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Radio Free Northwest – March 24th 2011

In this broadcast Mr. Covington talks about the American attack on Libya, runs a belated birthday greeting to Commander Rockwell, and talks about the coming fifth Northwest independence novel with regards to religion and the Demon Weed.


  1. EX BNP
    Mar 23, 2011

    David Cameron says: So I had to scrap our three Invincible class aircraft carriers, also our RAF/RN Harriers, and our anti submarine Nimrods, (because the Banksters told me too.)

    But we still have as many as four Tornado GR4’s, bombers, and two Typhoon fighters left, in the RAF, and that’s more then enough to stop that damm Gaddafi!!!

  2. Thomas de Aynesworth
    Mar 23, 2011

    Anyone else recall the scene in Nineteen Eighty Four where the “Inquisitor” at Minitruth tells Winston that Oceania is anti-racist? I do.

  3. Alea Iacta est
    Mar 24, 2011

    Dear H.A.C. I wanted to comment about your talk about the evil weed.
    22 minuets into your broadcast of March 24, 2011.
    I smoke, my wife smokes.
    Yes we will die early.
    We will not live to 95 and run up a bill 10 times more than we ever paid into medacade.
    I stopped smoking at 18, then I started again after my first wife took all the money out of the bank and told me I had to leave.
    Then she filed the obligatory Phony order of protection.
    Yes I smoke.
    I have one *,
    Thats one Asterisk,
    or one ass to risk.
    It is my ass.
    I wonder? If your life has so much petty value to yourself.
    If your life is so valuable to your self you would not risk it smoking!
    Your valuable life, would you risk it in battle.
    I am willing to risk my life for liberty.
    I would die happy knowing my immortality,
    MY CHILDREN were living in the Northwest republic.
    When the battle comes my destiny might be lead poisoning,
    or DU poisoning.
    But the least of my worry s would be lung cancer.
    Freedom means freedom of choice.
    Freedom to smoke, freedom to live with your own people.
    Freedom to make your own life choice.
    Its funny H.A.C. Makes the same point I am making 29 minuets into his great broadcast.
    If I die in the battles to come.
    Or I die of smoking, B.O.S.S. Will have a a 21 gun salute at my funeral.
    Comrades, why to we let petty jewish values distract us from the true goal.
    When we have our Republic we can do a honest study of the effects of smoking.
    And back credit the children of the smokers that the
    smokers have saved the republic buy dieing young.

  4. wes
    Mar 24, 2011

    I should be in western Montana in less than a month.

  5. Colonel House
    Mar 24, 2011

    @Ex BNP

    You Brits… all so brainwashed… it’s very sad.

    Gaddafi has been playing nice with the Anglo-Zionist regime ever since Reagan kicked the shit of him. He got the message loud and clear– the oil must flow.

    Every European leader, and especially the leadership in the English-speaking countries, has been engaged in genocide against his own people. A coalition of armed force should be mobilized to stop this, and to stop this phony social democracy that they hold so dear.

    Perhaps the reason for this foreign-organized and -funded coup attempt against Gaddafi is his aggressive and highly effective actions to halt the flow of illegal aliens from the African continent? Libya is also repatriating African illegal aliens back to Africa for the Italians. With Libya’s help, illegal immigration into Italy went from a flood to a trickle.

    Since problems in Libya began, African boat people immediately began landing on Italian shores. No matter what you think of Gaddafi, he has been Southern Europe’s greatest ally in the fight against illegal immigration for the past few years.

  6. Colonel House
    Mar 24, 2011

    @ Thomas de Aynesworth

    1984, Chapter 2 , pp. 145-46

    “Below Big Brother comes the Inner Party, its numbers limited to six million, or something
    less than 2 per cent of the population of Oceania. Below the Inner Party comes the Outer
    Party, which, if the Inner Party is described as the brain of the State, may be justly likened
    to the hands. Below that come the dumb masses whom we habitually refer to as ‘the proles’,
    numbering perhaps 85 per cent of the population.

    In principle, membership of these three groups is not hereditary. The child of Inner Party
    parents is in theory not born into the Inner Party. Admission to either branch of the Party is
    by examination, taken at the age of sixteen. Nor is there any racial discrimination, or any
    marked domination of one province by another. Jews, Negroes, South Americans of pure
    Indian blood are to be found in the highest ranks of the Party, and the administrators of any
    area are always drawn from the inhabitants of that area.

    Proletarians, in practice, are not allowed to graduate into the Party. The most gifted among
    them, who might possibly become nuclei of discontent, are simply marked down by the Thought
    Police and eliminated.”

  7. “rather be called a racist than a coward”

  8. T A Easson
    Mar 24, 2011

    This is from Final Conflict website (www.politicalsoldier.net):


    Posted: 22 Mar 2011 10:54 AM PDT

    Now the usual suspects will screech about this video (of Farrakhan) appearing on this site.


    Listen to his words.

    If only we had a White, Christian leader like this, instead of weasels and hypocrites too afraid to upset the Israeli Lobby and their compliant media.

    We may not agree with everything Farrakhan stands for (though we should learn to respect Black Separatists — I would always prefer them to integrationist coconuts who want to join the BNP and be “proud Brits”), but he speaks a lot of sense.

    When Americans rebel against their government, will the slugs in Washington DC back down, declare a cease fire and give the rebels their own land, where they can keep their arms and run their own affairs? Or will they do another Waco, Ruby Ridge etc.?

    Farrakhan is right to point out America’s hypocrisy over Gaza and Lebanon.

    Sadly at the time those conflicts were happening, leading BNPers were supporting Israel!

    Shame on them.

    I would rather listen to Farrakhan than the Kosher words of a White traitor selling out for Zionist shekels any day of the week.

    I believe most White Separatists, Nationalists and Patriots would too. We have our differences, sure. But his racial separatism and his anti-Zionism means he talks a lot of sense. It’s a shame he’s a Muslim… but you can’t have everything handed to you on a plate!

    Just as with David Duke, the man himself may have his shortfalls, we may even disagree on certain things, but when a message is powerful and correct, we have a duty to listen and tell others.

  9. T A Easson
    Mar 24, 2011

    This is also from Final Conflict website (www.politicalsoldier.net):

    Posted: 23 Mar 2011 10:50 AM PDT

    22nd March, 2011

    Editor, Today, BBC Radio 4, London

    Dear Sir

    Gaddafi may be mad at what is happening to his beloved country but he is not mad psychologically. He wrote the Third Universal Theory of politics which outlines the flaws in representative democracy – under-representation (only a quarter to a third of people are usually represented by the Party taking power), manipulation of policy by donors and powerful elites etc. and supervision of the law-makers by themselves. We could add; indulging in wars that are not in any manifesto, palpably illegal and likely to incite retribution rather than ‘destroy’ terrorists.

    Generally known as his Green Book, it suggests a solution is for everyone to represent themselves. He set up People’s Congresses, National, Regional and Local, so that individuals could voice their concerns and proposals for policy. I have seen them in operation, it is a breath of fresh air. It is also a delicate experiment, especially in a nation of diverse tribal interests. But it kept the peace for 40-odd years. It also kept people’s minds active where our democracy numbs them by distancing people from government. So they are alert to foreign manipulation where we are blissfully ignorant of it.
    So Gaddafi was not mad or a dictator when he gave everyone the right to participate in policy. Would we had it here!

    He was not mad when he demanded fair price for Libyan oil in 1969.

    He was not mad when he rightly criticized the UN last year for being run by a Security Council which did not represent the developing world.

    He was not mad when he criticized the US for manipulating the Security Council by vetoing any motions it did not like, especially those condemning Israeli atrocities against Palestinians.

    He was not mad when he pointed out that 80% of global wealth was in the hands of about 400 families.

    He was not mad when he criticized Israel for bombing innocent civilians in Gaza without being sanctioned by the Security Council.

    And he was not mad or a dictator when he asked the rioters, “Do you want to be occupied by America?” and advised them to seek out traitors and defend themselves.

    In all these cases he was mad enough to expose the really mad megalomaniacs who control most of the world using violence, fraud and deception. Indeed, his exposure of them is likely to account for the second disproportionate and inhuman bombardment of his country.

    Incidentally, the first bombing raid in 1986, we now know, was predicated on false information about so-called terrorist plots by Libya. These were actually invented by Mossad. Psychological Warfare Department (LAP) of Mossad was behind the defamation of Ghaddafi. Victor Ostrovsky, ex-Mossad officer, details how Mossad tricked the ‘west’ (US, UK et al.) into bombing Libya in 1986 using ‘Operation Trojan’, in his ‘The Other Side of Deception’ (p113-7). Trojan was a re-broadcasting device planted in Tripoli to put out false messages as if Col. Ghaddafi was planning terrorist attacks. An IDF ship offshore, beamed the coded messages into his HQ from which they were re-broadcast, giving the impression they were coming from Tripoli. So when the US and UK surveillance teams picked them up they believed they were genuine Libyan plots. Mossad was able to ‘confirm’ the reports! The bombing raid got Thatcher and Regan to commit war crimes by killing innocent people including Ghaddafi’s adopted daughter.

    I would be grateful if you could salvage the BBC’s credibility for broadcasting the truth rather than parroting the disinformation by enemies of the people, by at least airing this side of the story, preferably mounting a discussion of it. Otherwise, our brave pilots and possibly the Prime Minister himself may be drifting into a bloody conflict in which they could be found guilty of War Crime. For, despite UN Resolutions 1970 & 1973, this war is not under UN control which the Charter stipulates, nor has the UN called on the parties to settle their dispute first (Chapter VI Art.33), required before action under Chapter VII when there is no threat to international peace and there is no authority to depose or murder the Head of State. So this is an unlawful interference in the domestic jurisdiction of a sovereign state, prohibited under Chapter I (Art.2(7)). Thus, sending in cruise missiles with their notorious inaccuracy and inevitable death to anyone near them, could be a War Crime.

    So it is not Gaddafi who is mad, but our Leader and his entourage, falling for an irrational plot to unseat a falsely demonised ‘dictator’ whose only crime is to threaten and punish those who de-stabilize the country for no discernible benefit except possibly, to themselves. The dissidents over here have a different agenda: they can stay as long as they claim to be persecuted if they go home, so they have to propagate stories about torture and death.

    Finally, Gaddafi is not the ‘dictator’ Mossad would like you to believe. He is not even the ‘President’ having retired as ‘Leader’ in 1996 and adopted the title ‘Father of the Revolution’. But he is so popular and revered by most of the population, that he is still given the authority to speak for his nation, just as the Queen might do if she was allowed to.

    Is there any chance you might try to balance the demonization with some facts about his brave attempts to give power to the people and hold a disparate nation together? I look forward to hearing from you.

    Yours sincerely

    Dr James B Thring (founder Ministry of Peace & Legal Action Against War)

  10. EX BNP
    Mar 24, 2011

    Hello Colonel, I’m not at all for bombing Libya, I was just poking fun at, Cameron, who has being hoofing, and puffing as if he was some great military leader. Of course people like Cameron don’t do any of the actual fighting, thats for the other poor mugs job.

    Yes I know Gaddafi was doing us no harm, to us Brits, or you yanks.

    I do liked your podcasts, I have being playing again your old one from August 5TH 2010 the song Green Fields Of France. Was very sad.

    No more brothers Wars!

  11. the WASP
    Mar 25, 2011


  12. the WASP
    Mar 25, 2011

    Telling the truth is good for the soul…when you tell the truth you don’t have to remember what you said…when you tell the truth is hard for the losers like that idiot Harlan Markwalder to call you racist…

  13. EX BNP
    Mar 25, 2011

    I was just wondering everyboady thinks of Alex Jones???

  14. Carson
    Mar 25, 2011

    Said a father to his son
    “Oh my boy the time has come”
    Your country it is calling unto thee
    For those rebels once again
    To unite us is their aim
    And together we must stand to keep her free

    Remember, our fathers brave and bold
    As they fought for Ulsters cause in far off lands
    Oh my father said to me “I must join the Y.C.V”
    With a rifle or a pistol in my hand

    From Belfast to Armagh
    Carade to old Crossgar
    From Ballymena to old Omagh town
    With their standards flying high
    As it was in days gone by
    We will rally round the flag for liberty

    Remember, our fathers brave and bold
    As they fought for Ulsters cause in far off lands
    Oh my father said to me “I must join the Y.C.V”
    With a rifle or a pistol in my hand.

  15. Richard Vanderbergh
    Mar 26, 2011

    Another great episode, Harold!

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