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Radio Free Northwest – April 28th 2011

In this podcast Mr. Covington tries to “lighten up” a bit, he  talks about the history of White contact with niggers, he plays a speech by the late Dr. William Pierce, and Axis Sally talks about the Jewish question.


  1. michael gerke
    Apr 27, 2011

    This was more entertaining than the other ones. I didn’t think I’d ever hear the happy happy joy joy song again. You should keep this up. You might draw in other listeners. Creativity like this is always appreciated. Maybe you could start up a radio show and draw in more listeners. You’d have to fight off the niggers and faggots and nigger loving antiamerican government protesting it all the time but I think it would be worth it and if you could keep the hate out of it you would draw in more listeners I think. I think that if you could do that you would reach a lot more people. I personally never knew of you until about four months ago and if you got your message about the nearing extinction of the only decent race in the world out to a wider audience without having hate evident in the message maybe we could get enough people together to fight off the advances of the current evil nigger government. I’ve recently lost mostly everything that I own or I would support your efforts. I currently have to do whatever I can to just survive. I wish I could help. It makes me sick to my stomach every time I see a pretty girl dating a filthy nigger. I can never understand why such a pretty girl could have such a complete lack of morals and decency. I really don’t think there’s any hope for our race when I see pretty girls selling out their own race to monkeys like that.

  2. Cognosco
    Apr 27, 2011

    Beautiful cast Harold. Really. Personally I find the nitty gritty hard truth casts to be the most motivating and in some odd way the most encouraging. Probably because I know others have in their head a view of the world similar to the way I see things. It’s NOT pretty. We don’t need to be hearing about what tiny little nice things might be left but fix this community of ours so that MOST things about life ARE all those good things we keep wishing for.

  3. Kathie Salter
    Apr 27, 2011

    Michael, I am so sorry to hear of your misfortunes. Hopefully things will start looking up for you soon.
    I can understand your dismay at seeing inter-racial couples, since they make me sick too. However if you really look at the “pretty girls” dating nigger apes, you will begin to notice a very strange thing–most of them are loud, foul-mouthed, obese, bleached blonde whales that no self-respecting white man would want to be seen with.
    Sometimes I think the only way they can get a male is to grab one with low IQ who is perfectly happy as long as he’s got a semi-female with white skin (vast expanses of it) and blonde hair (real or not) at home to cheat on. We can consider ourselves lucky that they “go black” instead of passing on their sick, unfit genes to the children of white men.
    The last three podcasts have been VERY interesting, and have added a lot of history and TRUTH to my own knowledge of Aryan culture. I don’t think I’m the only one who never heard a lot of this. Thank you so much for putting this out there.

  4. Steve the Elder
    Apr 27, 2011

    Mean old Harold is depressing you kids? Poor babies..you ain’t seen depressed like you will be in 15-20 years if you don’t get your butts in gear! You’re living in Jewish Occupied Territory, surrounded by muds already, the entire system is in full gear to silence and destroy YOU. End Game Events are speeding up quickly.. we are in DIRE danger of extinction, kiddies. There is a point where our numbers will be so low we cannot possibly recover. Guys HAC’s age (and mine) have watched this nation go to CRAP in our lifetimes, and we actually CARE about it. It ANGERS us. Maybe we really are dinosaurs set for extinction and you are the “future” but you’re also on the extinction list because evil, mean old racist “homophobes” like us can be born from your DNA and that cannot be allowed. Yes we old guys have a sense of humor tucked away but the subject of our genocide vs a nation of our own is no laughing matter, UNTIL WE MAKE THAT NATION HAPPEN ! What will YOU do?

  5. Cognosco
    Apr 27, 2011

    Axis Salley,
    You had said that when christianity is disrespected or insulted, there is the jew. Yet our aryan ancestors initially treated christianity this way when they, as pagans, were first introduced to it by Constantine, which was why he adopted the cross (initially a pagan symbol) to be more appealing to pagans not comfortable with leaving all of their imagry behind.
    One also needs no belief in any diety to be willing to sacrifice for a people or cause, like a vision they would like to come to fruition.

  6. WhitePride65
    Apr 27, 2011

    @ michael gerke — The attractive girls are NEVER the mudsharks in the area where I live. It’s always either grotesquely obese “Jabba the Slut” women or emaciated “heroin chic” skanks. Any woman low enough to mudshark always is at one of those two extremes around NE Ohio, either weighing over 350 pounds or skeletal-thin looking like she’s about to die of AIDS any minute.

  7. Cognosco
    Apr 28, 2011

    So let me get this strait, whoever is approving these.

    You will allow speakers on the cast that are both promoting a specific religion, especially one that IS JEWISH IN ORIGIN and historically innacurate (all of which is divisive) but you wont approve a comment that merely corrected a historical innacuracy?

    If you expect this thing to go anywhere I suggest you start including white people and not just christian people. I also suggest you start with a bit of honesty. What’s the point in getting rid of jews if we’re only going to build this thing off of lies and a lack of education.

  8. mike
    Apr 28, 2011

    Steve the elder, what are you doing about it? If you know of a way for me to do something to stop it tell me what that may be. They have control of our government and steal more of our rights every day. I don’t have money behind me now I only have myself. I wish there were enough whites left that haven’t been brainwashed by the evil liberal propaganda machine to be anti-white and anti-american but I really don’t think there are at this point. If it were an honest and direct war there would be an obvious course of action but it’s a war of deceit and twisting how our own government can work against us and there’s no way for an honest man to fight that.

  9. Aaron
    Apr 28, 2011

    Another great show & thanks for addressing the email. I still don’t understand how niggers were allowed in the homes of colonials, but I guess standards evolve too. The Steel update was very disheartening. Brutally terrifying too.

    In Chris’s defense, I think he just means that perpetual doom iterated can turn people away; essentially: presentation. If you lose the audience, you lose the message. I don’t think he means be happy about the situation, but maybe incorporate some warmer tones. People figure that if they’re being ranted at on the podcast, they’ll be ranted at in the Homeland. The mind simply wont function in a perpetual state of terror and dread, and you can’t hope to motivate every personality the same way. In a word: morale. I liked the “Stimpy’s Invention” analogy. However, there are things to celebrate; the formation of the Homeland, the awakenings, the Homelands growth. These are good things worth feeling good about. And as I’ve said before, I always feel pushing the positive is a good approach. No one ever sold real estate by telling the buyer what a sh*t-hole they already lived in. So I wouldn’t be too hard on Chris; obviously I’ve thought the same thing at times, so that’s at least two. Not making light of the situation, but giving something to feel good about to steel ourselves to fight all the horror. Besides, feeling positive and making comedy aren’t the same thing. I myself have toyed with the idea of making a short documentary on the PNW vís-a-vís coming Home and showcasing the positive. And to be fair, a lot of HACs historical, personal and musical anecdotes are indeed upbeat. None could be expected to keep tuning in to get the message and feel encouraged if the whole program was an angry rant; you cant divorce showmanship from the RFN as it is a show. No doubt too much anger would simply drive many types away to look for other outlets to shape their fates. The hearts of whites want be and are worthy of celebrating. Do we not emanate the light of the world? Have we not made all that is decent on Earth? So then should we not be reminded of this if we are to defend it? If we only mourn the situation or contempt it’s antagonists, how could we be inspired to change it? HAC himself has said on more than one occassion that white preservation should emanate from love of the white race, not the hatred its enemies. If all we did was mourn by the grave of White America and shake our fist at its assailants, how could we ever recall the joy it once created and feel motivated to create it again? The Homeland itself could not be sculpted soley from the fear of the future, for its incarnation as a sovereign ethno-state someday is never guranteed in the decades to come. Rather, there are NWF people living there today who awaken daily to the joy of their own success and see what they have accomplished already and will grow and nurture. Families are emerging, mindful children will be raised and civilization itself will have a refuge and blossom again. Battles will form on the horizon someday and nightmares outside its borders will indeed be spawned. So if the fact that whites are yet again preparing to save the world from within a corner of North America, and are already at work in manifesting the holy beauty that is the next white renaissance; if that isn’t worth celebrating and feeling good about, isn’t inspiring and encouraging, then truly I don’t know what is.

    Again, I don’t know what forum politics are refered to regarding Pierce. All I know is that I have a podcast of his called “When the Barriers Came Down” and I love to play it for friends, as it was substantial in my awakening years ago.

    I believe ‘chav’ translates loosely in Britain for ‘wigger’, in a sense. I was once told that it stood for “Council Housed and Violent” but I don’t know if thats absolute.

    Also, I have to thank Harold for clearly outlining the future towards the end. It is gruesome, but also very prescient based on the known actuarial trajectory of todays population trend, and others have implied the same (lol if in somewhat more delicate auguries). I didn’t take it as fear-mongering, but indeed very factually based extrapolations of what the US will look like very soon for whites in America. Evacuating ZOG and rallying elsewhere emerges as the only tenable solution.

    @ Mr. Gerke: You might also like the NWF excerpts on Youtube or some of the RFNs Harold has archived here. They’re full of interesting stuff, from historical information to astute political analysis. Also- Welcome!

    @Axis Sally, thanks for helping Harold. It would be great to hear dialogues right on the RFNs someday.

    Best, best of luck to Dan. You probably know your wife enough to know which presentations will ultimately be effective. Perhaps you can reassure her that when you’re set up, someday you canmover her parents out, and assure her that she can visit at times. You want results; understanding can come later. So perhaps selling the racial ideology can wait while you just convince her that there is plenty else about the PNW worth moving towards. Take heart in knowing that she can and will eventually come around. Take her on a vacation there somewhere and focus on things she likes. Best of luck, Dan. Hopefully you stay in touch here and let us know how you are doing, and let the community help advise you where possible.

    Finally, get well soon, Harold. Someone of your consititution will surely recover well very soon, and you enjoy the eager best wishes from the many you inspire every week. While recovering, you can take some enjoyment in the beautiful Homeland you are creating, the good company you invite and culture they share. May you have a speedy recovery.

  10. David Gladwin
    Apr 28, 2011

    Short and sad story. I was in Birmingham, England a couple of weeks ago and along came this rather attractive ‘blonde’. Even in my antiquity I have to admit my eyes followed her. My ex RAF colleague who has a thick accent said “Yo don’t want to look at ‘er, Dave, ‘ers bin Niggered.” She lived near him and had been broken-in at 14. Sad that.

  11. Steve the Elder
    Apr 28, 2011

    To Mike.. have you read HAC’s North West novels? They provide an answer as t what to do.. but the solution HAC presents could only work if enough first class white people get their butts up here into one zone and organize to where they could have an effect. It’s the only realistic plan anyone has at this time. I’m not going to list everything I do, here for ZOG to record, but I will say I’m on the proofreading committee for HAC’s 5th novel in the series, Freedom’s Sons. if you have not read the novels, start with this one


  12. Steve the Elder
    Apr 28, 2011

    As far as white girls with niggers.. it used to be I would only see ugly, fat trash girls with them. Lately I have been seeing some real stunners.. young, pretty even blonde, in the early stage of jungle fever, hanging on some filthy, smelly ape’s arm laughing, or in the final stages of awful realization that it was all a nightmare in disguise.. that they are now ruined for all time and no decent white guy will ever have them now. It’s only getting worse out there in ZOG-land. I remember when not one white girl in my high school would have considered being with a nigger. Really, it was once like that.. no, really. It could be again, but ONLY with a nation of our own, free of der juden and the decay and filth they pour on us daily

  13. Emily Greene
    Apr 29, 2011

    Sound quality could be better. although content was great, as always. That cold or whatever does give you a kind of odd sinus-y resonation.

  14. Victor
    Apr 29, 2011

    Another great podcast! Hope your voice gets better. 🙂

  15. Carson
    Apr 29, 2011

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  16. Chris
    Apr 30, 2011

    Hi, Chris from ‘Jewbook’ here!

    First off: Hahahaha! That was quite an amusing feat of sarcasm! – I appreciate it!

    But Harold! You’ve completely misunderstood what I originally intended to say! – What I meant by “positive” was some more positive stories alongside the not so positive, not the not so positive stories being presented as if they WERE entirely positive!

    Such as the electoral success of Right wing Ethno-Nationalist parties like Lega Norda in Italy and the Front National in France, or the fact that the Official Russian government spokeperson for migration Konstantin Poltoranin, recently came out as stating publicly on record that non-White mass immigration quote “threatens the survival of the White Race”, or the continuing occupation of the village of Jamel in eastern Germany by White Nationalist activists.


  17. CrazyIvan
    May 01, 2011

    I think many people misunderstand the ‘being more optimistic’ message. Sometimes it just feels like we are on a sinking ship and Harold is that guy screaming “we are all going to die aaaaah!” Ok, so he may be standing on a lifeboat and we are climbing in but it does poke a soft spot in the morale.

  18. F.M.
    May 02, 2011

    Your shows are getting better. Your analysis of the judge’s ruling on suppressing key evidence in the Steele trial was EXCELLENT. Otherwise, I think your show (I think it was April 21st, but I am not sure) in which you discussed the “IRON DREAM” was the best yet I have heard from you. I often had the same reactions, frankly, to certain radio shows that HAL TURNER put on. Then…it came out that TURNER was just a VERY, VERY good ACTOR…at his trial (after Obama was elected, the Justice Department TURNED on TURNER). This REVELATION came when Turner’s own attorney announced in open court that Turner was, in fact, a SUPER-SECRET F.B.I. INFORMER…so he could not be guilty of what the prosecution was accusing him of. Because Turner’s attorney introduced OFFICIAL F.B.I. documents PROVING that Turner was a FED, Z.O.G. could not deny it.

    This was TRAUMATIZING to the W.N. world. We had thought…I had thought…that Turner was really “TRUE BLUE,” really “one of us.” But it was not true.

    I really hope that you are not a Z.O.G. informer…but, after the HAL TURNER object-lesson in F.B.I. skulduggery, IT IS VERY, VERY HARD TO KNOW WHO THE GOOD GUYS ARE. You do have lots of baggage…and lots of key leaders in the Movement over the last several decades have said that they thought you were a Z.O.G. agent.

  19. T A Easson
    May 04, 2011

    A ‘chav’ is an English word for White Nigger. In Scotland, the word for the same is ‘ned’. So, i suppose the fellow is English (“somewhere in Europe”).

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