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Internet Activism

One of the ways we can begin making people in the Northwest aware of our presence is through commenting on “legitimate” internet news articles, although these comments probably won’t stay up too long and the accounts of known Jerry Rebs will probably be quickly canceled. Easy enough to open others, though. For example, check out:


for Tomkatt and Northwest Volunteer’s comments, although they may not be up for long.


  1. T.A. Easson
    Oct 02, 2010

    I would also recommend youtube comments – it’s surprising how many people are actually drawn to them. If you have a youtube account and have lots of ‘friends’ and subscribers on there send them all a message (there is a facility for sending them all the same messgae at one time) that contains the NF links. If all NF supporters or admirers (like myself) who have a YT account do this, thousands of people can end up getting the NF site locations in their inbox (as YT messages are also received in email inboxes).

    I think it’s important that as many people as possible publish reviews of the Northwest Novels on Amazon – it is a place where you really can influence people’s book-buying decisions. I’ve done so on the UK site and they stand out rather well.

  2. Brent
    Oct 02, 2010

    I do that very thing with my YT account, and I agree, it is useful. I ahve had some lengthy conversations with some good people through private messages. When friending other pro-whites, I ALWAYS drop the suggestion to swing by the site, and almost always get a positive response.

  3. Matt M.
    Oct 02, 2010

    I completely agree with T.A. Easson. We have to promote the NF as much as possible. I made a YT account last night (NorthwestNationalist). Everyone should do their part and help spread the word!

  4. joe müller
    Oct 06, 2010


    greetings from declining old Germany. I enjoyed the novels and wrote something on amazon.de.

  5. JiB
    Oct 10, 2010

    Another good place is on the ‘Comments’ sections of Yahoo News items. (For this you only need a Yahoo email account.) The comments sections are seen by many and also attract the attention of all sorts of people including teams of very pro-establishment (Liberal &/or Jewish) types so it’s possible to have good fun and also to promote racially-aware, pro-white ideas to typical whites many of whom badly need awakening. Now and again one can also drop a link without publishing the URL. Do it like this….

  6. JiB
    Oct 10, 2010

    My above message in incomplete. Here’s the missing piece…..

    Harold Covington has done an excellent podcast describing what is needed to prepare for a new republic in the Northwest of today’s US.
    Google this item….
    “Radio Free Northwest – October 7th, 2010”

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