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Radio Free Northwest – September 2nd 2010

In this podcast Mr. Covington talks about the nature of Communism and capitalism, re-tells the story of the great Ezra Pound, and addresses a few words of advice to a federal agent.


  1. Peter
    Sep 03, 2010

    I enjoyed your talk about Communism and Capitalism; how they both consider people as units of production and consumption, in other words, things. Well, we’re not things; we’re people, we’re alive: Living, breathing beings infulsed with the universal life force! We do not live to work, we work to live. These demonic jew-systems function to debase us. This is not surprising, after all the Talmond declares that non-jews are simply animals that walk on two legs. Only they are God’s chosen. The Talmod says jews are not required to keep their word with the goyem, the jew can steel from the goyem because God declared to Moses that everything belongs to the jew, so the goyem is only holding whatever he thinks he owns until the jew arrives to take posession of his rightful property. Killing a goy is not a sin, but for a Goy to kill a jew is a crime against God. So when the jew steels our possesions, rapes our wives and ritually murders our children, or kills us he is not commiting a sin, rather he has been taught by the Talmond that he is simply taking what is his due.
    Social Marxism is at war with the White man. In keeping with conceptualising people as interchangable things, flooding White nations with millions of Blacks, Browns, and Asians is simply moving ones pieces on the checker board. If races are all the same, and cultures are insignificant, as modern universal international culture superceeds all preceeding forms. Modern culture is based on obediance and revised interpretation of preceeding cultures which must change and develop evolutionarily towards the ideal communist world. Thus social Marxism is millanistic, as is Evangelical Christianity. In other words, its quite fanatical. This fanaticism was evident among the suporters of Obama. They were prepared to lie and cheat their way to sucess. Just think of how they pilloried Hillary Clinton for being a woman. They’ll do anything to suceed, and that’s why we must be solid, and just as fanatically determined. Most White countries have passed Social Marxist legislation to prohibit free speech. They’ve called them “Hate laws”, very Orwellian; from the Ministry of Truth, no less. So now, if we say the truth, we can be legally sanctioned and fined and put in jail. In Canada, we are also obliged to pay for court costs, both sides, and the claimant must be compensated; the accused must pay that also. How did things come to this. Its as if we’ve just woke up from sleep to find our world replaced by this great evil. Clearly they, the enemy, has been very busy, and we’ve been caught sleeping at the helm. We Whites must devote all we have with complete earnestness if we are to have the slightest hope of survival. Races are different. Academic studies have proven time and time again that Blacks are 15 to 20 IQ points behind Whites. We are different. Black brains are smaller. Whenever Blacks move into White areas, crime increases and house values decline. That’s just the way it is. Blacks and Latinos are more prone to crime and violence. Blacks are eight times more likely to be involved in crime. Can you imagine the monstrous crime, I mean real crime, that bussing entailed. Our poor white children! We Whites must live separately from all other races, semites, and communists. It is only then that our numbers will increase as white women feel secure and have renewed faith in white men. Then our culture and our lives will bloom. “We must secure the existance of our people and a future for White Children.”

  2. Steve
    Sep 05, 2010

    How do you know when a Jew is lying? His lips are moving.. they aren’t even true Hebrews.. but demonic Arabic imposters as Yashua (Jesus) told them in John 8:44, and as Uncle Adolf penned, several times

  3. KennY
    Sep 28, 2010

    Harold, Kenny here and I want to thank you for your help in the matter of my Nigger loving son and his baboon daughter, who is the direct decedent of Planet of the Apes! Anyone who thinks that nigger’s came from anything but APES are badly misinformed! I HAD to fight with some (very goddam few) in the Nam that talked about how they where gonna KILL white’s when they came back to the States. Some of those real bad MFer’s ,sad to say NEVER MADE IT HOMEWARD BOUND! That to me was a Blessing in disguise if you know what I mean! So, got a few under the belt so to speak. I am an ADAMANT LOVER of the WHITE RACE! I care LESS what a fuckin nigger thinks,OR, as to what he FEELS, because a Monkey doesn’t THINK in any real sense of the word, or have Human feelings. All I ask of any nigger is to go BACK to Africa and become the spear chucker he was meant to be and leave my HOMELAND to the WHITES!, as it should be. I am not an ass kisser by any means, but, I would like to take the time to just say a GREAT BIG “THANK YOU” to you Harold for being among a small few in this Country who is NOT afraid to use the God Given right to FREEDOM of SPEECH! I fought for this RIGHT, and by GOD I am going to use it to the fullest! Thank you Harold, Your Friend and Brother, Kenny 173rd Airborne Brigade 1969 “Point Man”

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