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2010 Fall Building Campaign

Racial Comrades:

We have a lot of new people on our contact list who weren’t here last year.  For you newbies, let me bring you up to speed: every six months I have to come up with some new way to re-state the obvious, i.e. that any political effort of any kind must have money to operate on, and the more money we raise, the better results we can achieve.

Money is the lifeblood of politics, ours and theirs. We now have a nigger in the White House because some mysterious invisible hand, still unknown but almost certainly that of the mysterious Jewish millionaire George Soros, caused half a billion dollars to materialize in the bank accounts of The One off the internet. In essence, mah nigga Barry and his ho’ bought the White House. Not the first time in our history this has been done, to be sure, nor will it be the last.

Next month it will be two years since the Northwest Front was officially founded on November 5th, 2008—the day after Black Tuesday. The disease immediately followed by the cure. So how have we been doing over the past year? Well, the baby is still crawling and not yet toddling, but the curve is definitely upward. The mountain is finally starting to move. Glacially, glacially slowly, as slow as molasses in wintertime, but it’s moving, and when a mountain moves, at some point or other, gravity’s going to take over and you’re going to get an avalanche.

Since January of this year, the Party has been on the air in the form of Radio Free Northwest, and not just I but many of our comrades all across the internet are promoting the devil out of it on the internet and any other way we can. Last month we got slightly over 11,000 hits on the Party website at northwestfront.org, of whom I think we can assume that the bulk are RFN listeners. To be sure, as the internet goes that’s peanuts—but remember just how small our tiny little “Movement” really is. The goal has to be to make that number rise a little every month, As long as the overall trend is always upward and we don’t start backsliding I will be—well, not happy, but encouraged, let’s say. I keep looking for some trick to make the site and the podcasts “go viral” and break out of the Movement bubble and into the White community at large. I haven’t found it yet, but I will. It will probably come through mainstream media publicity, but we need to find some way to accomplish that without either making fools out of ourselves or somebody getting killed.

Our discussion forum at northwestrepublic.com continues to get new members joining every week; we’ve got almost 200 people on there now. Our video channel on YouTube run by the inimitable Colonel House continues to get thousands of hits each week. It’s not much of an internet presence compared even to some of the larger White sites like NewSaxon.org and Stormfront, but it is a far better quality of internet presence, and eventually our own people will pick up on this fact.

We are also finally making a few hesitant steps of forward progress when it comes to “boots on the ground”; this year I have done more meet-and-greets of both local people and people coming in from the outside to See The Elephant than I have done in any year since I Came Home myself in 2002. The ultimate goal of all this is, of course, whole teams of effective mature and non-dysfunctional White activists, gainfully employed and fully settled right here in the Northwest Homeland, ready and willing and rarin’ to go to work for Northwest independence.

Those are still too few of those on the ground, way too few, but things are kind of inching in that direction, as more people diddle and dither and mumble to themselves in Florida and Wisconsin and Texas and California. Racial reality and the crisis of life in Obama’s Amurrica does finally seem to be seeping through into certain skulls full of mush, and it is causing a lot of “our” people to venture off the internet for the first time and kind of slide haphazardly in the direction of actually doing it, of packing the moving van and Coming Home.

Yeah, I know, it’s not supposed to work like that. But out here in the real world, that’s the way it goes. You might say we’re oozing in the right direction.

At some point in the future, not sure when or exactly how it will happen, the NF will reach a kind of tipping point. The word will get out into the White community as a whole, especially here in the Northwest, that there is an alternative movement who are at least willing to speak about the hitherto forbidden topic of direct action. At some point we really will “go viral”, and I will look at the statcounter one morning and see 50,000 hits in the past 24 hours, something like that. It will happen, people, but not unless we bust our butts to make it happen.

Northwest Novel Number Five

One item of good news: in response to repeated pleadings and (literally) bribe offers, I finally more or less started work on Northwest novel number five yesterday, October 22nd. (Note significance of date.) The tentative title is Freedom’s Sons. This consists of my beginning to put down some notes and section headings and generally lay out a plot, or series of separate plots since this is going to cover a roughly 50 year span in the future existence and progress of the Northwest American Republic.

I will try to devote at least an hour each day to this plot development outline until I get ready to actually start writing. I have no idea when that will be, but I will keep you posted.

10 X 1000

Politics is about the acquisition of power, and the use of power to create change. In order to acquire state power you need to possess and know how to use one of two things: money, or a gun. Preferably both, but we don’t have the courage to take up the gun, or the intelligence and competence to use it effectively if we did. Therefore we have to rely on money. In this society, without money there is nothing.

Again for the benefit of those who are new, I need to go over the 10 X 1000 concept once more. There are thousands of people who cyber-hang with us on our various e-mail lists, as well as the postal mailing list. We need to find 1,000 of those people who are willing to peep out from behind their computers long enough to commit a small physical act out here in the real world—contribute at least $10 every month to the Northwest Front. The price of a 12-pack of cheap, fizzy domestic beer.

Furthermore, they need to be willing to pony up a bit more twice every year, in April and October, for the Spring Appeal and the Fall Building Campaign. Say, $100. A hundred bucks simply isn’t that much money any more. We have people on the list who spend that much on beer and cigarettes and Civil War reenacting other Amurrican pastimes every week.

There are our usual overhead expenses like rent, printing and postage for Northwest Observer and special mailings, electric and phone bills, the cost of broadband internet. Printed publications are absolutely necessary. In the first place, believe it or not, not everybody owns or has access to a personal computer. In the second place, one day we’re going to lose the internet and we need to maintain the necessary skills set to service and maintain written communications networks.

At some point in the near future I have to try for a road trip down to Oregon. That was supposed to happen this summer, but for a variety of reasons I won’t get into here, it didn’t. We have a whole bunch of new people down there I need to meet as a matter of urgency. I wouldn’t mind getting back out to North Idaho and Spokane again before spring, if that’s possible. This means, among other things, that I have to get my battered 12 year-old car in shape for a long trip, and I’ll need gas and motel money for a couple of  overnighters. Then there is always the urgent need for me to order copies of the Northwest independence novels, our main propaganda weapon. The list goes on and on.

Another project I’m trying to figure out how to accomplish with no money and virtually no people is to establish some kind of central office or General Headquarters for our new Party, with at least some of the appurtenances of permanence. We are now beginning the period of “heavy lifting” I have referred to on past occasions, and I must now ask you guys to put your backs into it, for real.

I used to be pretty good at this kind of thing, as a few of you may still recall. Some of you may remember what I can do when I have anything remotely resembling adequate resources at my disposal. Now I am getting old, I am in poor health, and I am destitute, but I am willing to try again. It will probably involve my doing some things I once swore that I would never do again, but as always seems to be the way, I have no choice other than to do things in certain ways, because I can never get adequate help or resources to do otherwise. Since doing nothing is not an option, especially now, I must try again. I will never, ever give up.

Look, I think all of you pretty much get all this. The only question is whether or not you intend to make yourselves part of the solution. I hope so. Make those checks out to Northwest Publishing Agency.



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