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Northwest Observer #107

Hi, guys: I suppose I need to start putting these reminders up again. Northwest Observer #107, the Party’s monthly magazine for June 2011, went into the mail last week. Subscriptions are $30 per year U.S. and $50 per year overseas. Contact me at for a sample copy. -HAC

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The NF Contact Process

Hi, guys: Just a quick re-cap to expand and clarify some things about the Northwest Front contact process, as follows: The first step is that I need a name and a postal mailing address from a new internet contact. The address can be a post office box or PMB #, that’s fine, just someplace where […]

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The White Internet As Looney Bin

[excerpt from Radio Free Northwest for May 26th, 2011] Now let’s talk about the raving looney bin which is the White internet. And yes, I am aware of the irony of my using the internet to talk about what’s wrong with it. Five hundred years ago, the Spanish explorer Ponce de Leon arrived in Florida […]

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Latest NF Video

Welcome to our latest NF YouTuber, Greg, who made the following video: The contrast between the sinister background music, the beautiful nature shots of the Northwest, and me droning on and on about 14th century economics is kind of, well—unusual, and possibly a bit confusing to some people. Nonetheless, a very good first effort […]

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White Nationalist Movies

Hi, guys: I mentioned the possibility of an independent White Nationalist movie-making company on this week’s Radio Free Northwest. Okay, this is an example of the kind of flick we could be making: This one has a token wog and a token nigger in it, and so it’s not a great example as to […]

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Radio Free Northwest – May 26th, 2011

In this podcast Axis Sally denies she’s a robot, I talks about forming a White Nationalist indie movie company and then I rant and rave on a few topics that need ranting and raving on. By way of full disclosure,  I admit that at the last minute I chickened out, and I cut out about […]

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Interesting And To The Point

Dear Harold, The reason you are being victimized by the current internet shitstorm is simple: you and the Northwest Migration are now assuming primacy within the Movement. It’s happening almost by default, in a vacuum created by the collapse of the old Movement and its complete moral and political bankruptcy, and also by the total […]

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The First Step

[This is my reply to a declined comment on an earlier post] [Name redacted]: I declined that one post you wrote because it tended to generate heat rather than light. What you need to understand is that we, too, have our stories to tell, and those stories are largely ones of betrayal, harassment, denial of […]

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Is Anybody Having Problems?

A couple of people have complained about experiencing problems getting cut off while playing RFN #69. It sounds fine from here, but try downloading the whole thing instead.

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Radio Free Northwest – May 19th 2011

In this podcast Mr. Covington talks about federal informer Larry Fairfax’s sweetheart sentencing deal, Axis Sally says we should take the Ceausescu Challenge, and Mr. C. responds to some Jew hecklers.

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