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Why Won’t We Come Together?


You asked on Radio Free Northwest why White Nationalists, of all the persecuted minorities in this country, don’t band together but instead remain apart.  I think I might have some useful input on this.

The sort of behavior you complain about with regard to WNs is not isolated to WNs.  I can tell you, at least within people of my age group, that passivity,
lack of communication, etc. are extremely common traits.  I belong to a
French-speakers group, for example, which has over 240 members.  But out of those 240, how many actually come to any of the social events?  About a dozen, give or take – 5% of the total group.  This number is mimicked in other social groups that I belong to as well.  In my experience, roughly 95% of everyone who belong to any given group simply don’t participate.  They lurk in silence, nothing more.  So, the frustration you’re experiencing isn’t unique to this movement – it’s America in general.

Now here’s the real kicker: As to why WNs don’t band together like other
minorities, well, I think this has to do with our members’ upbringing.  Most
cohesive minorities grow up in already cohesive communities, and so living with people of their own kind is a familiar and normal part of life.  Most WNs, on the other hand, are culled from the general American population, which suffers from the aforementioned issues of asocial behavior as well as a spiritually empty diet of consumerism and materialism.  Compound that with the fact that WNs do NOT grow up in their own cohesive communities, but rather as political oddities, completely isolated with no one at all in their lives who share their values.  As such, the experience of living amongst one’s own is totally foreign, and I think the very idea of living in a community of like-minded peers seems improbable, since they’ve never seen it before.

Basically, WNs don’t band together because they, like most Americans, have grown up in communities with no meaningful values, so social support system, and thus, even when they experience a political awakening, they can’t do anything useful with their newfound knowledge because they’re basically broken and dysfunctional in every other respect, just like their non-WN counterparts.

I don’t really have any suggestion for you other than to keep doing what you’re doing.  I think these problems will go away once we do form a real community, because then our people will experience a genuine sense of belonging, and will appreciate the value of a strong community network.  But at present, we’re like most Americans – scattered and disconnected, with no knowledge or experience of living in communities of our own or the advantages that they would bring.



  1. Nietzsche
    Sep 12, 2010

    Because we haven’t been “white” for that long.

    Being white didn’t stop the English from wrecking Ireland, or the French and Germans from fertilizing Northern France with white blood, or the Germans from applying Zionist tactics to the Slavs.

    Usually those groups that are banding together in the present only started doing so after getting wrecked in the past. White Americans may have to hit rock bottom before they will finally wake up to ZOG. There is too much denial even now.

  2. Dave
    Sep 12, 2010

    The problem of non-cohesion is also probably aggravated by the following:

    1. The subject of our cohesion (grouping) is one that has been shamed and denigrated for years; that being the subject of white pride and desire for separatism.

    2. Many in the White supremacy movement are nutjobs or ruffians who bring along the baggage of other personality problems. Who would want to associate with that?

    3. Those who succeed in life are often individualists who are very competent. That is a trait of our people. We do not need a “tribe” like the primitive races. Many whites are brilliant non-social personalities. Notice how the black huddles together in cities, the living is easier for the non-competent social being in places like that.

    Solutions to those problems:

    1. Create a viable and large community to counteract the shame factor. One component of an individual’s self-pride, is pride in his race. Promote that truth as it does not necessarily lead to the oppression of those not in the group; just a greater appreciation for the subject race and thus of the individuals of that race.

    2. Create a filtered, viable community to show that we are not all nutjob drunken ruffians, but are instead productive people who wish to associate only with our own kind. (that is a good thing and good to be around). We must have a large contingent of “winners” in our midst or we will look weak and stupid. There are many white people with whom I would not associate. Rudeness, arrogance, temper, ignorance, etc. are not the traits of civilized persons. Civility for our own must be of utmost importance.

    3. Make the goal clear to the individualist. Even he likes (but does not believe he needs) to be part of a group working toward a goal that will benefit him. There is a good kind of selfishness and he possesses it.

    That is my opinion and my first posting on this site. I hope that I will find friends here.

  3. Paul
    Sep 13, 2010

    At this present moment in our history we are still ruled by philosophy or religion and not biology.
    White nationalism is the belief that biology trumps philosophy. Unfortunately even the white nationalist movement is broken up into divisions and divided we fall. Space aliens complain that we humans lack conscious or spirtuality. What they really mean to say is that we humans are sub intelligent morons. Evolution is the philosphy of the universe and old fashioned ideas need to be abandoned. Birds of a feather flock together, however, in this day and age we have the internet, the internet gives us a wealth of information, so much so that us white nationalists have a hard time seeing eye to eye. Some white nationalists still have old fahsioned notions that as a result of increased knowledge are out dated and wrong. As it says in the Bible “My people perish for lack of knowledge” We as the more informed have to look past this lack of knowledge and still acccept them as our brothers. However, today’s youth has this idea that the older generation are a lot of stupid old buggers who are still living in the non computer caveman stage of development and they let you know it right in you face.

  4. Steve
    Sep 13, 2010

    While we abhor the word “religion” in describing us, there is one historical. bible based faith that is totally and fervently racial, and that is Christian Identity. Our statement on the matter would be that we need to discover WHO we really are as a race, who our most dire enemy is, (most WNists know that last ID but not the full historical truth) and what our potential destiny is before we can make progress. Yes His people are perishing for lack of understanding, every day on this rock !

  5. Dread_Lord
    Sep 13, 2010

    You have to work towards a community you can’t just expect it to happen. You want cohesion then you gotta get out and meet people and start creating that cohesion.

  6. kolovrat
    Sep 14, 2010

    —Culture of Critique, Preface to the First Paperback Edition
    Kevin MacDonald

    Although there is much evidence that Europeans presented a spirited defense
    of their cultural and ethnic hegemony in the early- to mid-20th century, their rapid
    decline raises the question: What cultural or ethnic characteristics of Europeans
    made them susceptible to the intellectual and political movements described in
    CofC? The discussion in CofC focused mainly on a proposed nexus of
    individualism, relative lack of ethnocentrism, and concomitant moral
    universalism—all features that are entirely foreign to Judaism. In several places
    in all three of my books on Judaism I develop the view that Europeans are
    relatively less ethnocentric than other peoples and relatively more prone to
    individualism as opposed to the ethnocentric collectivist social structures
    historically far more characteristic of other human groups, including—relevant to
    this discussion—Jewish groups. I update and extend these ideas here.

    The basic idea is that European groups are highly vulnerable to invasion by
    strongly collectivist, ethnocentric groups because individualists have less
    powerful defenses against such groups. The competitive advantage of cohesive,
    cooperating groups is obvious and is a theme that recurs throughout my trilogy
    on Judaism. This scenario implies that European peoples are more prone to
    individualism. Individualist cultures show little emotional attachment to
    ingroups. Personal goals are paramount, and socialization emphasizes the
    importance of self-reliance, independence, individual responsibility, and “finding
    yourself” (Triandis 1991, 82). Individualists have more positive attitudes toward
    strangers and outgroup members and are more likely to behave in a pro-social,
    altruistic manner to strangers. People in individualist cultures are less aware of
    ingroup/outgroup boundaries and thus do not have highly negative attitudes
    toward outgroup members. They often disagree with ingroup policy, show little
    emotional commitment or loyalty to ingroups, and do not have a sense of
    common fate with other ingroup members. Opposition to outgroups occurs in
    individualist societies, but the opposition is more “rational” in the sense that
    there is less of a tendency to suppose that all of the outgroup members are
    culpable. Individualists form mild attachments to many groups, while
    collectivists have an intense attachment and identification to a few ingroups
    (Triandis 1990, 61). Individualists are therefore relatively ill-prepared for
    between-group competition so characteristic of the history of Judaism.

    Historically Judaism has been far more ethnocentric and collectivist than
    typical Western societies. I make this argument in Separation and Its Discontents
    (MacDonald 1998a; Ch. 1) and especially in A People That Shall Dwell Alone
    (MacDonald 1994; Ch. 8), where I suggest that over the course of their recent
    evolution, Europeans were less subjected to between-group natural selection than
    Jews and other Middle Eastern populations. This was originally proposed by
    Fritz Lenz (1931, 657) who suggested that, because of the harsh environment of
    the Ice Age, the Nordic peoples evolved in small groups and have a tendency
    toward social isolation rather than cohesive groups. This perspective would not
    imply that Northern Europeans lack collectivist mechanisms for group
    competition, but only that these mechanisms are relatively less elaborated and/or
    require a higher level of group conflict to trigger their expression.

    This perspective is consistent with ecological theory. Under ecologically
    adverse circumstances, adaptations are directed more at coping with the adverse
    physical environment than at competing with other groups (Southwood 1977,
    1981), and in such an environment, there would be less pressure for selection for
    extended kinship networks and highly collectivist groups. Evolutionary
    conceptualizations of ethnocentrism emphasize the utility of ethnocentrism in
    group competition. Ethnocentrism would thus be of no importance at all in
    combating the physical environment, and such an environment would not support
    large groups.

    European groups are part of what Burton et al. (1996) term the North Eurasian
    and Circumpolar culture area.9 This culture area derives from hunter-gatherers
    adapted to cold, ecologically adverse climates. In such climates there is pressure
    for male provisioning of the family and a tendency toward monogamy because
    the ecology did not support either polygyny or large groups for an evolutionarily
    significant period. These cultures are characterized by bilateral kinship
    relationships which recognize both the male and female lines, suggesting a more
    equal contribution for each sex as would be expected under conditions of
    monogamy. There is also less emphasis on extended kinship relationships and
    marriage tends to be exogamous (i.e., outside the kinship group). As discussed
    below, all of these characteristics are opposite those found among Jews.

  7. kolovrat
    Sep 14, 2010

    Furthermore, I propose the idea of non-profit micro-district development scheme.

    Microdistrict, or microraion (Russian: микрорайо́н), is a residential complex—a primary structural element of the residential area construction in the Soviet Union and in some post-Soviet states. Residential districts in most of the cities and towns in Russia and the republics of the former Soviet Union were built in accordance with this concept.

    According to the Construction Rules and Regulations of the Soviet Union, a typical microdistrict covered the area of 10–60 hectares (30–160 acres), up to but not exceeding 80 hectares (200 acres) in some cases, and comprised residential dwellings (usually multi-story apartment buildings) and public service buildings. As a general rule, major motor roads, greenways, and natural obstacles served as boundaries between microdistricts, allowing an overall reduction in city road construction and maintenance costs and emphasizing public transportation. Major motor roads or through streets were not to cross microdistricts’ territories. The entrances to a microdistrict’s territory were to be located no further than 300 meters (1000 ft) apart.


    The cost of the apartment in micro-district can be brought down to about $15000-$20000 thus avoiding parasitic mortages.

    Immediate benefits:
    – Huge energy and infrastructure savings
    – 1000-eye security so ALL kids to play outside safely together.

  8. Dean
    Sep 14, 2010

    As a rather old timer, native to the NW, here are some observations that may or may not be new nor original, but will hopefully help give some insight as to the seemingly intractable problem of Whites banding together for survival.
    Starting in the 60’s and extending into the early 80’s there were a gathering of sorts of whites into what was called communes in the rural and some urban areas of Western Oregon and other parts of the the Western US. These were the so-called “hippies” of the era. (Even today, every summer there is a gathering outside Eugene, Oregon called the Oregon Country Fair that was in the beginning a hippie styled event that has morphed into a middle class lets pretend to be hippies for a day.
    Of course as happens in any commie styled commune, there was much conflict, and the hippie communes after a few years fell apart and the hipsters blended back into the general population. As that famous Calf. Black said, why can’t we all just get along, applies to Whites just about more than any other racial group. Culture, religion, but more than that, an ingrained, genetic predisposition for extreme individualism seems to be a major component of the White “Aryan” personality. This component, while admirable for Whites living among themselves,
    may lead to the great White extinction while competing and living among and against the equally high IQ tribal mentality of the Khazar-Jew and North Eastern Asiatic.
    Would it not it be a sad day if the very quality, individualism, that has given rise to the great Western Civilization of the White race were to be the vey quality that leads to their extinction?
    Maybe Ben Franklin had more in mind when he said “if we don’t hang together we will hang seperately.”

  9. Sanya
    Sep 16, 2010

    “…Rudeness, arrogance, temper, ignorance, etc. are not the traits of civilized persons.”

    Well, all these wonderful characteristics are part of package of The Competition.

    Look back into fundamentals of capitalism. That is what people have to do in order to succeed. If someone will begin value his “brothers in race” – there will be personal sacrifice to his goal. And after several such “sacrifices” that person will end-up at the bottom of anything that person was aiming to.

    There some deep philosophical meaning of competition and survival in capitalistic society. Right down to the Darwinism.

    You simply cannot rule members of modern capitalistic society (mindset) into socially consciousness group. Bc in capitalism everyone MUST take care about his very own goals first and then maybe (!!!) about surrounders.
    That’s why (even many of you scare the Hell out of socialistic platform) people would have to turn to it little by little or at once.
    There some strict measurements of everyday living have to be taken to unite the group – and there is nothing anyone can do. It just a way of life.

    For instance, shoemaker in the given group should not take advantages of the rest of community simply bc he can (only one shoemaker in reasonable distance) or plumber, or anyone.

    So by meaning “advantage” we should always take considerations about those who lesser advance in trades and/or skills.
    Plus, here comes another even bigger economical thing – planning.
    In order to not rape each other within society of WN people have to plan their economy. For exporting services or goods, outside community – sure everyone may exercise their own price tags but inside everything must be calculated. Simply to not hurt each other.

    Yes, it’s possible to live everything on self-consciousness and patriotic feelings of every member of the society but practice used to prove different effect and rather sooner than later ugly outcomes starts grow within the society itself. People do value themselves higher then surrounding group in ancapitalism. There is nothing anyone can do about it. It’s the natural survival routine in such condition.
    Bc new members will come in sub sequential quantities and with majority of skills that already in place. Even in small community there at least 1 plumber, 1 electrician, 1 mason, etc. Remember what Colonel says? We’re going to begin in kinda “Spartan” way of economy. So not so many different skills will be absolutely necessary.
    Speaking of Sparta (Greece, pre-historic). They survived economically due to utilization of slavery. All the male citizens were requiring to draft and exercise for preparedness to possible aggressions and their slaves – “ilots” were doing everything else for them.

    There is a huge and everyday BS pounding from the Network Television on everyone’s minds about “together we stand” and “we”-ing “this” and “that”. All this crap has being performed with idiotic approach: to substitute real “social” feelings within the hostile economical rules. We cannot unite with Snoop Dog or D. Trump. We cannot unite with “Joe this” and “Jessica that”. We’re literally striving on each other choking and failures. Yes, we’re not spending our times to think of higher approaches to build better community, society but use someone errors or mistakes to possibly gain some benefits to “us”, individually.

    Btw, another flashback. Rhodesia scenario will not going to play at early stages of NWF formation. Rhodesia was set-up as British Dominion or colony with certain degree of independence and then Mr. Smith cut these political ties at once. But country was already in shape and form.
    People of NWF in opposite has to start in totally different situation, from within existing country.
    And by now people could slowly gather together by filling spots in existing economy in the West (according to the Map). References and preferences must be given to WN in order to get over there to start new life.

    So later on, by entering the newly formed (compact) community new members (their skills of trades) has to be adjusted. How would someone do that without planning? Allow 20 plumbers to compete freely?
    Then emotions and bio-survival will be called upon and every one of those 20 will get “creative” in order to get a contract.
    Then 1-3 will find their jobs and what other 10-17 do in the mean time? OK, people could do that and that’s what BROKE us APART already.

    “Make the goal clear to the individualist. Even he likes (but does not believe he needs) to be part of a group working toward a goal that will benefit him.”
    I think people should not promote “benefiting” FROM society but to support and benefit society first and then themselves as part of it. Otherwise personal emotions will prevail and we’re going to go back to square 1.

    “This scenario implies that European peoples are more prone to individualism. Individualist cultures show little emotional attachment to in groups. Personal goals are paramount, and socialization emphasizes the importance of self-reliance, independence, individual responsibility, and “finding yourself”.
    Not true.
    Any racial elements are prone to individualize within their groups in certain economical situations.
    There are historical evidences that “chosen ones” are by being discarded, forced to assimilate, departed, and thrown out in many places (historical fact). That’s what keeps them so socially “consciousness”.
    Plus and most important if you read their “manual” you’ll see that there is nothing really that spiritual to count us as a herd of animals and treat as such. So it’s not really a religion that forms society.

    “This was originally proposed by Fritz Lenz (1931, 657) who suggested that, because of the harsh environment of the Ice Age, the Nordic peoples evolved in small groups and have a tendency
    toward social isolation rather than cohesive groups.”
    So Mr. Lenz says there were no towns or cities in early Scandinavia due to cold climate?
    Excuse me but I think centers of societies (to became countries) formed not by environmental calculations. They just happen for many different reasons. Largely as military and political strategic centers, passages of trading routes, religious gatherings.

    “if we don’t hang together we will hang separately.”

    Man, this is brilliant.

  10. Lorne
    Sep 17, 2010

    Excellent thread. Clay’s post was very well reasoned, and the subsequent discussion was thoughtful. We may not have much of a sense of community, but the brain power is still there!

  11. Steve
    Sep 18, 2010

    “Temper” isn’t civilized? Then we had best de-civilize a bit and get to work

  12. Barney
    Sep 22, 2010

    Some good comments here. Here are my thoughts.

    One major problem with White Unity is that we have to find out for ourselves that the races ARE different. I spent my first twenty-plus years in an all-White environment. Because of this, I swallowed the “all the same under the skin” propaganda in it’s entirety.

    It was only when, believing this crap, I mistakenly moved to an immigrant-dominated area that I learned the truth the hard way, and even then I clung to the idea that it was ME who was wrong, that I was somehow “damaged” by this negative experience among aliens.

    We only learn what they’re really like by living among them, and then it can be too late.

  13. Tina (AKA "gymnastic chick")
    Sep 29, 2010

    I don’t have the answer to your question, Clay. I can, however, tell you what works for me. When I fail to go to an event I’m invited to, it’s because I’m afraid that either I won’t have anybody to talk to or else that I’ll say the wrong things. If on the other hand, the event is structured and everyone has a role to play, such as in a city hearing, board meeting or teachers’ conference, then I have no such fears. Can anyone in this forum relate to this?
    I think it is time for each one of us to do some HONEST self-examination and share it with one another so we can rectify this problem. It is standing in the way of our White children’s future. So PLEASE, comrades, let’s put aside our pride and be HONEST with ourselves and with each other … for ONCE in our lives. Let’s take the masks off! The survival of our race is at stake, and we cannot afford the luxury of hangups, complexes, irrational fears, or just plain old laziness and bad habits.

  14. D. Logsdon
    Sep 29, 2010

    Please tell me this site is not going to be just another forum for white people to think themselves to death. There were many, many valid points in this thread as well as valuable insights on the topic of why we don’t “come together”, my sincerely complements. One could also say simplistically that since the 60’s white folk have lived under different pressures, social norms not to mention, feminism, consumerism, affirmative action, prohibition of white clubs, groups or associations and the constant drum of anti-white propaganda in our media and popular culture. It would be a miracle if we weren’t impacted negatively. It’s not my intention to criticize but to condense and perhaps suggest we move to the next logical step for a discussion.

    Our true state as a people in the US (and most of the Western world) is most akin to being a prisoner in a penitentiary or a soldier on the battlefield where the enemy has overrun our lines leaving us surrounded and out gunned. If I understand correctly posters here at least start with the premise that me must move to the Northwest Front as our primary goal. If that assumption is correct then the brain power/free-time we possess could wisely be directed to:

    1. Getting us to the point where we can make the move if we are not now in that position.

    2. Strengthening our personal life and building assets like reserve funds, improved security, health, mental state, as well as connections in the Northwest or even contacts along the way.

    If I don’t get censored or ignored by posing this question I would like you to put your analysis to this scenario.

    If you had six months to two years with which to get your family and friends to safety to the Northwest Front what instructions would you leave for them (you have no money to bequeath) if on your deathbed tonight?

    Keep in mind that:

    • All your ideas or instructions must be legal.
    • Some in your family are poor
    • Some in your family are not well educated at least formally
    • None can quit their job to spend their full time following your instructions
    • Some are over 50 and some have health problems

    D. Logsdon

  15. Steve
    Sep 29, 2010

    Tina, the WNist events I have attended have been 100% positive. There were CI, pagans and everything in between and we got along just fine. It’s understandable to be wary at first, but I think you’ll discover it’s just “stage fright”

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