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NF Membership

Hi, guys: I have an Induhvidual who has been obsessing to the point of going cuckoo for cocoa puffs over why he cannot be a “member” of the Northwest Front and get some kind of secret decoder ring or whatever. Okay, let’s lay this out. Again. The Northwest Front does not have formal members. There […]

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Dreaming The Iron Dream

Mr. Covington reads one of his most well known article, Dreaming The Iron Dream.

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Northwest Novels Web Site

Okay, I have just received the latest in a long line of promises from “Jack Torrance” that he is going to clean up his act and keep up the blog. I am so skeptical of this that I am not even going to put this out on the main list. but I’ll post it around […]

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Brigade On Facebook

For those of you who are into Facebook, Comrade John Seaforth has started a “Brigade” page at

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YouTube People?

Hi, guys: Okay, some time back I asked for people with web-building skills to step forward and identify themselves. Many of you did, and I have a list, and you will be hearing from me on certain projects in due course. Now, however, I want to narrow it down. How many of you have YouTube […]

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Radio Free Northwest – October 28th 2010

In this podcast Mr. Covington gives us an update on the Edgar Steele case, talks about the Ku Klux Klan back in the old days, and continues with his comments on Northwest Front organizing and recruiting. Plus there is a special selection of Halloween music.

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White Apocalypse

Greetings Harold, Thanks for the Sam Francis book. I have an earlier collection of his essays on race. Much appreciate this one. Just finished White Apocalypse. Other than the characters and story line, unfortunately it is not fiction. Professor Jack’s soliloquies should be required reading. He covers it all including Boas and Gramsci and so […]

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HAC Speaks To Conservatives

This is a short piece in which Mr. Covington talks about the Tea Party and why conservatism is not the way to go to ensure White racial survival.

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Northwest Novel #5

Hi, guys: Okay, okay, in response to repeated pleadings and bribe offers (literally) I finally started work, more or less, on Northwest Novel #5 yesterday, October 22nd. (Note significance of date.) This consists of beginning to put down some notes and section headings and generally lay out a plot, or series of separate plots since […]

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The Truth About Jeff Hughes

Beautiful blog on Jeff. I don’t even know who put this up. I guess we have more comrades in the Great White North than I thought.

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