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NW Migration Reps

Hi, guys:

Okay, what with the Novel #5 and RFN and NO and another project it looks like I have to start soon, I am going to have to schedule my time almost down to the minute on a day by day basis. One of the things I simply will not have time to attend to in anything like the meticulous detail it should be attended to is the assistance of individual people and families with their Northwest Homecomings, of which we are getting more and more inquiries regarding.

I need people who already reside in the Northwest Homeland to STEP FORWARD and volunteer to act as Migration Officers or Migration Reps for their areas, and to handle contacts and put together an assistance program for your part of the Homeland, at least by way of information.

If you live in the Homeland and are willing to do this, let me know.


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  1. Aaron
    Dec 08, 2010

    This sounds like a great idea. It gives the people most qualified the opportunity to nurture the NWF with attention from each resident to grow and plant the community one family at a time, and with even the smallest support to migrators, a mere friendly face and a ‘sherpa’ to the unknown lands for new arrivals should do a lot to allay peoples fears of jumping into an unknown region. Even the littlest help means a lot to new arrivals. Who better to coordinate migration than the people already there.

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