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The List Is Useless


No one has contacted me at all from the list. I hope people eventually do. My thoughts on this matter:

The way people live and communicate is so much different than in the past. Socially, people move all over the country and don’t have roots in one area any more (generalizing – exceptions exist of course). This is bad for families and for maintaining any kind of communities that are bound together by social ties, which are the glue of communities.

But people still need social ties to family and friends, and those who share their values. The inferior substitute is now social media via the internet. This is why Facebook and these other things are so huge now with millions of people connecting in this manner….and the nationalist groups on the Internet serve the same function for people like us. I think people want more than computer aided communities, but I think they feel a connection as long as people communicate with them…and then don’t take the step very often of building relationships beyond the computer.

I think if we organized events, people in the computer community would go if they felt it would be a worthwhile and valuable experience. But on the local level, small networks have to develop and trust has to build up, etc. so there can be strong communities of like minded people everywhere. We’re not using the social media and Internet to its potential. It needs to be used as a tool to generate real world activities…not BE the activity itself.

-Scott N.



  1. Jeff
    Oct 15, 2010


    I met up with Silas von Lindt and Daniel, a friend of his who may not be on this list. It went very well. You know Silas already and he is a first rate person. Same thing with Daniel who – once he told me his pen name from blogging – I was already aware of but had never met.

    I’m hoping I connect in with them more. They are both racialist Christians (not CI) which I have no problem with. They call their movement within Christianity Kinism. They detest Judeo-Christianity.


  2. Mike
    Oct 15, 2010

    I agree I contacted one name on the Texas list twice. No response at all.

    And aware people are just to few and to far apart. Hence the nig in the White House. I’ll not start it or do anything illegal but truth is I’m just waiting for the war to start. That or see the white race slowly be bred away.


  3. Bailey
    Oct 15, 2010

    This is a very good point. However, a few years back my sister and I planned many many sponsored social events. We used facebook as a tool to gather people. We had almost 50 events. For each event people on Fakebook would rsvp. Up to 1500 people would rsvp and participate online prior to the event. On the day of the shows we would get 50 guests max. Only once did we have 200+. The reason one show was so successful is becausee we contacted, by phone, performers and the people involved and basically forced them to bring ten people each or they would be taken off the bill. Although i do agree that everyone communicates online, i do not agree that those people will participate in real events. Also people like this gentleman who notice that he hasn’t been contacted should maybe take charge and initiate a meeting with others on the list.


  4. Leslie McKenzie
    Oct 15, 2010

    HAC and Scott,

    I have found the list to be of some use.I have been able to connect with one of the people on my list of four names.I grant you that the two other I tried to contact by e-mail have not yet responded.The person I first contacted I have NOW spoken with on the phone and we have agreed to meet soon, as I make it into the city for an appointment ,that brings me there soon.I have not started yet to contact people in adjoining states ,but I shall.

    Scott being in Florida, you are in one of those adjoining states.I would be very happy to make contact with you as well.This is my phone number if you wish to speak with me.I also invite anyone close to Georgia to contact me as well.

    Jesus said,” where there are two or more gathered in my name there I am also”.So also there be the Republic.I use this as a metaphor only.Let’s get together here in the South.In HAC’s novels many of the characters are from the Deep South.We should also work to make things happen for the Movement.

    For The Republic!

    Leslie Robert McKenzie

  5. Jay Atkinson
    Oct 15, 2010

    Yes, that is definitely part of the problem. Another bigger part is that there aren’t enough people. We are spread out all through the world and only have a few people from each state. 2 people on the list are likely from Anchorage, Alaska, though, so they should meet and try recruiting in their area. Then, I’m in a more rural are a that society has pushed me into because I don’t want to be in the crappy corrupted cities. I think the same thing is happening for everyone…When this first started happening whites would just move to the outskirts of the city. This may be still happening, so what we really need bad is for everyone to be in one area so we can defend our area, our populations, out wealth, our military, etc. and conquer more area, then hopefully the whole world one day into a pure white world….That’s just my opinion.


  6. James G.
    Oct 15, 2010


    Same here, no one has contacted me het from the list, and I feel the same way as Scott. I’m attending school and working, but still put my name on the list for I would even attempt to make the time to meet with someone. Why is this, because I know how big of an issue is on stake and am willing to do what it takes. Unfortunately like you always say people are unaware of this, so I have been trying to make people as aware as possible.

    Which is why I thought of the email idea to schools. I did not want to send them out without getting an idea on how catch the readers attention without scaring them away. If you have any ideas could you let me know, I want to start asap.

    James G.

  7. Brent
    Oct 15, 2010

    Scott, James, have either of you tried contacting anyone and they are ignoring you, or is everyone waiting for the other guy to go first? In Scotts case, he says no one has contacted him insinuating that he is just sitting at his inbox clicking the refresh button. Perhaps his wording was just a bit vague.

  8. The Lone Haranguer
    Oct 16, 2010

    Personally, I’ve contacted several people and some have reached me, and some of us are meeting in person. So the list works. It just takes time. You’re dead on about people’s lives. Most are hog tied with responsibilities and find it damned hard to get away. But they’re finding ways, and it’s encouraging. Just hang in there. It’s working..


  9. Brent J.
    Oct 16, 2010

    There are six contacts on that list. This person said no one has contacted him. Was it just the way he worded it, or has he made it clear that he has not attempted to contact anyone, but instead waited for them to go first?

  10. Thomas A.
    Oct 16, 2010

    I’ve had 2 people contact me from the list so far. One of them I have met, and the other I have sent a reply email. Don’t know what’s going on south of the border, though.

  11. Steve
    Oct 16, 2010

    I would suggest that people who want to make local contacts, join the NW Forum and post up in your state’s sub forum. I have met one person on my local list but he has since moved one state away

  12. Elizabeth
    Oct 17, 2010

    I had to initiate contact with the emails listed in Oregon as I live in Oregon. And in return I have been IN contact with every one of those on the list. I’ve already met with two of the contacts and will be meeting up with the rest in the near future. I’ve also contacted two people in Norther California and the Bay Area, and we’re setting up a meeting as well when my family goes to visit extended family for the holidays. All of us have jobs and lives so things can’t always happen immediately. I suggest to all of you out there…. reach out. Be persistant. But remember other people are busy too. MAKE THE EFFORT. DON’T BE LAZY and expect everything to be handed to you. As said by others above… Join the forums!

  13. James G.
    Oct 18, 2010

    I have recently had contact with one person who sent me an email from my name on the list so far. I have not tried contacting others for travel reasons at this time. So i guess it will start working, just slowly, and I dont email daily.

  14. Sanya
    Oct 27, 2010

    My 5 cents here: people do not trust to virtual “friendship” People are conservative by definition, if we’re talking about Whites. Open-minded ones are usually people with no sense of reality.
    For instance I’d receive a call or PM from, say “George”, and he is local and he is in accessable distance, and he wants to meet-up.

    Q: how do I know if that “George” is not a “big brother’s” fella? Who recommended him or referenced to me this “George”? Is his name really “George”? Does he really participate or collecting “participants”?
    Do you read me now?

  15. Tina (AKA "gymnastic chick")
    Oct 30, 2010

    I don’t take it for granted that the person I am meeting actually is who he/she says he/she is. As for making contact with a “Big Brother fella,” I don’t see why a fanciful agent would be wasting his valuable time and money on meeting a law abiding person like me. I have nothing to offer that could be of possible interest to them.

    The only way of knowing with reasonable certainty who we’re dealing with is by establishing some ground rules, such as an agreement to present some form of ID to one another. What would be wrong with that?

  16. Sanya
    Oct 31, 2010

    Well. I know for a fact how agents could be seeded. Its all begin as a beer/wine/milk/kambucha drinking gatherings. Then things WILL get into the SUBJECT of the meeting. Then “big brother fella” will either simply follow quietly or provoke. And watch. And report. I could see a picture of “law abiding” White Nationalists gathered for meeting and STARTED BUILDING A TEAM/CLAN/GROUP.
    Bc in my humble opinion that what these meetings for.
    And that is what unidentified “BBFs” will be inspired with in their daily report writings.
    If we’ll meet occassionally for a gorgeous Spring sunset observations why are we would call ourselves “White Nationalists”? If we’re NOT, then much easier would be to join “Sierra Club” or local bird watchers.
    When WN’s will meet they will talk about their pain and their eager/willingness to do something – its natural. There is no way to fish out sealed agent quickly. One way is to create a situation for him/her to compromise his statement. But in any event even agents of different levels could do some things “overboard” as situation “required”. Unfortunately this country population was greatly divided with idiotic “freedom” mantra, where people heavily individualized and scattered. No one knows for sure what their neighbors are in real. Unless its in small towns/villages and/or rural areas.
    Take for consideration case with Hutaree Militia. Someone came with strong “working knowledge” of weapons and explosives and being introduced to the group. Later on (when time comes to the point) – all busted. At leaset the Internet produced that scenario for their failure.

    Jews are very smart in conspiracies. They are running this country – no questions. I am absolutely positive that there are numbers of groups already being setup to attrackt most active and dangerous folks under different principles. Those individuals (as well as groups) could be free for time being but surely under supervision. As soon as group starts something practical and dangerous for the “chosen” ones – kaboom happened.
    That is one of their scenarios to capture and eliminate “White Guardians” in Soviet Union after October Revolution in 1917. A lot of generals and officers (loyal to the dynasty) were settled in Turkey, France, and Nothern China. As they started to infiltrate into Soviet territory jews (being in power back then) simply formed these “Resistance Unions” and all sorts of “Fighters Legions” to attract those White Guardians. As soon as they get them into their own setups – jews (via agents of influence, provocateurs) control the group, gather information and as planned – execute them all at certain events. So no suspicion will be passed outside for others.
    So I’d be highly suspicious to meet by “list of followers”.
    It has to start from very bottom – community. Places where folks know each other for at least very long time and bound by some principles. Maybe that will create that trust.

  17. Steve
    Oct 31, 2010

    Tina.. sorry to burst your activist bubble but all undercover feds have auxiliary, fake ID as a cover. It will be well laid out and hard to expose. Feds have even started movements in order to gain lists of real patriots and even entrap them, regardless of personal innocence. Ask Edgar Steele

    Any venture into the realm of activism is dangerous. It just goes with the territory. I have learned to trust my little voice, it has never let me down

  18. Tina (AKA "gymnastic chick")
    Nov 02, 2010

    Fake ID’s? Ye gads! Each time I think I have a measure for how low these people will stoop, I am reminded that they may by without limit. I can’t compete with this trickery and deception. I don’t have a wicked mind. I come from an honest family, and I am used to doing things the honest way. It has never failed me. I don’t think I could live any other way.


  19. Heiko
    Nov 04, 2010

    I’ve never heard of anyone being busted for remarks at a private party; indeed, the FBI are not the Stasi. We aren’t living in East Germany or Soviet Russia, despite the easy analogies drawn by the WN blogosphere. This is because ours is a fundamentally, morphologically different society composed of races greatly different from Germans and Russians. It could happen in Canada. It won’t happen to you here.

    To believe otherwise is to completely misunderstand federal operations, that is, to presume they 1) have an interest in our lowly orders, b) an interest greater than that of pursuing foreign Islam-related suspects, c) can sacrifice manpower to watch us obsessively, and above all d) have the entire mechanism of real-world spying in place from teams of COMPETENT agents, money, action protocols, etc.

    Maybe you missed it, but two jetliners crashed into the fucking World Trade Towers. To bolster the belief that our government is omnipresent and super-efficient, from which it is laughably far, this must be viewed as a deliberate event. Actually American intelligence agencies are widely acknowledged to be ghastly inefficient, slow-moving, staffed by yokels and pencil-pushing nitwits, not by the super-spies and assassins of Cold War legend.

  20. Sanya
    Nov 09, 2010

    “I’ve never heard of anyone being busted for remarks at a private party; indeed, the FBI are not the Stasi. ”
    Dear fellow participant.
    Both these agencies are the same. We could open a thread and I could share some info.
    All they need is one-two paid “shmoozes” popping up at the parties. Collecting and reporting is a breeze now with all their communication technology.
    You’ve got it right on the money, pal, with point “d”.

    “Maybe you missed it, but two jetliners crashed into the fucking World Trade Towers.”
    These jetliners “crashed” by altering aircraft’s autopilot devices, done by Israel-based private company. Please read more about recent engineer’s remarks and discoveries related to turning angles, speed and altitude, restrictions and abilities for maneuvers of these aircraft (http://911review.com/errors/pentagon/aerobatics.html). So no “Muslims” on boards.
    Feds do have such capability as to block all the media at any point of time and spread any type of BS – http://www.bollyn.com/home#article_11663.
    Remember USS Liberty? Tonkin Bay? Gulf War against Iraqi’s historical land acquisition (Kuwait’s Rumallia oil field – http://www.bp.com/genericarticle.do?categoryId=2012968&contentId=7057650)? Total lie and burst of covers of the CIA operative Valerie Plame due to her husband’s (Ambassador J. Wilson) report on “yellow cake” bullcrap for Saddam?
    I could go on and on.
    This is how this country’s Government can deceive and compromise ANYTHING once they decide to.
    Slow-moving? Pencil pushers? Are u out of ur mind?
    There are no Cold War legends anymore. Why? Not bc these agencies got soft and bureaucratic, shit NO. Bc Soviets are taken by economical weaponry, not by military operations. So the last Grand BS about “sleepers” and 13 “spies” are crappiest comedy stunt. Just for people like you to believe there is confrontation between Russians and the “free world”.
    Everything is taken by the same group now.

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