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Radio Free Northwest – September 9th, 2010

In this broadcast Mr. Covington talks about his use of the forbidden N and K and F words, discusses the Constitutional form of government in the coming Northwest American Republic, and asks why White Nationalists refuse to live in communities.


  1. Jonathan
    Sep 09, 2010

    All of the audio contributions in this instalment were sweet.

  2. M. Reichert
    Sep 10, 2010

    Dear HAC,

    Has anyone considered that with the downturn of the economy, places to stay in the NW could well be picked up for the back taxes? Perhaps an underhanded thing to do, but to buy for the taxes would screw the Jew out of his mortgage!

    14 words

  3. brian boru
    Sep 10, 2010

    Have you heard the Afrikaner song De la Rey? It’s a catchy tune, I think.


  4. andrew
    Sep 10, 2010

    Lets burn some Korans

  5. Kitty
    Sep 10, 2010

    Well, another great podcast Harold! I cannot understand why people would get upset about us spreading the word via Internet, flyers and/or word of mouth. We are all trying to get the message out there and it is just a waste for us to start attacking each other over petty issues such as these. I know we will have our struggles, BUT already? Wonder what the complainers are doing? Hopefully, more than just complaining! My intentions are not to cause problems among our people but to wake our people and help them shed the white guilt placed upon them by the jews.

  6. T. A. Easson
    Sep 11, 2010

    Let’s burn some TALMUDS!

  7. Steve
    Sep 11, 2010

    Few know this but Mohammad was a “jew” (Edomite/Caananite) and the Koran is just another tool in their arsenal to destroy the white race.. let’s burn Korans AND Talmuds, and boot ’em all OUT!

  8. Peter
    Sep 15, 2010

    Remember the image of leaders of the financial houses entering the White House to demand 700 billion dollars, immediately! No Questions!
    Did you notice what they all were?… Ya,…The Chosen Ones, the Jews!
    This unbelievable theft!
    I can not understand why a picture of these snakes is not on display everywhere with a caption prompting people to consciously recognize those responsible for this gigantic crime against humanity.

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