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White Nationalist E-Mail List

Hi, guys:

This e-mail list is potentially one of the most valuable services that the Northwest Front provides, and yet at the same time one of the most unsung and denigrated.

Okay, we have one new volunteer contact in Tennessee, one in South Carolina, and one in Ontario, although we lost two in Pennsylvania who have flaked and fled screaming from the Movement. That means we have now reached a high point of 154 people, out of an e-mail contact list that now numbers somewhat over 2200 e-mail addresses, who were willing publicly to list an e-mail address and be contacted by fellow White Nationalists with a view towards taking it off the internet and physically meeting. About three percent of “our” people are willing to take a slight, itsy-bitsy teeny-weeny chance, and the other 97% are too passive and terrified that “somebody might find out” even to risk receiving an e-mail from a stranger.

Remember: the objective of this list is to return the Movement to the real world through personal, face to face contact. No more hiding behind a computer screen. We need to begin meeting with one another face to face and looking one another in the eye.

Rules of the road: USE COMMON SENSE in all meetings with strangers. That’s just a given. A few of these people I know, some more I cyber-know, and some are just walk-ins off the cyber-street. I do not vouch for them in any way. Caveat emptor.

Guys, please send me feedback on all the meetings you have off this list. I especially want to know if anybody flakes on you, promises a meeting and then doesn’t show, yanks your chain or jerks you around in general, or if someone sits down and immediately starts babbling about illegal activity. Let me know, and they get dropped. I don’t want Movement Internuts using this list to play.

Also, please let me know if anyone on the list turns out to be obviously non compos mentis.

Anyone wishing to be listed here may contact me at nwnet@earthlink.net  Make sure you tell me where you live so you can be contacted by people reasonably close to you.


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  1. WASP
    May 17, 2011

    OK where did the list go ?

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