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Radio Free Northwest – May 5th 2011

In this podcast Axis Sally talks about the rub-out of Osama Bin Laden, Mr. Covington discusses the Hal Turner case and talks about religion, and he concludes with an Edgar Steele update, although this will probably be obsolete by the time you hear it. The musical selections showcase the Swedish White Nationalist singer Saga.


  1. Gary S
    May 04, 2011

    Concerning the whole secret federal agent issue. Unless you know for an absolute fact they’re not agents, and that’s a tough business, everyone should be suspected as an agent. All this means is you never tell anyone anything you wouldn’t want the world to know.

    He is absolutely right about white Americans. We’re lazy and unmotivated until a mess shows up on our doorstep.

  2. Steve the Elder
    May 04, 2011

    Hard hitting as usual. Thanks for reminding this Christian Identity guy as to why I always enjoyed listening to Dr Pierce (who was a cosmo-theist) by you playing his views on race, which is in perfect alignment with mine. Natural law is something we can all agree on. Saga is awesome!

  3. Cognosco
    May 04, 2011

    I just finished watching The Wind That Shakes The Barley and I suggest it to anyone who has not already seen it. We can all learn a lesson from the character “Damien” and others in real life who have taken the same stance.

  4. GideonSwift
    May 05, 2011

    A friend of mine had an experience with immigration to the US that couldn’t have been much easier, at least as a single person with no children. No attorney required.

    Nutshell version:
    Arrived in US on 2nd trip. Origin=European country that participates in the Visa Waiver Program, like Germany for example. Ended up getting married. Yes, it was a real marriage and still is. Printed out PDF forms from USGov website. Filed out forms in ball point pen and mailed to DHS, along with payment. Went through two biometric appointments. Paid money each time. Third appointment was the interview process. No embarrassing questions about who sleeps on which side of the bed and so forth. Interview lasted about 15 minutes. Was verbally approved on the spot, got green card in the mail a few weeks later. Whole process took 6 months.

  5. Harold
    May 05, 2011

    Gideon, all I can say is that your friend must be incredibly lucky. My experience trying to get my New Zealand girl friend in here in the 1990s was so impossible that I ended up going to London with her because it was the only place we could legally be together. If the system really has become that easy, then great! Has anyone else had a similar experience?

  6. GideonSwift
    May 05, 2011

    Yes, this might very well have been an unusually easy case, I cannot say. It was in 2006, with the DHS at the helm. Acquaintances in the US military who brought home German brides have had a much more difficult interview process, so I am told.

  7. Bryan
    May 05, 2011

    Hal turner would always make up rediculous stories and ask for money. But I have never seen any proof he was working for the FBI. Have you?

  8. Louise
    May 05, 2011

    I love Saga. A friend of mine would like more people to read his blog The Midgard
    Watcher. I have suggested he read the novels.

  9. Steve the Elder
    May 05, 2011

    Bryan, the FBI admitted Turner was a paid asset on the stand in his federal trial. His task was to find “domestic terrorists” and report them to DHS. His work for the FBI apparently funded a nice BWW convertible, among other goodies

  10. Ex BNP
    May 05, 2011

    Your right Harold, about people lieing to themselves. I think even the best Nationalist lies too themselves. Its human nature, but as you’ve said before, we have to “man up” before its too late.

    I’m Ex BNP, well that’s not quite true, (I was BNP Yesterday,) for about 5 hours, I was out leafleting, for the local elections, and yes I know your statement is correct. “The purpose of democracy is to prevent change.”

    But it was nice weather, I was bored, and the candidate is a top bloke, and the local branch, has left him in the shit.

    Yours, almost Ex BNP

  11. Ex BNP
    May 05, 2011

    Harold, just remmberd, this is true, we had a yank with us last year leafleting with us, he was from the Homeland Montana, strange but true.

    Ex BNP

  12. WASP
    May 05, 2011

    The word is out about those NAVY SEALS…
    the report i’m getting states that all of the seals were wearing “DIXIE OUTFITTERS SHIRTS”….
    and written on those shirts was “GOD BLESS DIXIE” with a small rebel flag

  13. Red Green
    May 06, 2011

    These podcasts just keep getting better and better.

  14. Roger Russton
    May 06, 2011

    The guy has a point, you are way too depressing and downbeat.

    I am moderately optimistic. I think there is no question that the white race CAN win, and I am about 75% sure it will. If I thought it was hopeless, I’d do what so many white political, religious, entertainment and business people have done and become a shabbos goy. After all, that way at least I could live my life out pleasantly, more or less, and in the long run it wouldn’t matter either way.

    But I don’t think that will be the case at all. We’ll win, and the shabbos goyim will be in big trouble someday.

    We will win, because in the end analysis, only we can do what we do best, and because the Jews always go too far, too fast. And, they don’t learn, they do the same thing every time.

    Whether it’s the Northwest Front that does it or someone else, the Jews will be kicked out of a chunk of white area. Once the rest of the white world sees it happen and the responsible parties aren’t smitten by Yahweh, the rest will start kicking them out too.

    It’s impossible to win a war if you really don’t think that you not only CAN win, but WILL win.

    Morale is essential. That’s why Bob Hope and John Wayne were looked on as heroes in WWII even though they never enlisted or fought.

    Very often, you yourself come up with the key to a situation, then go on as if it didn’t matter, like Eeyore.

    Case in point: You mentioned the NEA teacher in California who is going to have to teach Gay History to black and mestizo attendees. (Let’s not say students; attendees is at least accurate, that is, when they actually do.) The girls will giggle. The boys will get upset. Maybe sometimes very upset, and you know how very upset young male blacks and mestizos can act. RIGHT THERE you have a key as to how what is going down will work. You went right over it as if it were an amusing irrelevancy. It isn’t. It’s a major fault line in the scoop of shit we are being served up. It will be crucial at some point.

    Another case in point: You say “We, the Northwest Front, have a solution. Conservatives don’t have a clue.” But you only said it once. That should be on blue, white and green stickers on cars and walls all over the Northwest. It’s a superb tag line. It makes people research who the “we” is, whether they are conservatives or liberals.

    Keep in mind that not only are a lot of conservatives major enemies of white nationalism, a lot of future WNs-and some even now-vote Democrat. They are union people, ofttimes, who are not going to support the GOP, because the GOP has gone back to open hatred of organized labor in any form. They moderated that in the era of Reagan because they needed the Wallace vote, a now forgotten part of the Reagan coalition. Or they simply have no respect for the pandering the GOP engages in. That, as much as the pork he brought home, was why Byrd kept going back to the Senate in West Virginia.

    What is happening to Edgar Steele is terrible, but when you stand up to tyranny these things happen. He drew a short straw, and others will too. But in the end, his tormentors will lose, and when they do, rope, or better yet piano wire, awaits them.

  15. Steve the Elder
    May 07, 2011

    As far as OBL, if it was a sham and the victim did not exist or it was a body double, OBL has living relatives who could verify DNA.. but that is now impossible since the body is missing at sea!

    PS: Love ya, Axis Sally..

  16. Harry
    May 08, 2011

    Pierce v Christianity.


    Divisive, bet there’s a Jew behind the shit stirring. Your words are good, there are too few White folk left to piss about spewing bile at each other.

    Axis Sally, Harold as well – keep up the good work.

  17. WASP
    May 09, 2011

    will get to kiss them Muslims good-bye…also is where a change i could water board Ali ???

  18. WASP
    May 11, 2011

    If i could see a white world just one time….it would make the passing so much easier….the very thought of some hateful African putting their nasty hands on me, while having to listen to the trash coming from their mouths…O how i could turn the tide with a blink of an eye…and rest my soul with William Wallace would be wonderful !!!!!!!!!!

  19. Bjorn Sorensen
    Aug 06, 2011

    I am a true viking.
    I was born in Tromso, Norway at almost 70 degrees north, not that far from the North Pole. I was delivered by catholic nuns at the then St. Elisabeths hospital. I have roamed the arktic and worked in the north sea.At sea and on oil rigs. I am educated in several, one as a commercial captain of ships in northern waters. I eat whale meat and enjoy the fruits of the cleanest and purest land and sea harvest of foods in the world. You don`t get more western oriented than this. And reluctant to share the benefits of steadfast labour with parasites of any persuation.

    I am in opposition to the current socialist gouvernment in Norway for numerous and for me obvious reasons. And I oppose immigration from the moslem world for reasons that many of us share in various extents. I don`t oppose immigrants! I see the challenges that comes with them, but they are doing exactly the same thing we would be doing in a similar situation.

    The strenght of a society and culture lies in its superiority as a system. Hating for the sake of hate gives the opponent an advantage. In the long run the hater will lose. Hate, fronts and trenches are counterproductive. Instead, work for the increase of westerly orientated immigration.

    The Statue of Liberty is the worlds most powerful symbol. And it guides the way into the harbour of the free-est and most poweful nation in the world. Every socialist, communist or other surpressor or dictator expresses hate and critisism regarding the USA. Because USA represents a powerful correction and a beacon of freedom for the masses they are trying to mislead.
    In Norway as late as in the seveties and early eighties the socialists even discussed banning “Donald Duck” because it ellegedly promoted “small town, picked fence white living” in the USA.

    I love our culture. I love USA for what she stands for. I love my country too. Norway is a beatiful country with a loveable population. Beeing an American is the greatest priviledge on earth exept only for health, prosperity and the grace of God.
    I hope to be one one day.
    So does the rest of the world. The same in Norway.
    We are herostraticly famous for the “best” social benefit system in the western world. Once you are legally (and even illegally) on norwegian soil the whole apparatus awaits you. Even temporary workers get child support that per child is matching an annual income in their home country. Even if the child never has seen Norway.

    Everybody gets free healt support, ofcourse at the cost of the skinned tax payer.
    As soon as the immigrants, usually disguised as refugees, get lasting welfare benefits they go back home and live like counts and kings in their low cost communities. Taxi drivers in Oslo own mansions in Pakistan, paid for by tax evations and social benefits from Norway. They didn`t come as refugees. But who wouldn`t do the same? It`s not the individuals fault. We can dislike immigration. But disliking individual immigrants is primitive, and I for one won`t have it.

    I hereby urge americans to come and work in Norway. You are most welcome. Believe you me. Norwegians love americans.

    However. I Don`t think trhere will be a mass migration back to the old country.

    Trust me.

    You live in the greatest nation in the world.

    And because of your system it took just “a couple” of generations to become just that.

    Do not entrap your self in petty medioka. The problems at hand requires a lot more than shotgun thinking. Those who oppose our way of living does just that in envy and fear of losing the mind control they wish to control and supress their subordinates with. They will lose.

    For sure. We are stronger. But just as long as we don`t submit ourselves to the level of Amedijaeh, Chavez, Assad, and the others. They hate us.

    And that is our ultimate pride and evidence of the good.

  20. Bjorn Sorensen
    Aug 06, 2011

    The lack of editing possibiliities after posting makes spelling errors infinite. Do not use this against me. Anyway, my mother tongue is jibberish to most of you, no offence intended.

    Have a great day and a wonderful life. Well deserved, I`m sure.

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