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Radio Free Northwest – February 17th 2011

In this podcast Mr. Covington responds to some e-mails from Homecoming White migrants to Washington and Montana, then talks about a practical White Nationalist attitude towards Islam.


  1. Phil
    Feb 17, 2011


    Your commentary on Muslims is ideologically sound but let’s tell the whole truth rather than using the cherry-picking tactic of the leftist media. In the name of Realpolitik, what about the once great White homelands throughout Europe being overrun by Arabs, in some cases much faster than our race is being overrun in the USA. Losing the USA is not nearly as tragic as losing France or Holland or Denmark or England. Those nations have histories that our race is rooted in and go back over a thousand years! There are two separate matters here. (1)The immediate and urgent matter of protecting the existence of our people and a future for White children and (2)the longer struggle to rid the world of mankind’s cancer. The Jew is our common enemy, but the Jew is not the race that is going to reproduce us out of our ancestral homelands.


  2. wes
    Feb 17, 2011

    I generally don’t care about Muslims in Europe…I care about central Asians and Africans flooding into Europe. Sweden is not being over run by white Swedes converting to Islam, its being over run by non-whites who happen to be mostly Muslims. Dosent matter if they are Christians, Fire-worshipers, or Hindus, the point is there not of our folk.

  3. Colonel House
    Feb 17, 2011

    In the interest of accuracy, Valkyria is not a black metal band. It is more properly categorized as folk metal, a sub-genre of heavy metal peculiar to the Nordic countries. Black metal is aurally hateful music that diminishes the listener and saturates them with isolationist and ancient mystical beliefs, separating the non-White influences so that the music remains unique and unmarketable.

    Unlike most White Power music, black metal did not originate in the White Power/White Nationalist community, but was created by outsiders who suddenly found National Socialist and Pagan ideals to be empowering and relevant. Musically it is the closest metal genre to punk hardcore that exists, borrowing from the crustcore and Satanic heavy metal traditions to formulate something opposed to all social forces including Judeo-Christianity, Judaism, humanism and liberalism. Modern offshoots of the original black metal sound are incorporating atmospheric elements using ambient guitar, keyboard passages such as organ sounds and other miscellaneous symphonic instruments.

    Despised by the people who don’t relate to White Separatism or White Autonomy, black metal remains an outsider form of both heavy metal and White power music that is not fully accepted by either parent group, but is recognized by many as the only source of extremity powerful enough to fuel sonic hatred as is required for black metal. To the untrained ear, folk metal can
    sound very close to some modern black metal, so your confusion is understandable.

  4. Steve the Elder
    Feb 17, 2011

    Actually Phil, it is the jew who is doing us in. They are the “gatekeepers” who have brought the muzzies in, with nefarious purpose, because WE dropped the ball as GATEKEEPERS

    Once the jew is gone we can deal with their former libtard white acolytes and the muzzies, easily. It’s really all a matter of OUR morality and courage, isn’t it?

  5. Josef C.
    Feb 17, 2011

    I think that when it comes to Muslims, and I am very anti-Muslim, but for all the negatives that they are responsible for around the world…. it’s always the WRONG Muslims who have to pay the price. That has proved true in many cases. Also, the Muslim radicals are most often the more niggerized ones, like the Saudis. For example, an Algerian or Saudi Muslim would see Islam as a defacto “race movement,” while Persians have an entirely different attitude and actually (aside from the radical mullahs) are not as a people very energized by Islam and very often don’t even like brown Arabs (Ahmadinejad is an atypical Iranian). Also, almost half of the Palestinians are Christians, as well as a large percentage of Lebanese and Syrians. The deceptive “Arabic” demographic is like the equally-deceptive “Hispanic” one; both of which can literally range from wild coal-faced, white-hating nigger bastards… to very civilized intelligent people who can look, think, and feel like we do.

    Massive hordes of ugly, vicious, brown-skinned, hawk-nosed, frizzy-haired, light-boned savages from the southern Saudi peninsula invaded the Middle East in the 7th century and completely screwed it up both racially and by forcing their worship of an imaginary moon god upon each conquered region, so we need to pick and choose the best we can. I hate to see racially decent people put in the same boat with some of these negritized apes. A civilized light-skinned Persian shouldn’t really be treated the same as a Yemenese simian who washes their hair in their own piss, which they do.

  6. Felix
    Feb 17, 2011

    The post by Colonel House is the best satire of rock music criticism I have ever read.

  7. M. Reichert
    Feb 17, 2011

    Dear HAC,
    jews and arabs are related. why not just let them kill each other off?

    islam is and has threatened my life and existance. i have NO problem with their complete destruction.

  8. Darrell
    Feb 17, 2011

    Well since the Jews are originally from Kenite/Edomite/Canaanite descendant, and do not belong where they are now, we shouldn’t have anything to do with them. The Arabs, most, are also mixed race as the Jews are, and most have Jew blood in them. There are some that still appear to be Aryan and have little mongrel blood in them. And this I believe goes with the CI teaching which adds that WE are the true Israel and Judah of the Old Testament, which I also believe.

  9. fugitive
    Feb 18, 2011

    John Derbyshire on political activists:
    “It is a fact, a sad but a true one, that grassroots political activism, the heart and soul of any democracy, attracts a lot of lunatics. I used to be a constituency activist for the Tory party in Kings Cross, London. Of the twenty or so people who turned up regularly to meetings, four or five were noticeably deranged (or, as an elderly fellow-Tory was wont to murmur in my ear when one of these cranks sought the meeting’s attention, “not quite sixteen annas to the rupee”). One or two were barking mad. My favorite was a gent with an Albert Einstein hairstyle and a permanent ferocious glare who, at every darn meeting, would try to advance his pet project for a law against class discrimination. (This was at a time, in the early 1980s, when laws against racial discrimination were being passed, to much controversy.)”

    “If it’s like that in the Tory party, one of the Anglosphere’s oldest and solidest, at the heart of an ancient metropolis, I can imagine how thing are further away from the political center. A friend of mine, a brilliant, charming, and highly civilized man I shall call X, runs a fringe political group here in the U.S. He invited me to one of the group’s annual conferences. Not sure what to expect, I asked a mutual friend, name of Y, who had attended a previous year’s conference. “Well,” said Y, “there are a dozen or so people like X, thoughtful and well-informed — people you’d be happy to hang out with. And around them buzzes this big cloud of latrine flies.” I decided not to take up X’s invitation.”

    I think the advent of TV radically reduced the number of political activists. In the 19th Century-before the introduction of any of our modern diversions-political activism was absurdly common compared to today. Escaping from reality was fairly difficult back then.

  10. Mike
    Feb 19, 2011

    Darrel, I also take your position. Arabs are proven blood relations of those claiming to be Judeans today. They are the same peoples. We are the master race, in ny opinion wel do not even need to think about sucking up to the Arabs, to keep our options open for possible support. When one waters down one’s principles, as the BNP did in the UK, what do you get…nowhere. Hitler also partly relied upon the Japanese to invade the East of the Soviet Union, so as to split the Soviet’s defence. The Japs didn’t, and the Soviets were able to bring all the troops stationed in the East back to fight in Stalingrad and the Caucases in 41/42. We have to rely upon ourselves, as our great ancestors have done throughout history. Further, in all likelihood this fight will begin after the USA/UK/NATO etc will invade Iran. Given that most other Arab states have been usurped by the global elite oil companies to date, and oil funds are in this cabal’s hands, there will be limited funds anyway. Apart from this I truly believe in the Northwest Migration, and HAC you are doing wonderful work.

  11. Colonel House
    Feb 19, 2011

    @ Felix
    Thanks for noticing. I have been accused of possessing a “dry” sense of humor, but I fear it has now become so arid that very few see any humor at all. The sad truth is that entire websites exist that do nothing but endlessly debate the genre, sub-genre, and sub-sub-genre of every WP recording ever released. If these keyboard warriors put the 14 Words first and their musical opinions second, we might be swamped with new immigrants, (each wanting to start a band, of course) who can be channeled into positive mental avenues through real-life activities.

  12. Steve the Elder
    Feb 20, 2011

    Darrel, I am Identity, so I agree with you. The Arabs are a great foil to the Jews, however, and HAC’s comments are dead on as to the TACTICS we should adhere to.

    I admire a rag head-covered, goat herding Afghan tribesman who picks up an old .303 Enfield or an AK47 and shoots US invaders to HIS COUNTRY more than I do any Homer Simpson type American. Courage and determination is always admirable. I admire the wolverine or grizzly for what they are, yet I prefer to steer clear of them in person

    Love the hilbilly music HAC, all of it. Must be my Southern roots.. you can really dance to it!

  13. Slartibartfast
    Feb 20, 2011

    Unfortunately the Muslims and Arabs now see the US and White People as the enemy. Their Imams call for Jihads and call for the death, by slow and humiliating means, of any American or White that falls into their clutches. Islam, like Judaism, has the “Nth Generation” rule whereby your decendants can be guilty of “crimes” carried out by ancestors. Muslims in the Balkins remember events from 800 years ago with clarity and use these events as motivations to act today. So, even if tomorrow we could delete all the jews and israel from the planet, it would take hundreds of years to normilize relations between Whites and Muslims. While I find HAC’s views on the Muslims commendable and showing great wisdom, this is really the reason that trying to cut them a break or even hoping for an alliance will not work.

    While some Arabs (in Iraq and parts of North Africa) did assist Germany during WW2, not all Muslims did. It was the old “enemy of my enemy is my friend” rule Islam likes to go by but it was localized. Now with all the Imams using the Jihad against the jew-friendly infidels to cover their own people’s destitute poverty, I think that localized alliances between Muslims and White Nationalists would be even more rare. It would be cool if it worked, and Mr. Covington is very wise in calling for us to sympathize with Islam’s war against the jew, but I’m afraid, like so many things in the White Movement, its already too late. The jew, who’s motto is “lets you and HIM fight” has set Islam and the White West against each other too effectively… dammit.

  14. Mercutio
    Feb 21, 2011

    Q) What about White Muslims; converts from the West, but also the native White Muslims living in the Balkans, and on the outskirts of Russia and countries of the former USSR?

  15. Lindsy& anton
    Feb 21, 2011

    H.C. How do u know when we have enough followers here ni the great north west
    And not just hiding behind a key board. Because I have been busting my ass recruiting people left and right, this is something we all truly believe in this and we are not prepared for the next step when the time comes can u tell us what to do?

  16. Steve the Elder
    Feb 21, 2011

    And how is this a problem if we kick the muzzies out of our nations and leave them be in their nations? We deserve their hate and violence for the many evils we have done to them recently

  17. Der Koniggratzer
    Feb 21, 2011

    I am more afraid of the Jews than I am of Muslims or Blacks. The Jews are the ones who have the power and always will worm theit way into it. Not the Blacks, it is because of Jews that Blacks are treated so well in today’s dying society! It is because of Jews that we are not Segregated… Same reason the Illegal non English Speaking Mexicans are allowed to take over the Southwest and many other parts of America. Liberalism has been popularized by the Jew. Bla Bla Bla a bunch of other stuff you already know and, Muslims invading Europe thank the Jews for disrupting the middle East and bringing the U.S into a war… they probably did 911 and so on. I just can’t see why in gods name people aren’t waking up? Israel doesn’t allow immigration or Mixed Marriage and is driving the Palestinians out in a war of genocide and ethnic cleansing while Jewish banksters support non White immigration to White homelands as if they even have the right! Whenever they are confronted about stealing land their “religion” says was theirs – and I’m not going to even get started on religion… they bring up the Holocaust as though the Palestinians owe them or thats it’s ok for Jews to be murderers because once apon a time in a land filled with purple Unicorns and big pots of gold a big bad Nazi tried to kill them all… Please…. They make me sick and the fact Whites are too stupid or too Racially Masochistic to stand up just turns my stomach… These monsters are destroying the Entire White World. When the hell are Whites across the globe going to stand up for themselves and realize the only people we owe anything are our children?

  18. Mercutio
    Feb 22, 2011

    @Lindsy&Anton- Doesn’t take that many. It took roughly 200 White soldiers to conquer Rhodesia. The IRA had roughly 50 active people at any given time. It only took 12 to start the NSDAP. Go to the ‘contact’ section and email him about your interest, if you haven’t already.

  19. Ray
    Feb 22, 2011

    Der Koniggratzer: Thankyou for your input. Sometimes I feel that I’m alone in my assessment of the Jew. But, of course, there are many others that also understand what you are saying. It doesn’t really matter what term you use to describe the adversary. It can be Jew, but also, Zionist, Marxist, Judeo, Communist, “Chosen Ones” or whatever, these terms are all synonymous. They are in control; the USA is dominated by Israel. They control the money supply (banks), the media, government, schools (indoctrination) etc., etc. Yes, the White Race appears to be stupid and quite gullible, but I remember that years ago I was like that too. Why? Because the Jews control the media. I didn’t know about all the “Nazi” and other right-wing organizations or their tabloids other than what I heard over the Jew news and that was always negative. Eventually I found the truth about what is really happening and the truth about these rightwing groups. So, I feel that most whites today aren’t any more stupid than I was 23 years ago, they just havn’t ever been presented with the truth. Let’s face it, you aren’t going to find HAC’s books on sale at Border’s or Barnes & Noble book stores or any number of so called “racist” literature for sale. That’s why distribution of flyers, calling cards with telephone & web site is so important. All we have is the internet (for now), but we had better be prepared for tomorrow and what’s coming. Those that know need to inform those “stupid” whites that still don’t know.

  20. Aaron
    Feb 25, 2011

    I have to be brief. I understand that it is indeed horrific to see what Muslims are doing to Europe (albeit via the Jew). I too have watched in horror at seeing our mother continent raped. Until lately, I admit I was lax in my attitude towards our race on North America because I always assumed that in the worst case scenario, whites would simply retreat to Europe and “reboot” civilization on Earth from there a a la British Imperialism. Clearly, this is not to be the case in the foreseeable future.

    But I heard very clearly what HAC is saying, and he said it clearly and explicitly. He is not promoting them. He is not endorsing them as equals. He is not purporting that we be friends or cultural equivalents. He is simply being practical and exceptionally astute in his strategic vision. Suggesting that we stop with the anti-Islam rhetoric, (ffs only suggesting we refrain from the repeated use of ‘sand-nigger’ etc. for a time) is not the same purporting them as equals. These are the battles that win or lose wars. The observation that many Muslims have done more to hinder the Jew by adolescence than the grand majority of us will do by the end of our lives is simply a factual observation and should inspire a desire to compete in that, not envious spite.

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