]

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Great RFN!

Dear HAC, Great RFN of June 23! Axis Sally especially adds a certain cachet to these podcasts you don’t find anywhere else. I think the difference between the political cultures of  Europe and American lies in the different histories, specifically in the 20th century. As a student of history, I’m sure you know that European […]

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Radio Free Northwest – June 23rd 2011

Axis Sally reads a press release from the Edgar Steele family,  Gretchen the Librarian gives a book review, and HAC rants and raves some more about professionalizing the Northwest Front.

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William L. Pierce Documents & Recordings

Hi, guys: One of our people recently suggested that in view of the fact that none of his own former associates seem to give a particular damn about preserving his political legacy, that I myself establish a kind of William L. Pierce Memorial archive of  documents, recordings, etc. I would be happy to do so, […]

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