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Pam Bailey Update 2-23-2011

Hi, guys:

Apparently I am now simply banned by her captors from any correspondence with Comrade Pamela Bailey, along with anything from Northwest Publishing Agency.

This is not a formal thing, since there is nothing in any of our material or in the other stuff I send her, like American Free Press, which is in any way, shape, or form illegal. However, the excuses are simply getting too ridiculous to be believed.

My letters, including publications, are simply being kicked back, all of them, on any excuse at all. None of them have gotten through for a month now. All of them have been returned. Usually what happens is that some idiot in their mail room slops coffee on the envelope and they send it back stamped foreign substance.

Or they send it back marked must have return address. They send it back to the return address that is on the envelope marked must have return address. (Swear to God! I am NOT making this up!!)

Can those of you who are still allowed contact with Pam please let her know in your next letter that all of my mailings are being sent back to her? No indication yet if this ban includes all the other women comrades at Coffee Creek.

Pam Bailey #14705513

24499 SW Grahams Ferry Rd.

Wilsonville, OR. 97070



  1. Jose[h Trainor
    Feb 24, 2011

    Apparently Coffee Creek is banning a lot of people. I sent Pam a purely religious Christmas card a week before Christmas, showing an angel with a trumpet. This was kicked back to me a month later.

    Just to show that mine is a religious prison ministry, I obtained two Our Lady of La Salette cards from a Roman Catholic friend. The cards were purely religious in nature, with the message printed in Spanish. I sent both to Coffee Creek addressed to “Any Latina Inmate.” Both were kicked back to me earlier this week.

    Had I sent those La Salette cards addressed to “Any Latina Soldier” to the Army Post Office (APO) in New York City, they would assuredly have been sent to a random U.S. soldier serving in Iraq or Afghanistan.

    Things are different in Coffee Creek, I guess. The prison must be a “First Amendment-free zone.” Thanks for the update.
    Joe Trainor

  2. Heidi Duty
    Feb 24, 2011

    Yes, I will send her a postcard tomorrow. I have had the same issue with Ed’s posts being returned

  3. NF Salem
    Feb 24, 2011

    Will do, Harold.

  4. Marc Hollister
    Feb 24, 2011

    Harold – I used to be close to the mail room, in prison. Try marking your return address as any Seventh Day Adventist church. Ensure that it stands out, maybe put it in ‘bold’. Use a legitimate return address. The prisons still fear religious discrimination lawsuits, it’s about the only thing they still steer clear of fucking with the inmates about.

    The organization they fear the most are the Jehovah’s Witnesses, who actually have gone to court about any interference with the deliverance of the literature, but they are referred to as ‘Kingdom Hall’s, so it may not register with the mail room clerk.

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