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Freedom’s Sons, Section I

Hi, guys:

My Northwest Novel #5, entitled Freedom’s Sons, will eventually consist of five sections spanning the first 50 years of the Northwest American Republic’s existence. The object of this book is to give us some idea of the kind of problems we will run into in forming a new White nation and how to deal with them.

This project will probably take about two years to complete. I now have the first draft of Section I ready and I am distributing it now in view of the possibility that, for whatever reason, I might not be able to complete it. I am attaching it to this e-mail in MS Word format. The manuscript is 164 pages and 72,400 words in length, and it has been paginated so you will be able to print it out. E-mail me at nwnet@earthlink.net for a copy.



  1. Aidan Sheridan
    Feb 27, 2011

    Please send me a copy of the Freedom’s Sons Section one…thank you. By the way, the link is not working.


  2. Dread_Lord
    Mar 02, 2011

    The part with the liberal woman answering the door was hilarious.

    Great read.

  3. Blake
    Mar 02, 2011

    I would like a copy if it would be possible.

  4. Aidan Sheridan
    Mar 02, 2011

    Received copy of Fredom’s Son. On page 70 aready and can not put it down! Thanks…

    Ex Gladio Libertas!

  5. Dave
    Mar 03, 2011

    @ Dread_Lord – Yeah…I never knew that HAC met my ex-wife.

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